A Light Lunch

The weekend was rather wet! Some might say that was an under statement. Thankfully I had no urgent need to venture outdoors. It was a time to look inward and forget I had windows.

Yesterday with more torrential rain forecast I decided to make a quick foray to the shops to top up on fresh food. Wrapped up for the weather I went to take the car out of the garage taking a bag of rubbish for the bin at the same time. As I rounded the corner I noticed the drain was overflowing. It was the water off the roof and guttering through the downpipe that was flowing along the side of the bungalow. ‘Leaves’ I thought the bend of the drain must be blocked with leaves! It would have to wait until I returned.

As I drove down the hill there were signs of debris all along the way, caused by the overflow of water from the Burn (small stream) at the entrance of the estate. Further back the burn flows beside the dams of the old flax mill and at the entrance to the estate it is culverted as it passes underneath and crosses to the other side of the road. Some years ago townhouses and apartments were built on the far side of the road and the stream further culverted beneath them. Each winter we now have problems with flood water, thankfully it flows downhill. About ten days ago I noticed a digger, traffic cones and road works signs, I never in fact saw any workmen. The equipment disappeared after a couple of days and I thought no more about it. Whatever work they did it was not sufficient for the extreme weather conditions on Saturday.

I decided not to travel far for my shopping and Lidl is the closest shop to me nowadays. So that is where I went. Great for bargains but I am easily distracted…

I wanted something tasty for lunchtime treats and to add colour to a dreary day!

Colourful it was but not ideal for a sandwich……..

They are roomy enough to wear with Ski Tubes* and keep my tootsies warm. I wore them when I went outside to clear the drain and pull some weeds.

*Ski Tubes are knee length socks without a turned heel. I use them inside my hiking boots and they are very warm. Normal socks have a seam across the toes. My toes curl under this is caused by circulation problems. The seam across the toes hurts my feet. With ski tubes it is possible to wear the seam on the underside and stay warm and comfortable. They are also longer than normal socks and go right up to my knees.

18 thoughts on “A Light Lunch

  1. Haha . . well Grannymar what can I say. . you are usually a picture of sartorial elegence but you’ve blown the fashionista out of the water with these gems! Pretty and practical and frankly . . I wouldn’t be caught dead in them but hey, necessity is the mother of invention so . . you go you good thing in yer little ankle gum boots (that’s what we call wellies)

  2. @Baino – I did have big green wellies, bought locally about 25 years ago so they were genuine Farmer’s stuff. They were very heavy and I wore the tread off the soles working in the garden. They were waiting for an excuse to go in the bin and as of Monday they have it!

    My new colourful bootees are more than sufficient for the gardening I do nowadays and will cheer me up on a dull day!

    @Steph – You are jealous of my lovely bootees! 🙄

    @Maz – Here I come to the rolling lawns of Stradbally Hall in Stradbally, Co. Laois. 😉

  3. With all that water I reckon Waders would be appropriate….imagine them in all those colours!

  4. @Magpie – Waders that colour would frighten the fish!

    @Dave – I want evidence! A photo of you in the boots 😀

    @ChrisD – I am a ikkle girl at heart… I’m off to make mud pies.

  5. I need some ski tubes! My toes don’t curl, but a heavy sock seam bothers me. Those sound like the ideal thing!

  6. You are never too old to learn something new. I never heard of ski tubes. They sound so comfortable that I have to check them out to see if I can buy them here. The ridges on normal socks hurt my feet and I can hardly wait to get them off when I am forced to wear walking shoes with socks.

  7. @Darlene and @Judy

    You will find Adult Ski Tubes 2 Pair Packs at your local outdoor wear/hiking/camping store. Made from a mix of 30% acrylic, 20% polyester and 50% wool. They come in a packs of 2 pairs. 24 inches. long, providing the ultimate combination of warmth, comfort and durability.

    The red pair in the photo have given faithful service over nine years. They were worn and washed many, many times and are still as good as new! In bitterly cold weather, or rambling through wet under growth I tucked my trouser legs inside them.

  8. Thank you for the information, Grannymar. I will have to buy a pack before the cold arrives. Right now it’s 78* and will climb to the high 90’s before the day is over. It’s a bit hard to think about cold feet when I’m trying to stay cool.

  9. @Darlene – Please bottle some of the heat and a little sunshine, we need it to dry out!

    @stwidgie – Your boots are real classy! Mine are for pottering around in a damp garden!

  10. Grannymar,

    Please ship a pair of those boots to me IMMEDIATELY!

    I cannot wait another minute for them.

    I don’t care that it hasn’t rained here for a month, I MUST have them! They are so chic….. In fact, I will wear them to the theatre with pride and everyone will look at me with envy. No! I will wear them to the OPERA..That’s it;that’s the ticket..to Madame Butterfly even…. I shall be the talk of the Town;everyone whispering and pointing at my feet in those pink,blue,yellow and red boots… The papparazzi will be snapping my picture and Britney and Paris will be left in the dust of my presence in that footwear.

    I can’t go on until I am in possession of those boots; send NOW!!!!!!!

    Oh! and, by the way, a pair of the red ski tubes also….
    Another fashion torn from the pages of Vogue…….

  11. I wish I could send ten degrees of our heat to you. It’s 92* now at 11 am and will get hotter this afternoon. I guess it’s a feast or famine world. In all honesty, humidity and I don’t get along so I guess I would rather have the heat than your rain.

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