What’s a Wordle

First Robin Blandord came up with the idea to run his CV through Wordle.net to see what it would look like as a tag cloud. The idea snowballed and was taken up by Ellybabes, Sinéad Cochrane, Will and Paul Browne. They were all very different.

My CV is rather dog eared and dusty at this stage and I would waste valuable time searching for it. I teased Will about running my blog through instead of a CV. The next thing I know he has it done and emailed to me.

Now I was not very sure that I liked the result… am I constantly referring to a Ferrari? The words used most frequently appear in large type. Now my regular readers do you notice anything…… ❓

I don’t doubt the work of my Toyboy Will, but I thought I would have another shot at it myself.

I changed the layout and the colours.

Again do you notice anything….?

The clue is in the top right hand corner, about three or four words down… look how small it is!

And you all think I am obscessed with a word beginning with T……

28 thoughts on “What’s a Wordle

  1. I noticed! GM

    Why isn’t it jumping off the page at us?

    I don’t see ‘award winning’ either!

    I dunno… these young wans and their technology 😕

  2. @Steph – I hope you noticed that you are in there. 😀

    @Lottie – I never heard of a “shouting doddle” or “shouting doodle”. What are they?

  3. I see toyboys take pride of place on your CV Grannymar…proper order!
    Is there any connection with Ferrari?
    Mind you “crossbar on bike” appears to be missing

  4. @Mike – Toyboys seem to have a very small place in the scheme of things.

    @Lottie – Do you think we could invent a new game?

  5. Wordle is great, I even used it for one of the legendary le craic headers 🙂 and also the Spencer Tunick thing. How did Ferrari become so big in your word cloud though?

  6. le craic

    I did see the Wordle as one of your headers!

    I wondered about Ferrari, but when I thought about it I remembered that I have in fact mentioned it several times in the past and even posted images.

    I have yet to drive or be driven in one, it can go on my ‘To Do List’ 😀

  7. Awww, just tried and apparently it works off of your blog’s feed. I tried upping my feed to show 150 posts, but it still only pulled the last 10 😦

  8. ChrisD

    There is nothing un-nerving about Will! He is a very nice friend and Toyboy. 😀

  9. It would be interesting to see if one cohesive post could be done from all those words. Even better in rhyming form… It might be a challenge I take on, if you’ll let me 😛

  10. Grannymar,

    You know how the smell of paint gets in your brain and you stop thinking properly?

    Well, I told you the other day that my house is swarming with painters and I must have been affected by it because I cannot figure out for the life of me what this post is about or how you did it.

    If I could get away I would go to my Guru in the mountains of Nepal and he would know, but I’m stuck here so you will have to explain it to me.

  11. Nancy,

    The easiest explaination is that Wordle is an internet word game.

    At Wordle.net you have the opportunity to insert text, for example a CV, letter or story. It then pulls out the words used. Common words may be discarded. Words that appear frequently are in larger font size. It is possible to change the layout and the colours.

    Good fun for a bleak day!

  12. Crikey, I learn something new every day on here.
    So according to your Wordle.net cloud grannymar, the Toyboys are practically out of the picture and you would like to go off with Will in a Ferrari to a place called Carrickfergus and feel like a Girl again? Hmm….interesting!

  13. What an amazing Art project for the kids… only they would not be allowed to use a computer!

    Oops sorry ..showing my trade there.

    Very interesting…

  14. Ohhh…. you’ve no idea how much time I’ve just wasted on Wordle. 🙂 Apparently I say “coffee” a lot…

  15. Hails,

    ‘Apparently I say “coffee” a lot’

    Now why does that not surprise me?

  16. I couldnt’ resist but it seems to pick words from recent posts, mine’s full of Catholics, Popes and Cardinals!

  17. Ms. Geri, I have neither been in Carrigfergus nor in a Ferrari; so I accept. When is another matter.

    TheChrisD. In order to do something with my rep… its “will” and not “Will”. This means that being named after a verb is difficult, and that Ms Grannymar is talking about the future.

    Will is much better that was.

    And to fix the Toyboy problem, is there going to be a random toyboy of the week profile? You have a camera…

  18. @JD – I think you all have a false impression of me! 🙄

    @Will – Mmmmm! Carrickfergus in a Ferrari, now there is a challenge for us!

    Will was. Will is. Will will be!

    As for a random toyboy of the week profile, I am not so sure. Some might feel left out and I can’t have that. Grannymar is all for inclusiveness.

  19. Welcome Donna.

    I took a screen print of it, printed it then trimmed and scanned it back into the computer. I am sure ther is an easier way!

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