I had my eye wiped!

Well not exactly. But I want you to listen up and pay attention.

On Sunday I was busily sorting and organising the very first Grannymar International Sports Special for 2012! It was fun with plenty of suggestions for events.

Now what happened next is a bit of a blur. Literally! It might have been the glare of the lights (inside my brain) or all those sequins suggested by Steph, but something happened. I know I turned my head to the left and felt a pain in my right eye. Now all my life all you had to do was say the word ‘Eye’ to me and they went red. In fact my mother often called me ‘scaldy eyes’!

So now back to Sunday.

I pushed on and tried to ignore the problem thinking like a man – if you ignore something it will go away! 🙄 It didn’t and it seemed to get worse. Knowing there was a history of eye problems in the family I decided as evening went on to have it checked out. One of my younger brothers had a problem a few years ago and ignored it for a few days. When finally pushed into going to see about it, he was given a dressing down and admitted for immediate surgery as the retina had become detached. In this kind of situation it is imperative to seek help ASAP. Alas the problem was not resolved and he has since lost the sight in that eye. Since another brother has been diagnosed with Glaucoma I am sure you can understand my concern.

Being a weekend I called the local out of hours medical service for advice and they suggested I head straight to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Since my newly returned friendly neighbour was not at home I called a taxi. So armed with my permanently packed overnight bag we set out on the nearest thing to a Formula 1 race. I did say that I was not pregnant and that we could slow a little but the driver was not amused. Racing down the M2 is a little like the M50 in Dublin right now, a chicane of cones all the way. Thankfully I was trying to keep my eye closed and could not see the speedometer!

We arrived safely and I was seen by the triage nurse quickly, followed by a rather long wait. I did not complain. I have gone through A&E before and each time the need was really urgent and I was seen to immediately. While I was looked after others had to wait. Sunday night was my turn to wait. My turn eventually came and a handsome young Toyboy took great care to check me out thoroughly. He even tried turning me into an ‘orange woman’! The dye he used for one of the tests was bright orange and some of it overflowed onto my face. It clashed with my red rims and flushed cheeks.

Finally we discovered there was no major damage but the cornea was scratched. I was given some drops and allowed home. I was assured that I did the correct thing by having it checked out. So please mind your eyes they have to work for a lifetime!

Imagine not being able to see my Toyboys…..

23 thoughts on “I had my eye wiped!

  1. Glad there was a happy ending, Grannymar

    Did the Toyboy doc get awarded a badge for his services? 🙄

    Now get back to sewing on those sequins!

  2. @Maz – Thank you, I am very relieved and the drops are helping.

    @Steph – Alas, I didn’t have one in my pocket but I almost wish I did.
    The sequins will have to wait!

  3. Eek! I worry about my eyes a lot. In the space of only a few years I find I need to wear my glasses nearly permanently now. I try to avoid it while I’m out, but for sitting at the PC or reading, I’m lost without them.

  4. We’ll understand if you keep away from the ‘puter for a while…when I had my eye op’ I tried to do that!

  5. Crikey grannymar, that was scarey! Glad it was nothing serious. How on earth did you manage to scratch your cornea? I hope the drops bring quick relief and that it is soon better.

  6. I’m sorry about your scratched cornea, but glad that it can be cured with drops. That must have been one scary ride to the A&E.

  7. Grannymar,

    I am very happy that your eye problem turned out to be something that could be corrected without surgery. Good!

    As you know ,my husband has had some complications with his Diabetes,one of which was severe eye problems. It started with cataract removal and went downhill from there. He was,for all practical purposes, blind. He could see very little. According to him,his vision was like looking through a lace curtain. All the physicians that we saw told us it was a build up of fluid in the back of his eye and there was nothing they could do to help him.

    We went from one specialist to the next for help, but no one had the answer. We kept getting recommendations from people”You must see Dr.Smith. he’s been around for years. The best eye doctor in the area.” We would go to see Dr. Smith and he would be a man in his 70’s and we thought that was good because we figured he had seen it all and had a lot of experience. But Dr. Smith would shake his head and say,”There is really nothing I can do.”

    Then we would get another tip and go to see that specialist. All the doctors we were seeing were Opthomologists of the highest reputation and had all been in practice for years. But no one helped Roy.

    Then we went to Florida for the Winter and my brother lived there and told us about the doctor who had taken such good care of his detached retina. “You should go see him, IF you can get an appointment.” We did get an appointment and went to see this most famous eye doctor in the area. He was about 65 and after examining Roy told him there was little he could do about the fluid buildup in his eyes. Another hope dashed!

