Black Watch

Red Mum gave me something to ponder on. It was the Great Colour Challenge. Now I am still a fledgling behind the camera but I wanted to take part.

So far most of the rainbow has been covered:

Red Mum’scollection.
Nathalie’s pink collection.

Darren’s green collection.

Estelle’s blue/bleu collection.

Annie’s yellow collection.

Not to be daunted I went out with the camera the other day and wanted to find inspiration not based on the above colours. It may have had something to do with my mood, because I had the idea of using Black. Ok, ok I realise black is not strictly a colour, it is a neutral. Everywhere I looked and everything I saw was covered by the colours ranges above. I came home without a picture.

So today in desperation not to be outdone, I went back over the photos I have already taken. Keeping to the black theme I give you:

Victoria’s handmaiden at Belfast City Hall

A Gateway in Carrickfergus

Another day another gate.

Black Hat

Shoe cleaning

My sky at night

15 thoughts on “Black Watch

  1. @JD – Wonderful.

    @ChrisD – You still have Orange, Purple and white.. But you can take any colour as a guide and use it. Each person will see a colour differently. Sure have a go.

  2. Grannymar,

    Orange and Purple are easily available in the Co Antrim marching Season along with a sprinkling of Royal Black Preceptory members

  3. Oooh great idea, can I play? Lovely sunset Grannymar, you’re lucky to have such a great vew. We have an upward sloping back paddock so the sunset is hard to see from the house.

  4. Baino

    Why not play? When you have it done link to Red Mum and me of course 😉

    I look forward to your pictures.

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  6. @Magie – I have been telling you for a long time now to start a blog. A whole new life will open up for you.

    @Dorothy – Thank you. Weather great for a change, hot and sunny.

    @JD – Ah! You did it.

  7. Jen

    I never allow the black clouds linger for long. They would only prevent me from having fun

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