Modern day kitchens are a world apart from those of my young days. Back then They were places of labour; cooking, washing, and polishing were among the regular tasks accomplished there. Modern day appliances were unheard of. Nowadays modern cookers, microwaves, blenders, juicers and food processors take the hard work out of preparing and cooking food.

Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers work at the press of a button. Fabrics are easy to maintain without the need of starching and ironing. Entertaining today is very relaxed with friends sharing a meal around the kitchen table rather than the more formal gatherings of yesteryear.

With these changes the kitchen provides an opportunity to express ones character in decoration or art work. Art is very personal, Your choice may not be mine.

This is NOT my kitchen, but I did take the photograph.

Modern Art


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  1. Ooooh, you have me guessing to try and find out whose kitchen it is!! IS it a recent or older photo? I have 2 possibilities in mind, one a blogger friend, the other a Scottish friend…

  2. I’m just curios about the location of the bike. Bet the owner gets more exercise lifting it up and down there than cycling around the neighbourhood

  3. And yet with the changes it makes the kitchen lose its importance as a proper room in the house – and thus, as is the case with the photo, it often becomes reduced to a utility room πŸ™‚

  4. Well I have heard that fashion goes in cycles…! Never seen a mountain bike on top of a dresser before though. A kitchen in Scotland perhaps?

  5. This is NOT my kitchen…..emmmm now where have I heard that before.
    That was some party you had in your kitchen by the looks if it GM
    I knew that Steel Band from the Carribean were going to be trouble…I mean whats wrong with a good old fashion rock’n roll band or even Rod.
    At least they would have done the washing up afterwards never mind trashing the place with mountain bikes.
    Steph we will have to have words with GM about this

  6. “Entertaining today is very relaxed with friends sharing a meal around the kitchen table”

    Plus, the bike doubles as a conversation starting over dinner.

  7. Ha ha! So you all think I am taking you for a ride. πŸ˜†

    @Elly – You are way off the mark. 2006 was the year and I stayed there with a man who was 50 on your 1st wedding anniversary. Is that clue enough?

    @Charmed – The tyres looked very clean!

    @ChrisD – It makes an interesting change to pots and pans hanging from the rafters!

    @Geri – It was a first for me too. Scotland is way off the mark. It was much further south and west – warmer climes.

    @Mike – Hand on heart it is not my kitchen. My cupboards go right to the ceiling! SHhhh! Elly doesn’t know I had a party yesterday, mind you she doesn’t know this kitchen either!

    @Darren – It sure draws the eye when you come in the door from where the photo was taken.

  8. Mmm… I don’t see any alcohol but I do see signs of a Toyboy in the bottom right hand corner!!!

    Come clean, Grannymar

  9. Steph Do we believe GM?
    My cupboards go right to the ceiling! – was that before the party?
    I think you are in secret training for the triathlon GM
    Well be there to chear you on

  10. Haha . . gotta love a man who’s frugal with storage (where’s his dishwasher . . just an empty space!) And that bike is far to clean to have been used as a mountain bike should! Spill GM who’s the toyboy! (He looks exhausted!)

  11. @Steph – I have a shower every morning – I am always clean! πŸ˜‰

    @Mike – By now you should know that my life is one long party! hic!

    @Baino – We all need some secrets.. I was not responsible for him being exhausted, and I don’t think the mountain bike was either!

    @Lottie – Will you take a photo of it?

  12. @GM – think I’m on the right track now – he wore bright clothes to the wedding and you helped choose that location, right?

  13. I like it, and I’m looking to do something similar in my kitchen.
    Decorative utility art.
    Its a bit better than decorating the walls with pots and pans.

  14. I know… hehehe

    It’s Grannymar’s secret love nest!

    It’s beginning to look like we’re not the only ones Grannymar is taking for a ride 😳

    Com’on Grannymar, spill the beans!

  15. Grannymar,

    This is like when we were children and used to play movie stars. You gave the person you were playing with only the initials of the person you were thinking of.

    Want to play?

    The person I am thinking has the initials DM ?

    Your turn to agree or disagree…….

  16. @Steph – I think you are all at sea today.

    @WWW – β€˜Position # 653 with a Toyboy’ Now which one is that!

    @Nancy – I agree! You are on the ball!

  17. Send out a search party, GM

    I’m lost!

    Nancy seems to be the only one who knows where she’s going.

    What’s your secret Nancy?

  18. Grannymar and Steph,

    It is Independence Day over here and it is a giant HOLIDAY.

    I am leaving now for the big parade and later a cookout at our cottage by the river, so I will leave it to you, GM to tell Steph what my secret is.

  19. @ Nancy

    Enjoy the celebration…

    Sounds fun! Could GM and I come too?

    @ GM

    I’m dining out tonight at the pleasure of the Irish government.

    And NO, it’s not in The Joy!

  20. Salty Dog Blues!

    That term goes back a long way in the blues least to 1926 and I suspect it has rude connotations….

    I love the bike…great colours and a wonderful storage idea…Aly must try something like that with his, then I can get down our front hall without bashing myself!

    Back to snooze

  21. @ Magpie

    You’re right about the salty dog blues but I was referring to the maritime setting I was in tonight.

    A “Salty dog” is a veteran and often ageing sailor with a lifetime of experience aboard ship, well-versed in the skills of seamanship and often also described as “crusty” (which is usually just a euphemism for “cranky”).

    “Salt” has been used as a synonym for “experienced sailor” since the mid-1800s by allusion to salt water and the salt spray which covers everything aboard ship.

    @ Grannymar

    I’ll put him on the first bus to you in the morning πŸ˜‰

  22. You would be much too graceful for a bike like that
    I think the bike belongs to yer man in the corner
    Tell him it will be clamped if he leaves it there any longer

  23. GM
    The bike would come in handy for the pub…speaking of which!
    Think weve earned a drink after all the exercise today
    Thirty work this multi post commenting

  24. Mike you are close, and Nancy closer! There are two bikes there , only one to be seen! Ne>er did I think one photo would bring, such comment and fun, all in a good cause!

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