Down Time

Twitter is not twittering properly.

Amazon is not amazing.

Google Mail is acting up.

Since the unmanned Phoenix space probe made its successful landing on Mars on 25th May, the Interweb has wobbled 😉

Image courtesy of BBC News

Until it settles you need something to think about!

Have a nice Weekend!

9 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. There MIGHT be a connection.
    Phoenix is sending back twitter comments to NASA(and they are being redirected from there).
    It could be that the Martians are trying to bring down humanity by playing with the internet!!! (multiple exclamation marks required for stupid comments)

    Which is probably the plot of X-Files 2 : Mulder in a Clown Suit

  2. I’m back, I’m back!

    I went to a Sheltie Dog show this morning. Well I saw a gathering from my bedroom window and nosey old me had to go along to find out what was happening. Photos were disappointing so I’ll not use them. Later I found some ‘pink’ for Will! 😉

  3. Er… “Pink” does have another, ahem, meaning. And that meaning applies to photographs!

    Besides, its not for me, if for the “Pink for October” cancer appeal

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