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No, not for himself but for a very good cause. Are you aware of the Pink for October internet phenomenon? This is a breast cancer awareness programme, where websites and blogs go pink for the month, and photobloggers show pink photos that change daily or weekly throughout the month.

Will has the idea to raise cash for the Irish Cancer Society! I am currently trying to make contact with Action Cancer a Charity based here in Northern Ireland. So while thinking Pink and displaying pictures on our blogs, Will suggests we donate the photos to the charity not just for display, but to be sold and raise money for the charity.

Now this is not confined to Ireland. We are in a global world and anyone is free to take part. Go to your nearest Cancer Charity shop and ask the manager of that shop if he or she would be willing to accept the donation of photographs as part of the “Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign“, display and sell them.

Now Mr Knott the clever fellow that he is, covers all angles.

  • He wants to raise money – Good for our egos and the Charity.
  • He wants us to take photos – Thus increasing our skills and take exercise.
  • He would like us to perform a selective colourisation on the photograph so that it becomes a black and white photo with only the pink area coloured – A learning process (for some of us) (major for me).
  • Then he wants us to print up our pictures in A4 size and present the collection of A4 printouts to the charity shop in the middle of September for display and sale during October – Printing costs will be our contribution to the cause.

We might need to bring some model release forms before approaching people wearing pink. See Will’s blog for details.

Pink Ribbons

Cancer is a disease that we are all touched by at some time in our lives. If not we ourselves then our loved ones, wider family members or friends have become patients needing surgery, chemotherapy or radio-therapy. Action Cancer now provides a breast screening programme from the age of 40 but is it enough? Is the screening sufficient to cover all types of cancer?

At this stage we are all aware of checking for lumps, but do we? How often? It should be as natural as drying yourself after a shower or bath. We are told to get to know our breasts – Men have them too and they can become victims just as much as women. So make a habit of checking once a month and pick the same time each month to do it. The breasts do change with the hormones so get used to the feel of you own breasts; you will quickly come to know what is right for you.

While I am at it Gentlemen, are you listening? Move downstairs and have a little touchy feel around. Behave! No giggling at the back there, this is serious stuff. Get to know how your equipment should feel, any unusual or strange lumps or bumps should be reported to your Doctor quick fast!

In this country breast screening consists of Mammography and physical examination. Is that sufficient, will it show up all types of cancer in the breast? I thought so; until I read this: Inflamatory Breast Cancer, the silent killer over at Alice’s My Wintersong

I beg and plead with you to watch this You Tube video it might save a life!


24 thoughts on “Boob Tube

  1. This is a great idea….so good it’s given me an idea too. I see some pink flower pins being made I could donate them to the local cancer charity shop or just sell them myself to work collegues etc and then donate the money. I could get the limerick stitch ‘n’ bitch group involved maybe we could all knit/make something pink and donate it to the cancer charity shop…..I’m off to plan this.

  2. Some great ideas there, GM

    Well done to you and Will for taking this action.

    How’s about we add some fun to regular self-examination, by asking all men to check out their women ‘upstairs’ and all women to check out their men ‘downstairs’ 😀

    Now Toyboys, no pushing and shoving to get to the front of the queue please

    Grannymar has a magic wand to make naughty Toyboys disappear in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again 😀

  3. That was close to a quarter past lunch!

    The idea of all those Toyboys in a queue to feel bits upstairs got me in a tizzy. 🙄

  4. GM

    Upstairs? I thought you lived in a bungalow 😉

    You should see the queue outside…

    I might need to borrow your wand soon!

  5. Steph you be nice to the toyboys. Make them a cuppa with something nice to go with it! 🙄

  6. Gm and Co.

    I’ll contact my local pin up (she appeared on a Corsets for Cancer calendar) who organises things for this cause…a few years back the press went along to photograph the models at the breast cancer fashion show. One of the models was a chap and the girls insisted that the photographer include him in shots. The reporter would not believe that men can contract Breast Cancer….needless to say he did not appear in the Evening Standard but the girls did.

    My favourite Concertina player had to pay for her own Herceptin after her second mastectomy…

    With MS this is very close to my heart.

    BTW Chaps GM is right about your inspection regime…

  7. Steph’s idea re checking sounds good. Must suggest to Jenny at earliest opportunity. Though I have to admit I do actually check myself regularly, unlike all those hordes of males who apparently think such procedures are a bit suspect – the early signs of gayness perhaps?

  8. You know a “Pin-up” Magpie11. Nice.

    October should have a number of stories from people involved in cancer. You you think that some of the patients, former patients and medical staff would be willing to pose and tell their stories?

  9. @Maz – 😀

    @Magpie – Were you the chap with all those girls?

    @Nick – Will you come back and tell us Jenny’s answer? 😉

    @Will – I take it you mean breast cancer patients.

  10. Phew! I’m exhausted.

    GM – I did as you asked and gave all your Toyboys a cuppa tea (we had the crumpet in the darkroom) 😉

    They want to know when you’re going to turn up for inspection?

  11. Steph

    Did you enjoy the crumpet?

    I missed the last train so I might not get there this side of the holiday!

  12. The whole pink website thing is intriguing – but I’m useless with colour.

    Why else does my website consist of nothing but grey scale colours where the hex values are just 1 character repeated 😀

  13. Cool Rain,

    Welcome to my blog and thank you for the link. We all need to keep up to date with the research findings and aware of changes in our bodies

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