I Wonder

If you knew

That today was your last

Would you waste it

Worrying about


I don’t do flowers! The wild stuff in the photo is from my back garden!


23 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. I wish I was like Steph and didn’t “do” worry…

    I think I’d probably be worrying about the people I’d be leaving behind. But I’d be happy. I’d try to be.

  2. Steph ~ A woman after my own heart!

    ChrisD ~ I love flowers… in other peoples gardens!

    Darragh ~ You have to learn to stop and smell the roses!

  3. @ Darragh

    When life has thrown a lot of sh*t at you and you can still smile about it… believe me… worry doesn’t even enter the equation 🙂

    Grannymar 😀

  4. I think I might be a bit of a worrier but more about the family than myself! I’m afraid I love my flowers, the colours lift my spirits!

  5. Grannymar,

    I always said that if the Doctor told me I only had one week to live I would immediately go to Peoria, Illinois because in Peoria, Illinois that one week would seem like 6 months.

    You must have towns in Ireland where that would also happen. Can you think of one?

    Where would you go?

  6. Leitrim. I don’t think I have ever met anyone from Leitrim…I’m not entirely convinced the place exists….Leitrim….Leitrim….Leitrim…..no it has lost all meaning for me now.

  7. Lottie ~ worry causes wrinkles so give it up, quick!

    Judy ~ I liked the colour of the fern.

    Nancy ~ that is an interesting thought… Anywhere along the coast of West Cork is where I would like to spend the week you mention.

  8. I have to admit I would make a lot of phone calls (since no phone bill to worry about) and try to organise one heck of a shin-dig.
    And if my time runs out while still at the party (think Irish country wedding reception, it ends some time the next day) well, everyone is there for the wake.

  9. I’d buy a round the world plane ticket and arrive in places before I left! Benefit of being a day ahead! Pretty fronds you have their Grannymar.

  10. Will ~ That gives a whole new meaning to ‘A Wake! 😉

    Lottie ~ Will is multi talented! 🙄

    Baino ~ Now thats a clever idea! 😀

  11. two things…maybe three…
    I would worry…

    I’d also hope that there was a mistake like the man who had ringing in his ears and tightness in the throat….

    I’d go and look for a dandelion for my own coffin!

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