Things my Mother did but I don’t

  • Wrote letters every week on Basildon Bond note paper, using a fountain pen, Quink ink and blotting paper
  • Baked bread and cakes every day
  • Washed, starched and ironed shirts
  • Ran up the stairs two at a time
  • Wore a hat and gloves to go shopping
  • Changed her clothes and brushed her hair before my dad came home from work in the evening
  • Spread butter an inch thick on her bread. Ugh!
  • Wore nylon stockings with a suspender belt
  • Collected Green Shield trading stamps and pasted them in a book.
  • Solved maths problems in her head

17 thoughts on “Things my Mother did but I don’t

  1. What an interesting insight into bygone years!

    You’ve set me thinking about my own mother now. Now what did she do that I don’t…. hmmm!

    * insist on inviting cousins around for tea even though we had little in common other than the grandparents
    * continue to wash clothes and dishes by hand in preference to using modern technology (when it arrived).
    * wore uncomfortable shoes because they looked better
    * cycled to the shops every day rather than do a weekly shop by car
    * sat down to do the ironing
    * rarely spent money on herself

    How times have changed! GM

  2. Ooops, this enter before I’d written the text…having a blond moment.


    * Puts on a wash and irons every day even though there’s only two of them at home.

    * Washes the floors twice a day

    * Uses jars and packets in cooking

    * Bakes scones and bread for the freezer once a week

    * If she’s working on a saturday she sets the table for my dad’s meals, breakfast at the front, lunch behind and dinner behind that…with notes on the plates about what he’s to eat….that’s true I swear.

  3. @Steph – My mother fed the cousins that my father invited!

    @Maz – I love the last one!

    I wrote notes but they were put in lunch boxes, shirt, pyjama or dressing-gown pockets. Very often they consisted of three little words!

  4. Grannymar,

    I swear I am not making this story up.

    I was in Florida once and we were sitting on the beach at a resort and there was a group of people set up next to us. Two women and one man. I heard one of the women say to the other. “Every day I fix his meals and lay them out in order for him. I also put out the clothing he is to wear that day. He’s getting dressed now for the beach and I have put his new bathing suit out on the bed for him to wear.”

    At that I saw the man coming out of the hotel door on to the beach and he is wearing a black GIRDLE.

    At this point the wife notices him and what he is wearing and lets out a scream. “Charlie, she hollers, ” That is NOT your bathing suit.”

    Charlie ,looking dumbfounded, mumbles,”But it was on the bed.”

    By this time we are all grabbing towels and hiding our faces because we are in gales of laughter at poor Charlie standing on the beach in a black girdle with hosiery hooks dangling down .

    He was quickly whisked away by the embarrassed wife and we never saw them again.

    So, Ladies, be careful how much you do for your husband; It may come back to bite you…..

  5. Things that my mum does that I don’t:

    – Irons every day
    – Makes fresh bread every day
    – Gets up extremely early because she’s hardwired that way
    – Has an afternoon nap (after that getting up early bit)
    – Deals with the after-effects of cancer. She’s recently gone into remission and getting better all the time, but there’s a long way to go.

    If I could take that last one off her, I would.

  6. My mom did all of those too, except the letters on Basildon Bond. I doubt my mother’s stationery was so fine.

    Nancy, your story is a hoot. That man deserved to be seen in a girdle, since he was so useless at finding his own clothes!

  7. @ Nancy – you are priceless! I had tears streaming down my face reading that.


    Talking of notes in lunch boxes… when I make up a sandwich for myself for a long day at the nursing home, I sometimes open it up only to find a little note saying “Love Ya!”.

    These little surprises means more to me than any valentine card and it always succeeds in making me smile 🙂

  8. @Nancy – I’m with Steph here. The tears are running down my face and I can hardly see the keyboard.

    @Jen – Giving your mother support and plenty of hugs will help her on her road. Have you read this today :

    @Judy – Where would we be without Nancy and her stories?

    @Steph – I never had need of a lunch box, I found little notes in my knicker drawer sometimes attached to a bar of chocolate.

  9. Nancy, you are truly a riot. You come up with the funniest stories that make my day. I can’t wipe that smile off my face as I visualize that man. Yes, serves him right for being so helpless and serves his wife right for enabling him.

    As for the mother and what she did – I suspect I am that mother’s age and I never baked every day. I baked on Saturday, did laundry on Monday, ironed 7 shirts on Tuesday, ironed sitting down when I was pregnant and did write with pen and ink, but rarely on bond stationery. I only wore hat and gloves on Sunday for Church.

  10. Darlene

    You have a way to go yet. My mother would be 94 now if she lived. Nowadays we have life easy with all the gadgets to do the work at the push of a button.

  11. Not that far, Grannymar. If I keep on truckin’ down the road I will be that old in 11 short years. I am old enough to relate to your Mom in the way we lived then.

  12. Nancy, that is priceless!

    There’s something odd about this thread…….

    what did my mother do that my wife doesn’t?

    1) account for every penny she spent until the day after my father died
    2)darn her husbands socks
    3)boil whites in a copper
    4) go fruit picking to get some extra money
    5)the Church Flowers and involve us kids
    6)grow Maggie Mott violas
    7)make the children turn the mangle
    8) take part in am dram so she could see Dickie Bird!!!
    9)eat butter while the rest of us had margarine (Stork not Echo)
    I’ll stop there!

    Things that my father did that I don’t do
    1) get up at 4-30 every morning to milk the cows
    2) smoke
    5) send my sons to a state (no fees) boarding school
    6) eat a bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk every week after sweets came of ration (even if he was out of work)
    7)eat cold stew sandwiches
    9) poach pheasant and rabbits; the former with whiskey soaked grain and raisins.
    10)make a fool of himself with a rotovator that ran away with him!!!!
    11) ride a motor bike for teh first tiem at the age of 53 and die at 55!

    I think the things I do that he did are almost as interesting…

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