11 thoughts on “There is Hope for Me Still!

  1. Grannymar,

    If you would like to send this couple a nice Wedding gift, they are registered at BOOTS!

    They especially want Preparation H, Denture Cream, Tylenol, Depends and Dr. Schoal’s Corn Pads.

    Actually, you can’t go wrong if you just pick out anything that shouts “FOR THE FAST RELIEF OF” on the box…….

  2. Personally I’d be annoyed if I had to wait that long until I got to have sex. Lose your virginity and die of a heart attack. What a way to go?

  3. Too bad their photos didn’t accompany the article! More power to them, but if it were me at that age, I’d forego marriage and just sleep together…LOL

  4. TheChrisD ~ If I am to wait until 95, then still 1/3 of my life to go!

    Alice ~ I was at a ‘Ladies’ group about five years ago and had all the eyebrows raised at me is disgust when I announced that I needed a man to sleep with!

    I calmed them down eventually by reminding them that I did say sleep, and it would be even better if he took me to dinner and did a few jobs about the house! 😉

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