I’m leaving home

Yes I am leaving home…. for a few days only.*

Where did I leave my car?

The time has come to inspect the new Love Nest. Elly & George are on the move to their new home. The measuring tape is packed and ready with the pencil and pad to take exact details of the windows. Designs and materials will be discussed before purchasing the fabric, once bought and paid for, it will be passed along to keep me quiet for the next few weeks.

Travelling always makes me think of my safety and how I will react to the everyday situations and pressures on the road.

Am I getting old?

Reflexes slowing down?
As far as I remember, the ‘Rules of the Road’ driving manual states the average driver’s reaction time is:
.75 seconds -or- 1 car length for every 10 mph…

Test your reaction time with this special test.

I am a Bobbing bobcat!

Do You think I’ll make it.

*Access to Internet may be interrupted for the few days. Enjoy the peace but don’t give up hope, I will come back!


18 thoughts on “I’m leaving home

  1. Oh dear, Ambling Armadillo! But I’ve never had a serious car accident so I guess my natural caution compensates for my slow reactions. Bon voyage!

  2. 0.1802 avg. Rocketing Rabbit (which sounds a bit rude).

    Eh, that was my second attempt. First time I was eh, a s .. sn … snai … You know, the one.

    Were there really no sheep harmed in making that game?

  3. Tranquilising sheep is wierd! Surely roping them would be more appropriate? God, I am not fast… just about made it to bobbing bobcat after several attempts!

  4. Primal – Of course sheep were harmed. You don’t believe those lying disclaimers do you? The auditions they carried out for fast-moving sheep were so exhausting 17 of them dropped dead. Still, what’s more important, a few stupid sheep or road safety?

  5. Loving this sheep thing, I’m a bobbing bobcat too, though I dont want to think about it too closely. Hope you have a blast on the trip Grannymar, watch out for stray sheep and pedestrians and tourists……

  6. Grannymar,

    Have a wonderful trip to the new home and tell Elly and George that we hope they spend many happy years there..

  7. Arrived safely, no sheep or bloggers injured!
    Home lovely… I think, if I can find it under all the Boxes πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for keeping my place warm.

  8. I was a bit sluggish first time around then I turned into a bobbing bobcat I might need to borrow this one!

    Glad you arrived safely.

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