I need a brave buddy

I am a Groupie!

The kind folk of the blogging world are kind enough to include me in their various groups. BarCampers, PodCampers, Foodies, and Photobloggers come quickly to mind. Did I leave any one out? I consider myself a bumbler among so many talented people. I am forced encouraged to try and take part in all that is happening. My efforts appear to me to be rather tame and amateurish.

I know when a recipe has failed because the term ‘YUK!’ appears and the very few comments that day! The Photo bloggers are a more mannerly crowd. They say nothing about my feeble attempts. Do they think I am made of tissue paper, ready to shred at the slightest criticism? Come on Grannymar is tougher than that. Someone, anyone, all of you take a look at the picture above and tell me where I have gone wrong. I know I use a baby camera smaller than some of the lenses you guys have, but there must be something I can learn.

What was I trying to achieve in the shot above??? I was walking towards the pergola and liked the shade I was in and the light beyond.

OK you have my permission tear it to shreads.


36 thoughts on “I need a brave buddy

  1. Less of this “amateurish” talk Grammymar
    Your photos are very good…its about how you see an image, its quality and the satisfaction it gives you to watch it.
    Your humour is fabulous and as for the recipies Yum doesn’t go half way to descrige them
    Blogging is all about engaging with people and building a rapour and trust with them and guess what – you scored an honours
    Have a look at your google ranking
    Keep on rockin GM

  2. Grannymar, I have a GREAT camera but haven’t yet learned how to use the manual settings. The auto settings are fantastic and out of 50 shots I might get something of which I am proud. To me . . looks like a light issue . . . it’s darker on the right but I think photography is about capturing what you see, then you can crop and enlarge and make something beautiful out of the whole frame as long as your res is high enough. I’m not a Photoshopper . .I prefer to take pot luck and shoot until I find something I can use . . Do you like it? Does it hold significance or resonance for you? If so, it’s a beautiful shot. If technical expertise is what you need . . (as do I) I’ve been told maybe a course on how to use the camera as a tool but that won’t teach you how to have an ‘eye’ for something wonderful. That’s why I am amazed at photographers, (particularly like JD) who can see beauty in ordinary things. Shoot everything and shoot often. Get a good editing suite on your PC, crop, play, adjust and see what you end up with. Sorry big comment but I’m on the learning curve as well

  3. @MIke – Thanks for the nice words, but what I want is to learn. A day without learning is like a day without laughter – very dull!

    @Baino – Thank you. That is the kind of info I need. I suppose I still have the old fashioned idea deep inside my brain of ‘don’t waste a photo’, just get it right first time.

    @Conor – Ok with my 512mb card I should get at least one worth sharing 😉

  4. Looking at the settings for this shot I see you used the pattern metering. Does the FinePix A500 have spot metering? This could have helped get the shot you want (I have the shot you want in my head but it may not be the same as yours 🙂 )

  5. Me again. I just had a look at the manual for your camera. On page 52 “adjusting exposure compensation”. This would have helped in this situation. You want negative (-) compensation to darken the image and bring back those shadows you saw.

  6. Grannymar, it looks good to me but what you could do is let everyone play around with it (colour, lighting etc) and see if you like an alternative version!

  7. @Primal – Tastes fine so long as there is no butter on it!

    @Darren – First off I need to get hold of the manual…. George! Where did you put the …….?

    Seriously, I will take a look at the camera and experiment more once the curtains are out of the way.

    @ChrisB – Now that is a great idea and you have given me an idea for another post. Thanks pal!

  8. Is it the fact that the toyboy you captured just leaving the shot to the right was too far away for you to get a good look at him? 😉

    Otherwise I think it’s fab 🙂

  9. Grannymar,

    No manners?

    The next time you publish a recipe with liver in it, instead of going…

    Eeeew! or Yuk!

    I’ll go… Pardon me, but this is not to my liking, Madam 😀

    I’m afraid I’m no use to you for photographic advice as with so many experts in the house, I just leave them at it!

    I’m the expert poser! 😉

  10. The picture seems fine apart from the fact that I don’t like that kind of scenery shot. Cityscapes or pictures with people in them are far more interesting to me.

    I loved the shot of the bike on the wall. It was so unusual – it was like ‘found art’.

  11. @Darragh – You are not biased, are you? 😉

    @Poser Steph – You might have offered to lend me one of your Toyboy photographic experts. 🙄

    @Darren (the other one) – I think that bike spends more of the time up on top of the cupboard than on the road!

