A Gift

Over the years I have received many a gift. There were pens, gloves, scarves, and of course books. More recently perhaps due to my age the gifts have become smelly. There are candles, lotions and potions, perfumes and pickles, all accepted gracefully and used or passed on to someone in greater need.

I have always preferred the gift that was thoughtfully selected to cater for my interests and hobbies, rather than the latest fashionable ‘must have’ at exorbitant cost.

This wooden spoon was carried from York, England at the end of Elly’s first school trip and week away without her parents. She was all of nine years old. The harvest mouse and my name in poker work on the bowl of the spoon have long been worn to a shadow. The spoon has served me well over the years mixing cakes, stirring jam or many a large pot of soup. Each time I take the spoon in my hand I think of that little girl who excitedly handed me the gift as she recalled the fact she nearly missed the bus back to the hotel while queuing to have my name engraved on the spoon.

There were the twin machine sewing needles to give a double row of stitching that she brought back from London the following year and the measuring tape bought the first time she went shopping in Dublin without me.

These are items I have used many a time and often. Little did she or I think that that the measuring tape bought in Dublin all those years ago would be used in the measuring and making of her wedding outfit many years later!

At the weekend I received another gift, it was rather different and something we would all find hard to refuse.

It was a Money Tree! The gift came from Steph.

A money tree would be very useful these days with all the talk of recession. My mind began to wander… If it was real money what would I buy?

My needs are simple. Since the tree came from Steph I would buy a celebration gift for her and her hubby on this special day. Tonight I will raise a glass to you both and to another 30 years together.

I would give Elly & George a gift. Fill the Oil tank. Pay my bills for the year. Carry out running repairs on the bungalow. Pay someone to do the garden, perhaps update the car.

Now if you had a money tree how would you spend your windfall?


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  1. Thank you, Grannymar

    If I had a money tree…

    I would buy a fancy boat and sail away to sunnier climes with my man (and a full-time crew to do all the work and pour the drinks).

    Keep watering! 😀

  2. With a money tree…
    first off, pay off the mortgage (obvious but still)
    Then rent an apartment near mum. Move here for a while. And then renovate her house and garden to make it completely wheelchair accessible (lots of builders dust etc)
    Then have a check of some of the family’s medical expenses. Or should that be cheque.

    Broadband to multiple sites, and there will be toys. But toys are toys. (Ok, maybe a library) Health and ease of life is something else.

    And then…
    I’d like to see if I could create a “random acts of kindness” site

  3. Will

    I think these days when it comes to medical expenses you might need to hand over the tree! 😦

  4. A cure for Cancer.. well money for research anyway. A big blogger bash with you as star guest Grannymar (charmer eh?) and I would upgrade the computer desk and think carefully about the rest depending on how much money my tree was making.

  5. Well since most of my days re spent day dreaming about wining the Lotto -already have the 4. million spent, down to the last cent.

    If I was to have a little bit of spare cash-I would tryp ay off some credit cards, maybe knock a bit of my car loan, have a holiday away for just me and the BF and send my nanny on a trip to Lourdes.

  6. If I had a money tree (or won the lottery), I’d pay all my bills, remodel my home and plan for my grand children’s college educations. Then I’d go back to Rome and buy a villa!

  7. I would set up an investment program large enough to pay for the granddaughter’s education. She wants to be a doctor, but without scholarships and grants it will not be possible. Then I would set up another fund for the other granddaughter and one for my newly divorced daughter who is gong to find the sledding very tough.

    If the tree kept producing I would hire a full time housekeeper and cook. After my selfish needs were taken care of I would do a Bill Gates and set up a charitable foundation.

    Or I would go on a last time orgy.

  8. @Laura – Research certainly and I won’t say no to a party! 😀

    @Lottie – We all need to do a little day dreaming now and again.

    @ChrisD – What do you do in a power cut? I thought you would buy a fast food joint 🙄

    @Lorna – I always had a pipe dream to renovate an old house doing most of the work myself, alas it will remain a pipe dream.

