9 thoughts on “Thinking caps required (9)

  1. Yes, Steph, I suppose you do win the prize. I really tried hard on this one but you were just too smart for me.

    By the way, what is the prize? Over here they would say that first prize is one week in Philadelphia. Second Prize is TWO weeks in Philadelphia.

  2. @ Nancy

    OMG! You’re not suggesting I have to spend ONE WHOLE WEEK at Grannymar stables, are you? 😉

    I can’t keep up with Grannymar and her Toyboys! 😀

  3. My birthday yesterday…. small party last evening…
    Woz goin’ on?
    You’re all starting to confuse me and people are staring. I’ll try and string them along for a while. Shall I sing to them? In my state that’d be a sin (I’t ‘d be wrong in any state)..oh oh! here she comes to drag me in… Sorry I…gotta go!

  4. Sorry about that, Phil. I was going to guess “S” too, but then decided to go with “I” . Oh well, as the old saying goes “There is always next year.”

    Maybe we can put our heads together next time and between the two of us we will get the right answer….

    Then we can each spend one week in Philadelphia.

  5. Morning! I think I am alive and normal service will resume shortly. 😉

    That is if I ever get home again with all the rain.

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