  12. I wish I was technically qualified to help you GM – but there will be no tearing from me! I judge a picture by the way it makes me feel – and how I feel about this photograph is that it beckons me to walk right into it and sit on that little rounded wall in the middle and enjoy the sunshine on my face! The shadow and light effect is enchanting.

  13. where to begin…
    i feel the same way about being a “groupie” sometimes. hanging out with tech folks, reading tech stuff, yet i know so little in comparison, but i try.

    you do a great job of putting everything together in your own way. it’s not about being “amaturish” but showing that you can do it, whether or not it’s expertly done or not is besides the point. you do things well and engage with people through the various things you participate in and write about.

    as for your photographs – they are all good. a lot of the time it will be the limitations of the camera, though your ideas are good. Photography for me is about documenting life, taking photographs of the things i do – not just for artistic purposes but to record it because i was there and did it.

    as for this one, i like the idea of the shot – though the highlights in of the centrepiece in the background may be blown out a bit and the red thing with toyboy(?) running is a bit distracting.

    other than that – you have a good eye and with experimenting will only get better.


  14. BTW can I suggest you let people know they can click on the photo for a better look? Just in case people don’t know, like 🙂

  15. Oh yeah, on what darragh said, I think you should resize your photos a bit ‘cos they are a bit massive. Maybe make em max 800px or so.

  16. @Geri – Now how do I add the heat from the sun? We could do with some of it today.

    @Phil – That makes me feel better, realising I am not alone. We could start a ‘Flounders group’! 🙄 I will play with that photo later and see what I can come up with.

    @Darragh – I will try to remember to tell folk to click, to enlarge the image.

    @DD – Photography was never my thing until I started to read blogs about the topic.

    Now with all this work ahead of me I am off to clear my head for an hour and think…! Might even bring the camera.

  17. One of my pet peeves are the professional photographers who are so admired because they have the time to shoot hundreds of photos of the same dam thing.

    conortje had it right: if you want to reach the next level you have to shoot the same shot with all kinds of variations.

    Then get yourself Photoshop and we will all be blown away.

    I think there should be a disclosure by pros along with the credit line published photogs get: XYZ by ABC. # 147 of 198, photoshopped for two hours.

    And don’t forget the money they spend on filters and umbrella flashes, and tripods, etc.

    What does this have to do with you?
    Nothing, but thanks for letting me vent.

  18. How do you add the heat from the sun? Well if its any consolation the photo LOOKS hot…. does that help? Reckon we’re all just going to have to pretend this summer. (I’m invited to a birthday party tomorrow and they are planning to hold it on the beach…so fingers crossed…!).

  19. Hi GM,

    I really have nothing to add to this chat, just wanted to say hello.

    My house is full of painters and other workmen so I am busy with them. I guess you are still on the curtains or are you finished?

    Be back soon.

  20. That was a long hour….

    @Sixty – Vent away. I don’t intend becoming a professional photographer, just garn a few tips to improve. Already I have some tips to work on.

    @ChrisD – I am better than I was a year ago. You can always learn along with me.

    @Geri – Enjoy the party. Bring your winter woolies, that way you won’t need them!

    @Mike I like your Photos especially the first.

    @Nancy – Send the painters over when they are finished, I’ll find plenty for them to do. The curtains are going to plan and I hope to finish some of them over the weekend, that is if I can find the machine under all the fabric!

  21. ChrisD

    I photographed weeds – dandelions – and everyone said they were nice!

  22. Hi

    The techos would likely make comments about composition…the only valid comment I can make is that the very back is over exposed and some one’s suggested spot metering might help with that.

    Keep on going and photographing what you want…it’s the eye that counts…along with the heart….

    Let’s have more!

    By the way…where is that sunshine? We haven’t any of it here.

  23. Thanks Magpie.

    I will keep going and trying. I need to discover what spot metering is all about.

    The photo was taken on 4th july this year.

  24. Just had another thought…can you get a circular polarising filter?

    Not cheap but can help some times….it reduces glare and seems to intensify colours.

    What do others think?

    I always have a skylight filter any way to protect the lens surface.

    Try cropping as well….I use the Windows or is it Microsoft Office?…. picture manager

  25. @Magpie – Not sure if my FinePix A500 will take a circular polarising filter.

    @Steph – You will have plenty to manage later today!

  26. Just checked that out and ….No luck. Very helpful young person (male persuasion) at Fuji says sorry! Something to do with the lens coming in and out:-0.

    He did say you might get a stick on filter.

  27. Magpie

    Thanks for checking I didn’t think it wasa a possibility for my camera.

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