    @Darlene – Now I like the sound of a full time housekeeper and cook. No more dusting or shopping for food. Why not add a Toyboy Butler to the list 🙄

  9. If I did I would like to get my mum and dad a massive holliday as a thank you for everything, and get my brother and sister a lovely gift too for just being there for me 🙂

    All my friends and keith and I would then go an amazing trip to Japan like we always wanted, but not before Keith and I pay off the morgtage and get married, Japan with our friends would be the most amazing honeymoon ever 🙂

    oh….and id buy keith a bulldog puppy he has always wanted 😀

  10. 1) All family Debts…….
    2) Housing for the boys
    3)Lots of money for herself so she can keep away from Charity shops
    (weeell….ever hopeful)
    4)some sort of fund for the niece and nephew…..or a fabulous camers for the former and fund for the latter
    5)A campaign to really sort out our education system and I know who I’d have on board.
    6)I’d then go to John Lobb and have bespoke shoes made…
    7) and last but not least I’d have my “Who the heck needs an Excuse for a Party?” Party……
    and You’re all invited!!!!!!!

  11. Hi. You have a very thoughtful daughter there, great choice of gifts. I like yourself would rather thoughtful gifts instead of the likely bath sets considering the fact I don’t use the bath! The money tree I hope brings you loads and loads of cash for you to use and share!

    If I had a money tree or won a fortune I would pay off my mortgage, and that of my family and good friends. Build a fabulous house with a garage for my dad. Then I would give a proportion to a certain charity. If there was any left I would hire a personal shopper (as I hate shopping). Bit of traveling too perhaps but if I had the debts sorted I could fund that myself! Ha ha! Dreaming eh, maybe some day!

  12. ClareBear nearly died when I asked for some wooden spoons for a birthday present! She bought them for me though. My spend would be on the mortgage, pay off the kid’s university loans (they have 4% of their salaries raided each month to cover the debt.) Fork out a little for the Smith Family (local charity) and TRAVEL . . .summer in Europe and the Americas and back to Aus in time to throw a party for you lot who are drifting towards sunnier climes! (Steph, I wouldn’t mind hitching a trip to the Barrier Reef on your yacht!)

  13. @Lette – Thoughtful ideas there.

    @Magpie – I am all on for the party!

    @Stel – Welcome on board. I love the thoughtful little gifts.

    @Baino – If you can promise the sunshine we might all turn up on your doorstep! 😀

  14. Just had a thought

    The one person in our family who has really been good at earning money has a money plant that he bought at a school fete when he was about 7 (now 24). Every so often bits drop off and root in the compost. He refuses to give them away but will accept small (silver) coins in exchange as he says that he is not going to give away the luck!

    Whether that is the tradition or not, he is never mean with it…he’ll accept the smallest silver coin of the realm…

  15. @GM: No, I don’t eat it that much to buy one 😛

    And if there was a power cut, I’d go crawl into the corner with the many Baby Bears, curl into the foetal position and slowly cry and rock myself to sleep until it came back 🙂

  16. @Magpie – There is such a thing as a Money Plant? Pictures please!

    @ChrisD – I look forward to you twitter about ‘Real Food’ 🙄

  17. Why is it that the most excellent presents always induce a groan when first opened? 😉 (oooh, exciting, thanks! not.) Then they turn out to be the most long standing and handy tool in posession!!

    If I had a money tree I’d make seedlings and plant them in the grounds of Laughing Boy’s school. The HSE has stopped funding it and they’re about to liquidate!!! I’m not a huge friend of the HSE right now… is anybody?

  18. K8

    How awful for all the children at the school.

    I bet the person in HSE making that decision has never come across children like Laughing Boy at close quarters. I want to kidnap who ever they are and put them in the school or at home with one of the children for a week! A full week of hands on dealing with a child 24/7!

  19. RTE reality show offer.
    Get the heads of the HSE to perform on the ground in a HSE run school, in a hospital and a clinic…
    a bit like the old “back to the shop floor” BBC show

    I foresee a little less paperwork at least

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