Sunset of life

Another Sunset

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering, ‘What the heck happened?’

To my deafness I’m accustomed,

To my dentures I’m resigned,

I can manage my bifocals,

But Oh! How I miss my mind……

I have no idea who wrote it, do you?

35 thoughts on “Sunset of life

  1. Eh? What was that, Grannymar… can’t hear you

    Ah! Now I’ve found my glasses, I can see

    Lovely photo, GM

    What did you say you’d lost? 😉

  2. Primal ~ I hope you didn’t leave the marbles where I will fall over them!

    Steph ~ I thought you would be in bed all day today after all that exercise and excitement yesterday. 🙄

  3. My hearing is excellent, I have all my own teeth, my glasses aren’t a problem, my mind is still pretty alert. And I’ve climbed two of the Mourne Mountains this year. What’s this old age everyone keeps talking about?

  4. Inside many older persons are knees wondering what the heck happened.
    I know mine are, jogging is not possible, but the bike gets dusted down every so often.

    Oh, and Steph. Say hello to the Viking toyboys for me. I probably know some of the pillagers

  5. Will

    My knees turned into my grandmothers, my hips will not allow me cycle, so I need badges to attract the Toyboys! 🙄

    I hope Steph brings me back a Viking! 😉

  6. I’m back with a passion.
    Sorry for the delay GM but the JCB got clamped in O’Connell street and seeing as we didn’t win he lotto plan C will have to come into operation.
    Got a bit sidetracked last night at a headbanging party..on my kneed giving it loads of fresh air guitar.

    Hang on I see loads of ships on the horizon…jaysus its a viking invasion. Hang on I’ll get my very bi-focal binoculars (in keeping with todays serious theme)
    There a woman at the helm…I’ve seen that face before
    Run up the white flag GM were surrendering!

    How did you manage to untie yourself?

  7. That quote was by Lord Douglas Home who I believe was a former British Prime Minister[

    From the book, A Gentleman Publisher’s Commonplace Book, which includes that quote, here’s some more…

    A journalist from a smart American magazine interviewing Elizabeth Longford: `And in your long married life, Lady Longford, have you ever contemplated divorce?’ Elizabeth Longford: `Murder often, divorce never.’

    I have always maintained that whether a black cat crossing your path is lucky or unlucky depends on whether you are a man or a mouse. Bernard Levin

    Most of my friends seem to be either dead, extremely deaf or living on the wrong side of Kent. John Gielgud

    Notice in a Cork jeweller’s window. `Ears pierced while you wait.’ From Dervla Murphy

  8. Mike ~ You need to control your passions! 🙄

    Lette ~ Losing one’s mind selectively at times is not a bad thing.

    Judy ~ Hang on to those teeth!

    Dave ~ Thanks for the answer and all the further info.

  9. So true! Now where have I left my cup of tea? Did I even make tea? Perhaps it was coffee…. Who’s blog am I on???? Do you serve tea?

  10. Some thing funny has happened…I wa ssure the title today was Another Sunset now it’s Sunset of Life

    I reckon I’m around mid afternoon meself 75% more ways than one.

    Inside this old chap’s a twenty year old still looking/searching… all I can find is a bit of a spare tyre.

    Sorry I lost the plot yesterday.

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  12. Grannymar,

    How about this poor guy?
    A famous Viking explorer returned home from a voyage and found his name missing from the town register. His wife insisted on complaining to the local civic official who apologized profusely saying, “I must have taken Leif off my census.”

  13. Thanks, GM

    Yeah, it was a good day alright.

    We had a fantastic sail followed by (a liquid) lunch behind the island, watching the thousands of nesting sea birds.

    A day to treasure, for sure.

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