It’s Official

Grannymar is older than the flood!

Nooooooooooo! I’m not older than that flood; the one I am talking about was on Saturday, in Dublin.

According to the bible in Genesis Chapter 6 we are told that ‘Man’s sin was the cause of the flood’. So what caused the flood on Saturday? I was a good girl! 🙄

I was down in Dublin for an innocent girly lunch. Look this is the evidence:

Now what could be any more innocent than that, I ask you? A group of bloggers, dishing the dirt gossiping stuffing our faces sharing some tasty food and a bottle of wine or three while chatting about the blog world. No sin there you would think.

Of course I did gatecrash a party on Friday night. A Toyboy Birthday Party and I brought my Manager. She was supposed to keep an eye on me… instead of chatting up all MY toyboys. Every time I was busy hugging one of them she was chatting up another. We had a ball, didn’t we missus?

So back from the tangent once more…..,

I was at a girly lunch. Now rumours abound that I left with a Toyboy….. I’m saying nuttin! Them ’uns down in Dubland are a jealous bunch 😉 You could do nothing!

However I did end up in a Taxi going nowhere for two and a half hours. It cost €60 to travel 12.5 klms! The Toyboy came to the rescue and brought me home to his house.

Darragh and Niamh, thank you both for providing a bed, food, and an evening of fun. There is no way I would have managed without you.

Elly who was in Cork for the day on Saturday, had a similar journey from the airport driving through two feet of water on the M50. She and George collected me on Sunday and rescued my car from where I abandoned it the day before.

Now for further developments you will have to wait….. 🙄


18 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. We did have a ball, Grannymar 😀

    I’m not sure we drank enough though to cause that flood!

    And that’s the best excuse I ever heard for spending the night with a Toyboy 🙄

  2. NOW I know why you have no time to gossip to me on Skype any more! And I thought it was something I said! Aww . . I’m in desperate need of a wild weekend or a girly lunch, or both *stomps off*

  3. I would have come to your rescue GM. I still have the bucket and crane and I would have scoped you away to safety.
    I’ve had lots of practice having got you out of jail so a rescue from the floods would have been a doddle.
    Hope your manager kept an eye on you!

  4. @Steph – Here’s to the next party!

    @Baino – you will have to come over and we will have a party.

    @Lottie – It was great to meet you too. I felt I already knew you. It was a fun night.

    @Mike – I was in good hands and well looked after.

    @ChrisD – Handy to know there are comfortable beds in Dunboyne. I also have a bed at Kells and two near Drogheda.

  5. Welcome aphrodite,

    Ladies who lunch – that’s us!

    I won’t tell if you don’t! 🙄

  6. Goodness, Grannymar, I didn’t realise you were now so grand as to have a Manager! It’ll be a Media Adviser and an Image Consultant next. And when are governments going to realise flooding is getting worse and draw up some measures to minimise damage to homes? Presumably the extortionate taxi fares down south are due to a flood-risk supplement….

  7. @Nick – My Manager is self appointed bless her little cotton socks. It might a bit late for a Media Adviser and an Image Consultant! 🙄
    The Taxi fares down south are based on milage or length of time in the taxi. We travelled 12.5 kms, but the clock kept turning for the two and the hours we were sitting it! 😦

    @Dorothy – There miiiiight be more photos if they pass the Censor 😉

  8. There might be photos indeed! *ahem*

    As always my dear, you’re more than welcome. However, when are you going to share with your readers that you are a card shark?

  9. Darragh

    I wonder why everyone is talking about photos? *Asks all innocent like!*

    If I am a card shark, you taught me! 👿 How many buttons are left on your shirt?

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