Another Sunset

One of these days I will become sensible and not chase Toyboys hang out the bedroom window to take photos of the sky at sunset. This summer we have had some amazing colour. I didn’t see the sunset last night because a heavy rain soaked mist hung over the whole area. The photo above was taken on 25th June.

20 thoughts on “Another Sunset

  1. Morning Grannymar

    Thanks for the reminder that the sun did shine once upon a time.

    I’m not sure I could call “this” summer 😦

  2. Don’t hang out of the bedroom window too far, Grannymar, we don’t want to lose you. Even if the sunsets ARE eye-popping. Concentrate on the toyboys instead. Funny though, there must be a special sunset fairy in your area, the sunsets here are quite ordinary.

  3. This post made me smile 🙂 The thoughts of you hanging out the window, probably tethered with curtain ties and a heavy sewing machine springs to mind 😉

    Although is that a potential toyboy sitting on the hill in the distance there GM? I think we deserve to know the truth!

  4. Morning all, I didn’t fall out of the window. I was away chasing a Toyboy. This one was going to make me beautiful… well he did his best and I feel like a ton weight has been lifted off my head. He is my hairdresser, and with the haircut which I pay for, I get an hour of free abuse! The craic is mighty And I always come home in good form.

    @Steph – we did have a week of good weather and it was a month later than last year! 😉

    @Primal – Most of my day is spent hanging out with Toyboys on Windows®! 🙄

    @Nick – At this time of year the sun sets directly behind my house.

    @Darragh – although I live in a bungalow my bedroom window is as high as a two storey house. I leave a ladder handy… but alas no Toyboy comes to save me. 😥

    Now back to the sewing…

  5. Was that 25 June 1978 GM….thats the last time I remember a decent summer
    Now that your sewing theirs a couple of buttons missing from my shirt….

  6. Love the rays of sunshine….

    rouble is thatyou have your hair cut! Can’t let it down like Rapunzle…

    Wotz haapening? I’m not days late….

  7. Blimey, this is the view out your bedroom window. I’m dead jealous! Exactly what I deserve for choosing to live in the city! Smoking chimneys can have character but will never be pretty.

  8. @Mike – 1978 was a wonderful summer. The sun came out the week Elly was born in early May and stayed with us until October.

    Go easy on those shirts, you are supposed to open the buttons and not tear them off when you see a good looking woman 😉

    @Magpie – Your time keeping has improved, but you are still behind Mike!

    @Charmed – It is the view from five windows at the back of my house. I could stand at the kitchen sink all day long and the view and colours would keep changing with the seasons as the clouds moved across the sky and cast their shadows.

  9. I hope you never become too sensible not to take sunset photos (or chase toyboys). That’s what we love about you.

  10. @Judy – I think I am now to old to be sensible.

    @Phil – I was there at the right moment.

    @Chris D – We have a few!

    @Lottie – You have to get up early to see the sun rise in the shy.

  11. Ah well! These fit and healthy youngsters have the advantage!

    I looked again tosee if I could see that toyboy sitting on the hill!
    All I could see was a crowd of people waving their arms around like windmills.

  12. Magpie

    They are windmills. The original windfarm had ten, but more are now added and they seem to be double the size of the first ones. I must try and get closer for a photoshot.

  13. Noice . . . They’re windmills? I thought they were power lines until I c licked to make the pic bigger. Nice silver lining there GrannyMar. You have a lovely view too!

  14. I often wonder what the neighbours are thinking because I am frequently taking photos at sunset~ they probably think I am spying on them! I love it how the lighting and colours change from day to day. Not that we have seen much of the sun for the last few days!

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