Food & Drink

Foods I Crave

  • A ‘BLT’ Sandwich – made with grilled tomatoes, smoked bacon and lettuce.
  • Traditional Roast Beef dinnershared with a large group of friends because it takes the longer cooking of a large joint to bring out the flavour.
  • Olives stuffed with garlic – just because I like them
  • Raspberrieswith a little ice cream
  • Mammy’s Christmas Pudding – a reminder of my childhood
  • Good Coffee – that tastes like it smells
  • Pistachio nutslike the great big bags full that a patient brought me from Turkey when I worked in the USAF Hospital in Wiesbaden.
  • Danish pastriesthe real thing that I gorged on tasted on a holiday in Denmark.
  • Death by Chocolate Cakeeven if it doesn’t agree with me
  • Sweet Mince Pies – I have been known to have them for breakfast!!

Foods I dislike with a passion

  • Porridge
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Oysters
  • Salted Peanuts (Whole)
  • Whiskey
  • Milk
  • Bread & butter pudding
  • Fast food Burgers
  • Sauces made with a Roux ( butter, flour and milk)
  • Milk Chocolate

What’s on your list?

35 thoughts on “Food & Drink

  1. Now you’ve gotten me all hungry! 🙂 I like pretty much everything with the exception of lamb, aubergine and courgettes. The latter just making me physically ill. I had to cut some for the Open BBQ and was literally nauseous. I know it makes no sense and it’s probably all in my head, but what can I do? 🙂

    Agree with you 900% on traditional roast beef dinner. Don’t think much can top that!

    Do we get a recipe for Death by Chocolate Cake??? 😀

  2. With you on all the cravings. On the dislikes I’d only include Oysters and milk choc (gimme the dark stuff in small amounts any time, but milk choc is no good).

  3. @Debs – Yes, is the short answer, but I think we need savoury tomorrow as we had cake two weeks in a row.

    @Thrifty – You sound like a man after my own heart!

    @ChrisB – The looks like heaven and could well be on for brunch today 😀

  4. O Gawd. Just got back from dinner with friends we had roast pork cooked on their Webber, delish but I’m so full I don’t want to look at food for a week (although I love Sydney Rock Oysters . . .and raspberries but not together) . . . I think I need a little lie down!

  5. Ooh! I’m getting very hungry thinking about all this food, GM

    Foods I crave?

    I’m with you on all your cravings. You can add to that, scrambled eggs with tomato or poached eggs with runner beans (must have black pepper). I love slow cooked leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary and I also ADORE seafood especially fresh crab meat/claws (with a pint of the black stuff – YES!).

    I love savoury dips and olives with wine. But my favourite of all time has to be nicely dressed salads. If I was on death row and asked what I’d like for my last meal, it would have to be a plateful of Avoca Handweaver’s salad. And for pud, I’d like a sorbet followed by a freshly brewed strong coffee, please! 😀

    Foods I dislike?

    Organs – liver, kidney, tongue etc.
    Any food cooked in batter
    Overcooked vegetables.

    I’m starving now!

  6. Steph

    You slipped in there when I wasn’t looking.

    You go ahead and put the roast leg of lamb in the oven and it should be ready by the time I get there. I’ll meet you in the pub first for our starters of crab claws and a glass of Uncle Arthur.

    Then we can linger over a freshly brewed strong coffee and talk about the blogging world!

  7. Grannymar,

    You’ve reminded me of a misunderstanding I had with friends from England over a Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding dinner.

    They promised I would love the Yorkshire pudding and as the dinner started and progressed they were correct. I loved the roast beef and the little pastries that came with it but couldn’t wait to taste the famous Yorkshire pudding.

    Well, dinner was now over and I got all set for the pudding, the Yorkshire PUDDING. Nothing like a good dish of custard with a fine cup of coffee.

    Along came dessert and it was not pudding but an apple pie. “What’s this, I thought, where is the famous Yorkshire pudding I’ve so patiently waited for?’ I didn’t dare ask for fear of being considered rude, but I was really puzzled and when I got home I ran for my cookbook and looked it up.

    When I saw the picture of Yorkshire pudding in the book, I was so relieved that I hadn’t asked because ,I know I don’t have to tell you, the Yorkshire pudding was the little pastry I so enjoyed at the beginning of the meal.

    This is how you learn to keep quiet and find out something without being too embarrassed….. Now, we laugh about the misunderstanding.

  8. Nancy

    I know a family from Lancashire who had their Yorkshire pudding as a starter and it was served with sugar! I think I prefer it the traditional way alongside the roast!

  9. You don’t like mashed potatoes? What wrong with you??? LOL That’s what I crave, Along with:
    filet mignon
    fresh asparagus
    good macaroni and cheese
    dark chocolate
    pecan pie

    What I don’t like:

    liver in any form

  10. Judy

    It looks like there will be no more awful offal dishes on a monday anymore. 😉

    The dislike of mashed potatoes comes from childhood, Mammy always added seasoning, butter and milk to the pot before she mashed them. If I didn’t get there first she forgot to take out a portion for me.

    Dairy and I are not compatable.

    My original lists were very long so I picked ten of each.

  11. GM,

    My late father-in-law was a Yorkshire man and whenever I cooked roast beef and Yorkshire pud for the in-laws, I always had to do extra puds as he loved to have Yorkshire pud with syrup (or treacle as he called it) for afters! He had a svelte figure (like you) and lived to 88.

