If I’m not in…

If I am not in, I can’t win!

You can’t have an election with only one candidate so I am throwing my cap in the ring.

Word has reached me that Krishna De is putting herself forward for the race to The White House. Now I think she needs some healthy competition. Off with the gloves and down to business. The time has come to see what my Toyboys are made off.

Steph, as my Manager you need to organise the campaign. If only we had Paddy Bloggit to sort out the policies it would be a doddle.

Darragh is proving to be fickle and with Mr Sneezy he seems to have jumped the gate. Darren has gone in search of Oxegen 08.

Rally round now, remember there are still some badges to be earned. Rick where are you when I need you.


20 thoughts on “If I’m not in…

  1. 😆

    You could always pass the hat around to help fund the campaign.

    I’ll have the car stickers organised by lunch time, GM

  2. Is everyone well-known from the Irish blogosphere joining the race for the White House?

    PS, your image between “throwing my cap in” and “the ring”, is broken – mainly because it links to file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/card%20ideas/DSCF2867.JPG 😛

  3. I just saw a picture of an Elly on someone’s Facebook, and she has to be your Elly because she’s the image of you!

  4. We need a campaigh slogan Grannymar…mmmm now let me think
    I’v got it
    One Grannymar theres only one grannymar one grannymarrrrrrrrrrr theres only one grannymar
    I’m off to get a tatoo on my back for the campaign

  5. So what are you campaigning for. What do you support or oppose?

    I assume you’ll have no problem kissing babies (or toyboys) on the hustings?
    Are you an independent or have you joined a party (the right for people to?).

    What do you stand for Grannymar? (and where do you intend to stand).

    All joking aside, when are the next local council or stormont elections? After all, choose your halls of power carefully.

    (And I’m sure you could get the king as your PR manager)

  6. Hahaha ! Love this . . . what’s the bet everyone’s in on the act before the end of the weekend! Oh . . . I’ve written the odd speech in my time!

  7. Grannymar,

    You may have solved my problem over who to vote for in the election for the White House.

    You see I suffer from Electile Disfunction….. I have no idea who to cast my vote for between Senators Obama and McCain. I’ve got it………

    I’ll do a write in for Grannymar!!!!!

  8. Did you miss me? This campaigning sure is tiring.

    @Steph – I’m hoping the car stickers are colourful.

    @Darragh – You can organise an interview with the candidate!

    @ChrisD – At this stage the competition is hotting up.

    @ Jo – My Elly turns up everywhere. Looking like me is a new one, I think she is more like her dad.

    @Mike – Is the tatoo dry yet? I hope it is the removable kind.

    @ Will – ‘What do I stand for?’ The shortest time possible! 🙄

    @Baino – I think Half of Ireland have joined in. I might be one of the last.

    @Nancy – Electile Disfunction sounds painful! 😉 Happy voting.

  9. GM

    I’m hoping all this campaigning won’t get in the way of your recipe for tomorrow?

    Now let me guess what it could be…hmmm…

    Soap Box Sundae? Campaign Cookies?

    My tongue is hanging out already in anticipation! 😀

  10. And you also have to tell me how to embed my one of these on my blog!!! I’m failing miserably….

  11. Rick

    At the end of the Mini Video click on Click to try yourself or what ever it says.
    Or cheat and use this link:


    Fill in the top line, and if you want to tease your friends put their info in the next 1-3 lines

    Go to step 2.
    Insert your name as asked and click on update.

    The code for embedding will appear in the right hand Box.

    Copy and paste it into the HTML section of your blog.


  12. No, No GM 😦 I’ve tried that…

    Maybe it doesn’t work in WordPress? Maybe technology is just aware of how distrustful of it I am….

  13. Rick,

    Are you telling me you are bumbling along like me?

    This blog is on WordPress. and you have the evidence that it works.
    I think it is time to ask the experts.

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