Are you coming?

BarCamp Belfast is almost upon us

Saturday 21st June, 9am – 5pm

Peter Froggatt Centre, Queen’s University Belfast.

These days don’t just happen, we have to thank the lads for beavering away in the background to bring everything together for the duration :

Andy McMillan (t) (
David R. Newman (Queen’s University Belfast)

The programme sounds interesting and I am looking forward to meeting some old faces and new. I will have to behave because the fella Darragh Doyle will report back to Elly if I don’t! I think he is planning to ask me some questions…

The list of attendees has hit 60 but it looks like we women will be well outnumbered. Come on girls, join in the fun, you know you want to!

Anyone know what a Blog is? 🙄

12 thoughts on “Are you coming?

  1. See now this is why I hate this time of year. I have two big meetings in work on Monday as well as a deadline for another project. I.e. a completely ruined, er, I mean busy weekend. No trip up north for me, boo hoo. Hey Grannymar, I see you’re on the speaking list. Nice! Enjoy 🙂

  2. Grannymar,

    I saw from Darragh’s comment the other day, that you would be busy at the weekend.

    Never mind blogging, I think you should give a session on…

    “How to find a Toyboy” 🙄

  3. I wish I could Grannymar. It’s a shame there wasn’t more advertising. I only heard about it last week, whereas the creative camp, podcamp etc. were forefront for weeks if not months. I would have gotten a babysitter and come up to Ikea, I mean barcamp! 😉 Best of luck – you guys a re a formidable team and I know you’ll be brilliant!

  4. Debs ~ I didn’t push it earlier as I was not sure about attending.

    Geri ~ It is a little far, I agree.

    JD ~ there will be updates!

  5. Did you say ‘bar’ camp . . .I’d be there if it was a gathering of drinkers! Good luck with the speaking, let me know what a blog is, I could do with all the help I can get!

  6. I have a nice Stew recipe.


    Mix all that together and then if you want (It’s optional)
    throw in a bunny rabbit.

    Omit the rabbit if you don’t like having hare in your stew…..

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