Sorry Ian and Paddy my collections are not much good to you.

We all have items in groups so I decided to have a look at mine.

I had a few buttons in my sewing box when I moved into this house. Over the years I have added to it with spare buttons supplied with new garments and others removed from clothing before sending it for scrap. If I was to sit with the button box it would bring to mind several outfits from the past.

Clothes Pegs of different designs and colours, each well used to keep my washing of different thicknesses on the line.

These Caran D’Ache pencils have been about for years. I used them while taking a design element of a City & Guilds Course in Creative Embroidery many years ago.

A few more items from the pencil case!

Some of the books I collected and used for inspiration in the three years I worked for the C&G course.

A page of needles in my needle case. The old faithful has gone on for many years and is looking the worse for wear. If you look carefully you will notice that several are bent from wear. I wonder if I am related to Yuri Geller?

This Carousel works hard for a living, it sits close to my cooker and contains all the gadgets I use on a regular basis.

This collection I spotted over a wall while out walking the other day and it gave me the inspiration for the post. The owner must shop at Tesco because she has pegs like mine! I hope she didn’t see me take the photo of her undies.

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  1. “We all have items in groups so I decided to have a look at mine.”

    I see you’ve got the flags out for the Toyboys, GM πŸ˜†

  2. Bent Needles…My mother had that habit with very fine ones…yet other women never bend them…is tat because of under use? I’ve met a few men who sew…embroidery and tapestry but never seen their needles.

    The best collection is the people who have befriended me, often without me realising it.

  3. Steph – flags out and I am not even home yet!

    Magpie – I seem to bend all things metal that I use. My silver thimble is now a peculiar shape and so also is my wedding ring and it is platinum!

    Primal – life would be draughty without them! ;Roll:

  4. Hah, flags out. I would love to see a pair of the queen’s pants up hte flagpole. Fantastic.

    I’m inheriting my grandmother’s button box (a wooden one made by her brother, who was a scultptor) – many fond childhood memories.

  5. Grannymar,

    Interesting underwear picture, it would suggest that climate change is not as drastic as suggested

  6. Jo – the lid on my button box has broken, I have not found a suitable replacement yet. Might split my collection and start off a box for Elly.

    Ian – My post about that image many moons ago, is what primal was linking to above.

  7. I don’t know, if I posted a picture of a line of knickers, I’d be seen as some kind of pervert. If you do it, it’s just an amusing girlie joke. Harumph.

  8. GM:
    Love the needlecase. I’ve got far too many buttons but am coming up with some creative uses (NO, Nick, they don’t involve knickers!)
    I will post any successful endeavours.

  9. Grannymar,

    Did I ever tell you about the time my daughter sent me 6 pairs of “Panties” as a gift? The package arrived and when I opened it and took out the first pair ,they were GIGANTIC!

    My husband and I laughed our heads off and I said,”What’s our Carol thinking, sending these HUGE panties?”

    After we stopped roaring with laughter,I went upstairs and
    tried on a pair and………


  10. I never quite understood the button collection thing. I inherited my Grandma’s sewing kit and it was full of buttons and bobkins for darning socks. I can honestly say I’ve only ever sewn a button back on once or twice and NEVER darned a sock. Sign of our times I guess.

  11. love the knickers πŸ™‚ i have a collection of toy frogs…. I think its at 63 of them now… very bizzare!

  12. Nancy – that is really funny.

    Steph – sounds like Elly would have enjoyed that book.

    Baino – my button box is used on a regular basis. I darned socks once only and vowed never to do it again.

    Lette – do the frogs hop?

    Dave – I need a day off!

  13. Me too, she may stop by and let you know how she feels about having many people view her undies…so cute..I never knew anyone who only bought one kind of undies.interesting.

    Your collections very interesting…..

    Enjoyed the post..

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your gram

  14. Dorothy

    I wonder if she has a particular washday for each type of clothes… I must check.

  15. Hello. I have been looking for this kitchen utensil carousel for about two weeks. Please tell me where you purchased it, who makes it and what is proper name for it.

    I hope you respond. Thank you.

  16. Hello Maria and welcome to my blog,

    I bought the utensil carousel from Lakeland many moons ago and I am not sure if they still have them available. At this stage it is a part of my kitchen and twirls happily many times a day!

    Happy hunting.

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  18. i need to know where i can purchase kitchen utensils carousel like you have pictured,mine broks after 27 years of use and am lost without it,thanks for any help,BRUCE

  19. Bruce, I see from your incoming email that you are in the US, as is Maria, three comments above you. She found a kitchen utensils carousel at Pampered Chef. I do not know if they are a chain of stores or an online shopping website. Good hunting!

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