What is it?

Who said “A tree”?

I did know that much. But what type of tree is it? There are a whole row of them planted along the front of the IKEA store in Belfast. I never saw anything like them before.

At first glance you would think it was planted upside down with the roots skyward.

Perhaps the top is sprouting in Baino’s garden πŸ™„

26 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. ‘Tis unusual isn’t it, GM?

    I heard tell it was ‘Toyboy Romantica’ and it can be flat packed!

    Perhaps Baino has been feeding it in Oz πŸ™„

  2. Steph

    β€˜Toyboy Romantica’ I must order a dozen to plant in a row along the back boundary of my garden!

    Now what names will I give them…..

  3. Yes, Grannymar, this is the famous Danish Pancake tree.

    It is called a pancake tree because, as Steph pointed out, it can be packed flat and is shipped to you from Ikea in 52 boxes.

    Then you get a toyboy or two to come over to your house and assemble the tree for you;very much like those aluminum Christmas trees from the 70’s. Each branch is inserted individually and tediously.

    Tinsel is optional!

  4. @Chrisb – I had that feeling about those trees also. I wonder if I tell George… will it put Elly off shopping in Ikea? πŸ˜‰

    @Nancy – I have heard of a ‘Wedding Cake tree’ but never a Danish Pancake tree.

    @Steph – We can always depend on you…. well nearly always! I had to moderate you! πŸ˜†

  5. Grannymar,

    Honestly, I don’t know where my brain was when I told you that was a Danish Pancake tree.

    It is a SWEDISH Meatball tree. I just went out to get my mail and my neighbor has a SMT just like it and you can tell that Autumn is coming soon, because the meatballs are starting to fall all over her lawn…..Hmmm ,It will really smell good when she rakes them all up and burns them.

  6. I would settle for a Danish Pancake Tree or a Swedish Meatball tree. Anything that I could pick and eat right off the tree with no cooking involved.

    If you find out it is one of those, be sure to tell me where to order one. I don’t think our IKEA sells them.

  7. Well, then,Darlene,I think what you want is a Norwegian Skillingsbolle tree.

    The tree is very leafy and pretty. Skillingsbolles are minature cinnamon buns and they bloom in the early Fall,so you are just in time.

    There is a flight from Phoenix to Oslo leaving in the morning and you will reach Norway just as the first” Skills”
    are appearing on the trees.


  8. Nancy, while the cinnamon buns sound nice I think Oslo is too cold and one of their trees would never survive our desert heat. Do you have any idea where I can find a bacon tree?

  9. Nothing to do with me I ‘m afraid, all I got down here is bloody gum trees that lose their leaves, branches and bark all year round . . the resident horticulturalist aka Drummer Boy says it’s definitely a ‘graft’ which is why the stem is so straight and the branches so spidery. Maybe a decorative apple tree so you foodies aren’t far off! Now where did they plant the money trees?

  10. Darlene,

    Grannymar must be out strolling with toyboys so I will answer your question.

    I know where the bacon trees are but You said you wanted something you didn’t have to cook.

    The bacon trees are in the refrigerator section of Ikea, right next to the Glomenglitzer and reindeer meat.

    You can buy one and grow your own bacon. You can then serve Bacon Tomato and lettuce sandwiches on Norwegian Flatbrod…..YUM!!!!!

  11. Nancy, I should have been more specific. I wanted cooked bacon trees. I have changed my mind, though. Like Baino, I would rather have money trees. Then I could go to my favorite restaurants and never have to cook again.

  12. Mornin all I am back once more. Now let me see…

    We have Toyboy Romantica, Danish Pancake Tree, Swedish Meatball & Norwegian Skillingsbolle trees. Now if that is not enough there are requests for Cooked bacon and money trees…?

    I think I am dreaming.

  13. I thought it looked like a spider as well…and I just had a large wold spider in our hotel room in Tuscon…Arizona..had to have someone come in and take it away..the sucker was huge..as big as a drink coaster… I was not a happy person…we slept with the television on so I could see if there were any more…

    Dorothy from grammology

  14. Dorothy, that sounds like a tarantula. They look scarier that they are and are basically harmless. We have had so much rain that the critters are trying to come in to keep dry. Sorry that Tucson gave you such a bad night. Wish I had known you were here; maybe we could have gotten together for coffee or baked spider.

  15. @Dave – Do you carry out experiments like that on your plot? πŸ˜‰

    @Dorothy – I have had a large spider visit my bed before today…. and it was this time of the year! Time to check out all the corners and crevices.

    @Darlene – Baked spider sounds like a Nancy special!

  16. @Darlene – I’m catching on on mum’s posts/comments and giggling away here at the thought of a bacon tree in Phoenix – with the heat there in the summer, the bacon would definitely be cooked when you picked it!!

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