Sun in My Heart

The day is dull and the rain is falling but my heart is bursting with sunshine.

Mark the Postman knocked on my door, he had a parcel for me. It came from The King! Excitedly I opened it

and look what was inside:

Then Elly sent a text to say she had one of these in in her hot little hand:

It makes my little mobile phone look like a toy and it reminds me of a story.

Many years ago Jack wanted me right go wrong to have a Mink coat. We were staying in Dublin at the time and having a few hours shopping while Elly was playing shake the flour all over Nana’s Kitchen at making black pastry (well it was nearly black by the time she was finished). The coat was beautiful. A work of art, semi fitted with lustrous skins in a rich deep colour that at that time enhanced my auburn tresses. I did try it on and for the moment wrapped in luxury I felt like a Movie Star.

Then the voice of reason began to lecture, you know the way it is, we all have those nagging voices deep inside our heads. ‘Where are you going to wear this coat’? The voice asked. My lifestyle did not warrant a Mink Coat! It would spend more time in the wardrobe than on my back. So I declined Jack’s very generous offer.

Since I heard that I had won the Nokia N95 8GB through the generous Sponsorship of 02, for the Blog Post of the Month, a new venture of the Irish Blog Awards, my mind has been in turmoil, I could not with all honesty justify keeping it. I have a mobile phone for emergency purposes. Last month I used it for 2 very short calls and 7 outgoing text messages. The technology behind the N95 8GB would be wasted on me.

I made a decision. George, my son-in-law has a dying phone and I know he has lusted after an N95 8GB since it was introduced, but a love-nest took priority and all his pennies. We came to an agreement… the N95 in exchange for an upgrage of my mobile whenever I want it, plus a promise of an upgrade in whatever Nursing Home that Elly picks for me! Enjoy the phone George!

Now perhaps he won’t think of me as the Mother-in-Law from Hell 😉

Blog Post of the Month started in April. Darragh was the worthy winner for May. We are ready to snuggle up closer on the winners bench and make room for new winners over the next 10 months.

Think about it, everyone has an equal chance of winning. Write from your heart and the rest will follow.

If you read a blog post that you feel is worthy, nominate it by blogging about it and linking to it as well as nominating it here. Remember to venture beyond your usual daily diet of blogs. There are many very worthy specialty blogs out there covering music, food, photography, politics, news, crafts, health issues, the Irish language and Technology, among others. While you visit all those blogs don’t forget to say hello and leave a comment. Comments are the Readybrek for bloggers, giving them the zest to keep going time after time.

I look forward to having you join Darragh and I on the winner’s bench. Good Luck!

25 thoughts on “Sun in My Heart

  1. well said my dear. Very! This bench has plenty of room for some of the amazing people out there.

    Read, comment, nominate.


  2. That’s fantastic Grannymar. You’ll have to get a trophy case soon! 😉 How generous to give George the fun. We should all be so lucky to have such wonderful mother-in-laws! 🙂

  3. Mother-in-Law from Hell? I suppose we all get things wrong, but you got your address wrong there, Grannymar – that should be Heaven.

  4. Darragh ~ thanks Partner 😀

    Debs ~ a trophy case… but… that’s where I keep my Toyboys 😆

    Primal ~ I only got one phone… sorry 😉

    Xbox ~ it is very cute. 😀

    Mary ~ Welcome and thank you

    le craic ~ well if music be the food of love, why not let comments be the Readybrek or food for bloggers.

  5. Certainly is readybrek for me (I remember it from my childhood, porridge without the lumpy bits!) I check my blogs before heading off to work. Congrats Grannymar more stuff to dust! True about the many and varied blogs out there it’s just finding the time to read them all!

  6. Hi Grannymar,

    Congratulations on the wonderful reward for having such an outstanding blog.

    Now, about the mink coat. I once said that I would do ANYTHING for a mink coat, and by the time I got it I couldn’t button it…….

  7. Baino ~ why did I mention porridge? Milk and lumps Ugh!

    Nancy ~ thank you. As usual you bring a good story 😀

  8. Katherine ~ perhaps if you had to live with me the gloss would fade1 😉

    Darren ~ Yippee! I’m funky.

  9. “We are ready to snuggle up closer on the winners bench”

    No wonder your heart is bursting with excitement, Grannymar 🙄

    Good decision re the phone! 😀

  10. Hello connector and welcome to the party.
    Thank you for the good wishes.

    Darragh is well deserving of the Award for Blog Post of the Month.

  11. Well done Grannymar, on both the award and the excellent choice of home for the N95 😀

    My apologies for the delay in commenting, but we’ve (me and Elly) been a wee bit busy the last few days with ‘the move’ to the new phone thankfully we did have a few minutes spare to start moving into the new house as well! 😀

    As for “the mother-in-law from hell”? you couldn’t be even if ye wanted 😉

  12. Hi George

    Glad to see that my Elly let you out of a packing case! Enjoy the new house. Now with The N95 GPS set for the new address, you won’t go to the old house automatically 😀

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