Back streets of Dublin

Leaving Dublin Castle

What I like about the blogging fraternity is that generosity seems to be their middle name.

Sharing of time, skills, ideas and friendship are as natural as rain in Ireland.

Thank you one and all.

38 thoughts on “GENEROSITY

  1. Grannymar

    Your generosity of spirit knows no bounds.

    Give us this day, our daily dose of Grannymar
    Forever and ever, Amen

    btw Is your middle name “Toyboy” by any chance? πŸ˜€

  2. GM. I’m having trouble getting the bucket over that wall…..but quick my darling, make a dash for freedom, someone has left the gate open!

    Steph- Couldn’t agree more

    Do Fas do spelling and typing courses does anyone know?

  3. Steph ~ middle name!?! One name is more than enough for me.

    Mike ~ are you sober this morning? Do you remember your name never mind how to spell it? πŸ™„

    The gate might be open but the briars are blocking the way.

  4. The blogosphere is interesting because you get to see what people think before you meet them (if you ever get to meet them).

    It’s the complete opposite in real life where people are initially just faces and handshakes.

    I suspect as well that people reveal sides of themselves in blogs that only their closest friends might otherwise get to see.

    So we read someone’s blog and almost immediately can think “I like this person.” Or not.

    And once you decide you like someone, the sharing naturally follows.

  5. @ Declan

    I like that concept. It’s so true!

    @ Mike

    Is there room in the bucket for three?

    Grannymar needs me to carry all her goods and chattels
    (not forgetting her Toyboy badges)

  6. @ Steph
    Theres always room for three as long as GM doesn’t mind
    I’ll get a bigger bucket
    Besides we need our manager on board to make sure everything goes according to plan

  7. @ Mike

    I think Grannymar’s done a runner…

    or maybe she’s too busy ‘entertaining’ the TV licence man 😳

  8. … centimetres or inches… start again!

    Hello children, what are up to? I say taking the pins out of my mouth.

    Steph ~ I knew you were jealous – wanting a lift in my bucket , my bucket! Just make sure that there’s no hole in my bucket…de da da, de dum!

    Declan ~ you read my mind.

    Mike ~ Do I know you? πŸ™„

  9. …..check the shackles that hold the bucket first…I’d hate it to drop from a great height.

    Who’s driving BTW?

  10. I’m back having just passed with flying buckets my blogging spelling testr
    Anyway back to the serious business of buckets…the crane has broken down so I’v got a JCB with a HUGE bucket with plenty of room for 3 if thats ok GM
    and I’ll bring some straw for the hole
    Your ever adoring TB

    Dont worry I have a cert for driving

  11. “Mike ~ Do I know you?”

    Grannymar – I’m sure your father told you that you should never talk to strange men!

    I’ll look after the bucket…don’t you worry about a thing!

  12. Maggie- that would be great if you could drive and let me concentrate on the bucket
    Steph – are you sure your up to the Managers job its a big task ahead.
    Sit tight my darling GM I’ll be there soon

  13. @ Mike

    I’m ready!

    @ Magpie – don’t forget your driving licence!

    @ GM – has the TV licence man arrived yet?

    This gallant rescue won’t take place until he rings the doorbell πŸ˜†

  14. Mike ~ was the test difficult? Do you think I need to sit that test?

    Is a bucket party like a bucket seat on an aircraft – cheap and cheerful? I am so not into cheap and cheerful πŸ˜‰

    Magpie ~ I think we need you to drive, have you got SatNav?

    Steph ~ If I did everything my father told me… life would be boring. πŸ™„

    Uh, Oh! There is an ould fella looking in the window… help!

  15. You’d pass with flying colors no need to do the test.

    Steph- Do you do everything your father told you?

    Maggie- Quick we need to rescue GM fro the nasty TV man…now wheres my super hero suit when I need it?

  16. “Uh, Oh! There is an ould fella looking in the window… help!”

    Don’t worry about that ould fella, GM

    It’s only Grandad coming to show-off his new toy πŸ˜†

  17. Steph -I’m worried about GM and that olde fella, grandad or no grandad. How do you you thing we should approach the rescue?

  18. @ Mike

    Well, fix it dear Mike
    dear Mike
    Well fix it dear Mike
    Dear Mike, fix it!

    To the rescue! Get the JCB revved up!

  19. Sorry GM JCB broken down. Trying to hitch a lift
    Whats it like typing with your toes?

    OK Steph I’ll steer the JCB if you push it
    Shame on you grandad tying up my beloved GM
    You get a lovely view of the countyside traveling at this speed
    Steph your not pushing fast enough-harder

  20. Puff! Puff! Pant! Pant!

    Where’s Magpie when we most need him/her?

    @ Mike

    Have you got your axe ready to cut the string?

  21. Only another 70 miles to go Stteph… now aren’t you glad you joined the gym
    less puffing and more panting
    I’ve a kango hammer at the ready
    Grandad wait till grandma finds out what you’v been up to – no more cups of bovril, slippers at the ready and Irish Times ironed for you
    This is exhausting work being a super hero… I’ think well have a spot of lunch in that pub there
    Grandad dont even thing about kidnapping GM

  22. No time for desert Steph GM is in real trouble
    Grandad your never going to be allowed out to play again

  23. Back again. I just went to buy a lotto ticket in case we have to pay a ransom for GM just in case grandad (pretending to be Mr TV man) decides to kidnap her.
    Steph you need to push harder
    Grandad you are in so much trouble. Grandma’s got the rolling pin ready for you and if you think your going to Ballybunion on holidays again youy got another thing coming
    Harder Steph

  24. Mike did the lotto come up?

    Have you run away with Steph and left me all trussed up like a turkey.

    This is going to be a long weekend!

  25. Here I am again!

    You’re right, Baino

    it’s been a bit mad around here today.

    I think we scared off all Grannymar’s other commenters.

    Grannymar – you can come out from under the bed now.

    I’ve just the TV licence man towing a JCB to the cop station…

    with Mike in the bucket πŸ˜†

  26. Baino ~ stay and help me out here, I am deserted…

    I hear a noise…

    Steph ~ you are back at last. Who is going to untie me? I’m worn out with all this excitement, think I’ll fall into bed.


  27. Goodnight! Grannymar,

    Sleep tight. No… not tight as a tick!

    I’ll be round in the morning to check you out.

  28. Oh my gosh!

    I learned to drive but never took my test! Too many idiots on the roads as it was.

    My excuse for not being on hand? I was stuck in a traffic jam!

    But I’m here now! Too late as usual….

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