Will We Tell Elly

On a daily wander through my RSS feeds yesterday I paused to draw breath with the Podcast Sisters.

Being a Friday afternoon they were in playful mood. The game was – a vanity search developed by Chris Anderson of The Long Tail fame.

It was not very difficult all you needed was to insert your name in a box and click the enter button. Hey Presto it measures your Internet fame on a scale of 1 (unknown) to 100 (ubiquitous) -using Google’s PageRank technology.

So how did the three little girls from school rate?

Krishna De – Scored 44

Anna Farmery – Scored 52

Heather Gorringe – Scored 55

I thought I would play a little…. So I picked three names at random from my Blogroll:

Darragh Doyle – Scored 45

Damien Mulley – Scored 57

Ellybabes – Well I’ll let her tell you herself.

Well if you must know how I did….


Grannymar – Scored 44

30 thoughts on “Will We Tell Elly

  1. I did it sensibly (used ” “) and got 0

    then I just typed in my name and got 55….

    I do know that I’m a wreck at the bottom of Lake Ontario!

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  3. I thought that would amuse you all while I did my shopping.

    @Primal – Great for Obama 😀

    @Robert – You don’t look 45! 😉

    @Grandad – You are as famous as Blog it scored 71 also! Welcome back by the way.

    @Magpie – Does that make you a sunken treasure?

    @Andy – Don’t tell Bono! How did you get on?

  4. @Grandad – … and Microsoft and Google are younger than you! 🙄 You may not have been ‘away’ away but we have not seen you here for some time.

    @David – You still did better than me.

  5. I’m getting what appear to be odd results…

    Will Knott – 42
    Willknott – 43 ????
    Willard Knott – 35
    Willton Knott – 52
    William Knott – 65

    Can I add all of these together?

  6. Awsome, 49 under my full name and 53 under Lette, cool!! but grannymar, knowing you is like being on the red carpet anyway!!! 🙂

  7. @Will – I never thought to try my real life name….

    My name as on Birth Cert – 34
    My Signature – 49
    Losing middle initial – 58
    Think I prefer Grannymar – 44 It makes me sound younger 😉

    @Lette – It is far from a red carpet I was born!

  8. stwidgie

    I agree. I am getting younger every day….
    or else….
    I have gone all the way round the clock, and am now working my way back!

  9. Noooo! A nervous wreck maybe!

    Reading all these others I’m going to have another go!

  10. Thanks for sharing that – what’s interesting for me is that the name of my blog rather than my name that you searched on and which points to the same place has a score of 56.

    So my blog’s more famous than me!

    Looking forward to speaking to you soon on the podcast for PodCamp Ireland.

    Best wishes

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