Quirky Me

Sam has tagged me!!

Here are the rules as posted on Sam’s blog

1)Link to the person who tagged me
2)Mention the rules
3)Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself
4)Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them
5)Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged

Six things? Now where to start……

  1. I hate being late for an appointment. It is much worse when someone else causes me to be late
  2. Cats are my least favourite animal. They insist on rubbing against my legs or jumping on me if I am sitting down. Please go purr somewhere else.
  3. I wear socks in bed all year round. I have very cold feet and if I do not get them warm, then there is no chance of sleeping.
  4. I dislike migraine music. It sounds like noise to me and prevents me hearing what people are saying.
  5. Tailgaters make me wish I had an old Volvo, so that I could break suddenly. The alternative would be a Boot that opens at the press of a button while the car is moving to show the sign – No Parking in here!
  6. Parents who allow their children to run wild and behave badly in restaurants, hotels or airport waiting areas, not thinking of other users.

I am not going to tag anyone so feel free to try it if you wish.


12 thoughts on “Quirky Me

  1. Good Morning GM
    fresh from my exploits in Cork
    I’m with you on Tailgaters. Is it a crime to teavel at 55mph in this country?
    I really get pi**ed off with artics tailgating
    Check out the Cork International Airport Hotel .V Cool .Loads od photo opportunities

  2. Hey you did the quirky things meme!! I am with you there on the tailgaters! However, I only wear socks in bed if I feel really really cold which is probably about once or twice a year. My Mum, however, has a hot water bottle all year round except for the height of summer – pity my poor Dad!!

  3. GM I’m with you on being late. I’m always punctual (so much for arriving in a chic way) As for socks. . .well it’s frosty here at the moment so as I sit, I’m wearing a pair of Clare’s ORANGE numbers partly for sentimental value, partly because it’s foiking freezing. And after today, I hate inarticulate people. I’ve had so many ‘conversations’ with people and walked away thinking “What did she just say/mean?”

    PS Get a dog, they keep your feet warm!

  4. @Mike – I have great respect for drivers of articulated Lorries. I am in awe of the way they manoeuvre them round tight corners or turn them on a sixpence.

    @Sam – Nobody in the world has feet as cold as mine.

    @Baino – Any thoughts of getting a dog are quashed following my trip to Elly’s. There was a dog somewhere close that yapped day and night for the duration of my visit. Even with the windows closed we could hear it. Aagh!

  5. Steph

    Thankfully I am home safe once more. The journey was rough. Rain and water spray that made me think I was driving in fog. The eternal roadworks didn’t help either. In Ireland we have to pay for the 40 shades of green somehow!

  6. Interesting that no-one has been quirky. What are they scared of?

    Oh yes…..I know a pair of feet to compete….but do you suffer from Renaud’s Syndrome? If you do you’ll know all about it!

    1) I’m a “professional” Norfolk man
    2) I can’t stand “professionals” from other places!
    3) I don’t drive (vehicles that is)
    4) I can drive people to distraction and often do …and it’s fun!
    5) I play the jaws harp/trump
    6) I have a collection of 12 record playing decks plus my father’s old wind up gramophone! (BTW Check out the Shellac Sisters)

    That’s a start!

  7. @Magpie – I know all about Renaud’s Syndrome, not sure if that is the problen or the ticker is at fault. I think it might well be the latter. Medications all complicate the issue. I am alive… I think, and that is the important thing!

    Don’t tell me you are one of the Shellac Sisters. 😉

    @Judy – I will send you the cats! 😀

  8. GM
    I dont have a problem with artic drivers in general and I agree with you regarding ttheir driving skills.
    However I do have a problem with those who tailgate even though I’m doing 55-60 mph. What chance have you got if your bumped by an artic.
    I was nearly forced off the roan recently by a road rage moron

  9. Mike

    Once I am not over the speed limit and have paid my Road Tax then everyone else can have a heart attack if they want, I have no intention of joining them.

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