Paper Weight

This Tyrone Crystal paper weight sat in the same corner year by year. Recently on one of our rare sunny days I took it outside to play with.

Once I had a shot I came indoor and played some more

I have a long way to go to win prizes!!

10 thoughts on “Paper Weight

  1. My aunt used to collect paperweights (dont ask why) but we sold them all in a garage sale a couple of years ago, perhaps I should have kept them as photographic subjects. I find light and backlighting the hardest thing to get right frankly.

  2. Good effort, Grannymar

    ChrisD, Baino and I appreciated it even if NO ONE ELSE did!

    I’ll send you a prize when you send back my money tree! 😉

  3. Thanks for the comments folks!

    I am surprised that nobody had sympathy for the camera! 🙄

  4. Now those are quite clever indeed! I’ve been playing with a little gadget lately, a prism thingie that you can hold to your eye and look through and see patterns repeated over and over and over. I’ve been thinking of putting the camera lens to the eye piece and see what kind of shot that might produce. Now that I’ve seen these, maybe I’ll just do that tomorrow after the batteries recharged! Fun!

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