Clearing some paperwork this afternoon I came across the CV I used for my last position in full time employment. It brought back memories… and I thought of the day I heard about the job, the people I worked with and the work I did. It was a little unusual as I was already working there on a part-time basis and before that as a volunteer.

How my life has changed in the past few years! I am a very different person in so many ways. I am older of course, not as afraid of technology but alas no longer allowed to work for health reasons.


If things were different and I was allowed to work, how would you word my CV?

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  1. There’s a problem here: The better CVs are short and concise – there’s so too much to say that short and concise wouldn’t do it justice.

  2. Name : Grannymar

    Work experience:
    Current Job: Blogger
    Current Job Description:
    – Moving hearts all over the world
    – Making delicious Mondays
    – Wise web woman
    – Social media mixer

    – Toyboys, Cooking and Toyboys

    heck, I’d like a CV that good

  3. Ah with all those toyboys you won’t need a CV . . you can be a ‘kept’ woman! But . . .

    Excellent track record, although I am not a horse.
    Can cook sticky chocolatey things but I’m not fat
    Have sewing kit and can repair that embarrasing tear before board meetings . . (after photographing it for my next CV or ensuring job security)
    Good memory
    Sense of humour
    Totally ‘connected’ (if not easily distracted by Toyboys)
    Have international connections
    Great sense of humour
    Will work for G & T’s

  4. @Stephen – Toyboys? How dod you get that idea 😉

    @Sneezy – I expected more form you!

    @Steph – A wacky Warning. I love it. 😀

    @Will – I like that.

    @Mike – My gardening is with a difference – I specialise in weeds!

    @Baino – Thats brill!

  5. Name : Grannymar

    Position: High up in the blogging world. Loved and admired. Much loved Mum, Mum in law and friend to many. Also wise, witty and kind. Excellent computer skills. Excellent word smith. Chef to the stars. Flexible and always willing to learn new tricks. Can be relied upon to tell it as it is. Good all round player.

    Awards: Blogger all star and too many more to mention.

  6. ChrisD

    Nowadays a CV has 50% chance of being studied by a female.

    Interviews are more usually before a panel of male and females so I might end up out the door if I offered VIT!

  7. Is this reverse sexism? If Grannymar was Grandadmar and talking about toygirls, somehow I think he would be in a lot of trouble and receiving a lot of scorn.

    its a theory unless GM has been quietly running another blog as a man as well.

  8. Will

    One blog is more than enough for me thanks!

    I do agree with you about the scorn, I sometimes wonder how i get away with saying the things I do. But then GM means no harm to anybody.

  9. I can’t even write my own.

    Educational Record: The Schools of Life, Love and Laughter

    Post Graduate Experience: Ongoing, specialising in bringing Comfort to the rest of the world.

    Specialisms: many ,according to the day of the week example Monday is gastronomic

    Salary: To be negotiated (see below)

    Connections : Toyboys Inc (and I’ll send ’em round…see above …Salary)

    Communication skills?; Yes

    BTW I read Will’s idea for Hobbies as Toyboys and Cooking Toyboys.

  10. Oops…I really should read through before submitting…my attaempt was for GM not mine!!

  11. Well we now know the name of GM’s book.

    Its either “Cooking Toyboys” or “Cooking For Toyboys”

    I’m scared of the cover art already

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