    Then I saw an article in the paper about a doctor who specialized in eye problems of Diabetics. I called his office and was told I could get an appointment about 4 months later. I said, “If you ever get a cancellation, call us because we will be able to come at a moment’s notice.'”The nurse said “all right.” The next morning she called and had a cancellation in one hour. We went there immediately and Roy and I were ushered into the typical ophtholmology examining room and waited to see the doctor.

    In about 5 minutes this young curly headed guy comes bopping in to the room wearing a BAYLOR University sweat
    shirt, deck shoes with no socks and shakes hands. He looks about 25 years old and is all smiles and personality. My heart sunk. I was used to old established doctors who knew all the ropes.Or so I thought!

    This young fellow positions Roy and swings that big eye examining machine around and looks into his eyes and says,” Yeah! I can fix that” I can’t believe what I am hearing and he continues,” Come to the hospital Monday morning and I’ll fix it for you.”

    Monday morning we go to the hospital and they take Roy in and he is out in less than 40 minutes, all finished. The doctor came out and told us about the Yag Laser he had used to dry up the moisture.

    We left the hospital and went to a restaurant to eat some breakfast and after a few minutes Roy looks over at the next table and READS an advertisement for orange juice that I can’t even read. He could see like an eagle and still can and that was more than 7 years ago.

    When we got home we called his regular eye doctor and told him about the laser treatment and he had no idea in the World about that technique. He was living in the past and doing the old treatments of that time. So were all the other OLD guys we were seeing.

    My best advise to any one of you is , if you go to several older doctors with no good results, see if you can find a young fellow who is up on all the latest treatments and techniques. I wish we had found someone who knew about laser treatment earlier. It would have saved us a lot of disappointment .

  8. It was all fine up until the “scratched cornea” bit, now I’m cowering away in the corner…

    (I’m quite squeamish about anything like that)

    Hope you can soon see again, although is your eyesight as bad or worse than mine as it is?

  9. @Phil – No need to worry, GM is a tough cookie.

    @Darren – Thanks to computers I now wear glasses full tim,e!

    @Magpie – I intend rationing my computer time for a few days.

    @Geri – Other than turning my head I have no idea what caused it. The drops are helping.

    @Dardar – I like that idea. 😉

    @Darlene – The driving was fast and the driver was using two mobile phones at times. Neither had hands free kit installed!

    @Roy – Alas paperwork never goes away.

    @Nancy – One of the first questions was ‘Any history of Diabetes?’
    Great that you and Roy kept the fight up to seek help. Thanks for the story.

    @ChrisD – I can see but the eye needs rest at the moment.

  10. Glad it wasn’t anything serious. The eye clinic at the Royal Vic is excellent. I went there a while back because I had very blurred vision for half an hour or so, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. As you say, very important to get your eyes checked regularly, particularly we oldies!

  11. Oooh ouch! Although that sort of thing wouldn’t be an A & E admission here, we’d probably go to the local 24 hour medical centre and they’d fix it straight away. Isn’t it weird how these things always happen on the weekend! Glad alls well that end’s well. As for laser treatment . . per Nancy’s comment, I believe if you’re the right candidate it can work miracles. I know two people who have had it done. No pain, a little soreness and photosensitivity for a day or so and good as gold!

  12. I’d try and get to see a good optician too. A neighbour of ours had an eye operation recently and the drops she was given by the hospital caused her a lot of discomfort and she had to go to the local optician to get sorted out.Though maybe the hospital gave her the wrong drops as she is a wee bit annoying a female version of Victor Meldrew.

  13. OUCH! I have had a scratched cornea and it was painful. I was in bed after surgery, playing cards with 2 of my kids, when the younger one made a “grand” gesture with a card in her hand and it scratched my eye. I thought it would have to be removed, it hurt so badly!!

    I hope yours isn’t that painful and that you’ll soon be well.

  14. I’m so glad it didn’t turn out to be too serious but I do agree one can’t be too careful where eyes are concerned. Hope it clears up quickly I’d hate to think of you seeing blurry toyboys LOL

  15. @Baino – We don’t have a local 24 hour medical centre. After normal working hours we go to whatever hospital is open for ‘walk-ins’!

    @Dave – I was actually thanked for my patience ❗ As I said to the Doctor, I was alive, no need for surgery and I was going home so there was no problem.

    @Judy – I never even touched my eye. My hands were on the keyboard at the time.

    @Chrisb – Thank you. I am not sure I would like blurry Toyboys!

  16. Oh I had to scroll down to see you were ok before I read the whole post. Glad to see you are ok. Hope your eye feels better soon.

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