Toyboys keep me on my toes flexing my fingers on the keyboard. Jefferson Davis is no exception even though he lives in South Carolina. He is only playing forward the tag from K8 the Gr8 for a meme last week

The Rules

v List two things that irritate you for a reason (and list the reason!), and two things that irritate you for no apparent reason whatsoever!!

v Give credit to the person who tagged you.

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Two things that irritate the living hell out of me for a good reason:

1) Wimps – People who whinge to anyone and everyone about how hard their life is, yet do nothing to improve it.

Let me tell them NOWHERE are we promised an easy life. We all have knocks and put downs in some shape or form. For some it is money problems, not having enough to put food on their table and heat in their bones. Others it is being in a job they hate or worse still having no job to go to day after day. Yet more suffer pain at the hand of abusers, or discomfort day and daily that prevents them sitting in a chair or walking across a room without wincing due to ill-health. Watching once again ‘The last Lecture’ by Randy Pausch, who died on 25th July this year, I come away with two sentences etched on my brain.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand!”


“The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want something!”

2) Waste – People buying things that they think they need because it is fashionable and the latest ‘must have’ or due to peer pressure.

We all do it in some shape or form. Falling for the ‘buy one get one free’ offers in the supermarket even when there is no way we will ever use two within the sell by date. Buying shoes, when we know full well that they are pinching your little toes and you already have a pair the same colour at home. Ordering food in a restaurant and leaving half of it on the plate untouched. Drinking until you throw up – where is the fun in walking around with a head pounding like a Lambeg drum. Some of the best fun in life is to be had without ever touching a drop of drink.

Two things that bug me for no apparent reason

1) Bread & jam that falls jam side down on the carpet

2) Food wrap that gets in a tangle.

This time I leave it open to tag yourself if you wish to.


26 thoughts on “Irritation

  1. I agree with you on the first two GM, it bugs me when people give out about their jobs etc, but don’t try to change them. Waste is something that I’ve started to get annoyed about. I suppose I was guilty of being a Celtic Tiger teenager so I was used to buying things (especially clothes) and wearing them twice before donating them to charity. I made the decision in January to stop doing that. I can count on one hand the items of clothing I’ve bought since……that’s what got me into craft as well… attempt to combat “throw-away-ism”.

  2. I’m with you all the way, GM…

    but too moved by ‘The Last Lecture’ to comment further.

    Randy Pausch RIP

  3. I’m back now, GM

    Two things that irritate the living hell out of me for a good reason:

    1. Global (f**king) Windows who keep ringing our house (during meal times) with sales offers, despite our repeated requests to desist.

    2. Drivers who stop and disrupt the flow of traffic on a main road, to give way to a motorist wanting to enter from a side road. It’s NOT about being polite. It’s AGAINST THE RULES OF THE ROAD!

    Now I’m all irritated, GM

    Say something soothing, please!

  4. Steph

    Tell the window people that if they call you again you will have them for harassment. I did that once and the offending company never called me again.

    Now go sit in a Dark room for half an hour. 🙄

  5. Steph – find out where their offices are, cut their phone cable (it’ll take them a day or two to get Eircom out) and put a little sticker beside the cut saying “I told you to stop calling me”….

  6. So do I, Elly 😆


    I’ve learnt all the tricks of the trade in the darkroom.

    You wouldn’t believe the enlargements I’ve made 😉

  7. 1.Greed
    2.Bad manners and a lack of respect
    3.People not honouring their word
    4 Parking meters at railway stations
    5 Thugs
    6 Drivers who tailgate even though you doing 55 mph
    7 Elderly people forced to sit for 2 days on a f**king hospital trolley

  8. Quite agree re wimps and waste. As you say, we’re not promised an easy life so there’s no point in moaning that it’s too difficult. Sorting out life’s problems is what our imagination and ingenuity is for. And I’m amazed at the amount of food diners leave on their plates. In our hotel in New York, people would help themselves to huge bowls of fruit salad or cereal for breakfast and then not eat any of it.

  9. Two things that irritate me for a reason.

    1. A closed mind. We should all keep an open mind on everything. How else can we learn?

    2. People that are irresponsible about their guns. If I had my way, there would never be a handgun in anyone’s house, but I realize that others don’t agree. But we should all agree that they are kept safely and responsibly.

    For no reason:

    1. Computer glitches.

    2. Rude people that put everyone in a sour mood.

  10. @Steph – I won’t ask you to enlarge on that!

    @Mike – Bad manners and a lack of respect bug me too.

    @ Nick – The only thing I disliked about America were the very large portions of food served in Restaurants

    @ Darlene – Computer glitches really frustrate me.

  11. Big Irritations
    1. Patronising men . . . I can’t stand being spoken to as if I was 18 years old but it happens on a daily basis
    2. Politicians, they seem to forget that they are representative of the people and not in it for the power trip

    Little Irritations
    1. My washing machine because it doesn’t spin properly and the clothes are soggy so it has to go through two spin cycles
    2 Skype deciding to have a ‘nana nap’ every 20 minutes when I’m madly talking to someone

    But I’m not really irritated this week . . catch me when I’m really grumpy!

  12. Kudos to you, Madam. I couldn’t agree more. I’m worse than salt on a fresh wound, aren’t I? 🙂

    WIMPS and WASTE are a huge problem in today’s society.

    W – Waste of DNA
    I – Inbred
    M- Miserable
    P – Perplexed
    S – Sapiens

    W – We
    A – Abase
    S – Sacred Mother Earth
    T – Terribly
    E – Every day

  13. I got nagged because I was watching Randy and not having my lunch so I forwarded the link upstairs.

    Thanks for that link!

    As for the thing that is irritating me at the moment:

    my typing errors……I bash away and send a mail and then I get a reply and I se e all my typos…..

    other irritants….things like the misuse of “effect” and “affect”. Just as an example.

    Drivers who (over here) turn left and ignore pedestrians crossing the junction! (I’m a pedestrian) and those who turn right without signalling.

    Not remembering where I’ve put something and then having the whole household search for it for me…they drop everything to “help”…

    Oh! I won’t go on.

  14. GM. that’s what Toyboys are for you know, keeping you flexing your fingers 😛

    I’ve already blogged mine but the ones above that I’d also share:

    * Wimps
    * Waste
    * Maz’s jobs comment
    * Mike’s points 2 and 7
    * Darlene’s points – but mainly computer glitches!
    * I share Magpie’s affect/effect hatred too!

    You’d be amazed by the amount of irritable toyboys you have out there apart from Jefferson above!

    There’s Darren, the other Darragh, the dashing David and Andrew as well. I think they could all do with a hug from Grannymar. Or at least a cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat 😛 . Think we could do a group hug?

  15. @Magpie – Randy is a great reminder of how we should live.

    @Darragh – A Great Big Group Hug is the right idea.

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