  12. Judy,

    Were we separated at birth? I like everything you do except dark chocolate; AND, I despise liver. UGH!

  13. Mmmm – roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, my grandad’s challah, sticky gingercake, olives, pickled cucumbers and anything in brine, rhubarb, cinnamon icecream, cinnamon anything, custard tarts, bread and butter pudding, garlicky roast chicken cooked over spuds so they absorb all the fat, nectarines, peaches and pears, a big tray of roasted veg, a big mug of soup on a cold day, cheese on toast, cheese on/in anything… And I’m with you on the BLT. The bacon has got to be crispy though 🙂

    Don’t like… strawberry jam. I used to get very car sick as a kid and my mum used to crush up anti-sickness tablets with strawberry jam to counteract the bitterness. It worked in that it stopped me throwing up. It didn’t work in the sense that it just made the jam bitter and put me off for life!

  14. Jen

    That is a great list. I am partial to anything with cinnamon.

    Now with all this food talk I need to go have so.

  15. I’m soooooo with you in the coffee department, GM, we’d really enjoy our cuppa together. I grind my beans (dark French roast) and despise what passes for coffee in a lot of places…
    I can’t bear beets, the smell, the look, everything about them.
    Just about love everything on your list tho can’t have choc and sugar anymore.
    I love baked ham and scallopped potatoes served with 3 kinds of fresh beans including runner. would have that for Christmas if I could get away with it….;^)
    Also, I never get fed up with the healthy kind of Irish soda bread, the one with the coarse meal. Served with farmhouse cheese and fresh compote, more like a meal. I could go on…..

  16. ohhhh god mu tummy is rumbeling!! Im on a diet at the moment and iv cut out EVERYTHING shugary, I can only eat salads and fruit and veg, and all im thinking about is sweets!! EVERY DAY!!

    Things I ADORE and am craving right now:

    Ice-cream, Ben and jerries Fish Food… Mmmmm OH GOOOOD!!!
    and McDonnells have brough out a cornetto McFlurry on the week I started the diet! its driving me INSANE everytime I see the poster for it!!…. wimper!

    Chocolate, All sorts of choclate are great, especially Revels, and Ritter Sport hazelnut….

    Im not a biscuit person but the warm cookies from subway… NAM NAM NAM!!!

    Red Hot Spicy Doritos, Mmmmm!

    but moste of all I miss Hot Chocolate 😦

    and Ice cream

    and chocolate…. boooo hooo!

    Also love my pizza from Dominoes and McDonnells quater pounder meal!!! they are all gone till I get my ass back in shape!

    Things I hate with a passion?

    TOP OF THE LIST: MUSHROOMS!! Ewwwwwwwww they are eyeballs!

    Coffee, im sorry I know u love it, but I cant stand even the smell of it!

    Marzipan, should never even have been invented!

    Cinnemon, YUCK!

    Meat thats not ment to be eaten like, Haggis and packet and tripe, THATS DISGUSTING!

  17. @ GM:

    I’ll try and get it up later tonight. Was busy writing the Tweetup post earlier, and going out to dinner in a few minutes!

  18. @WWW – Perhps someday we will have the opportunity to share that coffee.

    @Lette – I have NEVER gone on a diet in all my life. I eat everything except DAIRY products (only because they don’t agree with me), but I stop eating before I feel full. My mother always said that a little of what you fancy does you good.

    @ChrisD – There is no hurry, do it whenever you have time.

  19. @Steph – You leave my Toyboys alone 🙄

    @Mike – Sorry to miss the ice cream but I have just finished a bowl of cherries and they wery yummie ❗

    Death by Chocolate cake always reminds me of an episode from Ballykissangel. The Barmaid and the wife of the Garda were devouring one while complaining about MEN!

  20. I agree with most of your list, except the raspberry – I hate the way the seeds get stuck in your teeth. And I’m not a huge pastry person either. I absolutely love Cheese and Onion Tayto….had serious cravings for those when I was on hols. I love lamb, slow cooked and unlike Deborah, I love courgettes and aubergines. I had scallops and aubergine with pesto for my Dinner last night, yummm.

    I’m not a big fan of oysters either, think they are over-rated and I am totally gone off chicken, unless it’s a roast chicken with gravy and roast potatoes and potato stuffing.

  21. I’m trying to think of the craving’s I’d have that are either different or annoy my wife:

    – Breakfast Cereal – I can eat it any time of day and generally like it soggy.

    – Brunch Icecreams – My brain tells me not to eat them that they must be full of chemicals but sometimes I just have to have one.

    – I used to love mayonnaise sandwiches but now I’ve gone off them

    – Sausages and mashed potatoes. OK – not wierd – but sometimes I just need them. Preferably with mashed carrot and parsnip.

    – Crisp sandwiches

    – Anything with kidneys and liver. Not because I’m gossed out but because they are disgusting.

    – Licorice – uggh.

  22. @Mike – Complain! ME!

    @Maz – So if I come to yours and @Debs for roast lamb they will be completely different meals. 😀

    @Keith – Welcome. Now no starting rows at my place 😉 I quite like Ouzo.

    @WWW – Now you know I never give gory details about my Toyboys 😉 Click on his name above if you want details.

    @JO – Don’t even mention them to me. They involve milk.

  23. Spuds Spuds Spuds all the way can never get enough of them might post my list on over on my site (site huh what a joke)

  24. Laura

    I like potatoes boiles, baked, roasted or as chips. In fact I will have them anyway so long as there is no milk or butter involved.

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