The Back Story

If you were away over the weekend then you missed Grannymar’s new Transport! Everyone from Steph to Phil are really jealous and want the chance to sit on/drive/ride it.

Now I will let you into a secret….

I saw the contraption bike around the town on several occasions recently. I realised that I knew who owned it. Most days last week it was parked on the pavement outside a jewellery shop. Well I say jewellery, but you know the type – high style today but well out of fashion by the weekend. On Friday the temptation was far too much…

I went into the shop which had several customers browsing around at the time. I walked to a counter topped with a glass case displaying watches. A young gentleman came and asked if he could help me.

GM – “How many watches do you need to buy to get the bike”?

Howls of laughter break out all around the shop.

GM – “That bike outside, it belongs to you doesn’t it”?

More laughter.

Everyone – “It belongs to David, the boss!”

GM – “Do you think I could take a photograph of it please”?

Young man – “Sure, that would be no problem.”

GM – “What I really would like is to sit on it and have a photograph taken!”

Flurry to find the keys to switch off the bike’s alarm. It seemed like everyone wanted me to sit on David’s bike, mind you David was not there at the time.

So out of the shop I walked with a Toyboy young salesman. He flicked his flicker and we heard the bike beep, it was now safe for me to climb on board. I did ❗

Sitting up in the seat with more chins than a Chinese phone book I arranged myself for the photo by stretching out my arms to put them on the handlebars.

The handlebars were miles away!

Young man – “Ahem! That is the pillion seat, I think you need to move down to the lower level”.

I did…… with difficulty. He took the photo and another one for good measure

and then the real fun started…

I constantly say Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it!” Well it looked like I got what I asked for; I was on the bike, and how in all that was good and holy was I ever going to get off it?

Thankfully the young man was a gentleman and didn’t take a picture! πŸ˜‰

31 thoughts on “The Back Story

  1. Nah, that bike’s far too big and hairy-mannish for you, Grannymar. In fact it’s so big it looks more suitable for a giant – say, the Incredible Hulk. Or King Kong. No, I see you gliding along on a pair of shocking pink rollerblades. Casually taking perfect photos of the passing scenery as you go….

  2. “He flicked his flicker” 😳

    Another smitten Toyboy πŸ˜†

    I see what you mean about disembarking. I’ve had great fun trying to work out how you did it. I wish he’d taken a pic!

  3. Nick ~ Do shocking pink rollerblades have brakes? I have long arms, but they would need to be even longer for that bike.

    Steph ~ He didn’t know me well enough to take that pic. Anyways… It was MY camera πŸ‘Ώ

    Darragh ~ you might have to come and collect the bike πŸ˜‰

  4. Anthony

    Are you laughing at GM?

    Good that is what you are supposed to do! πŸ˜€

  5. See, if you’d been to finishing school, they’d have taught you to get down off a bike while preserving your modesty.

    Well, maybe not a bike, but a friend of mine who went to a nice Convent was taught how to get out of a sports car demurely.

  6. Oo, suggestion – for a while my brother’s job did ‘Tasty Friday’ – everyone took turnes bringing something in and as there were diverse cultural backgrounds in the office it was ethincally interesting!

    So I like the sound of Tasty Monday better that Food monday. Possibly just because it makes me think of the Happy Mondays.

    Oops, I’ll go free associate elsewhere!

  7. Jo

    There is no way to make an elegant exit from that bike ❗

    I know how to get out of a sports car or any car… Swing both legs with knees together 90Β°C. I learned that when I wore mini skirts and hot pants many moons ago. πŸ™„

    Tasty Friday sounds good, but the name has been going for some time… I’ll think about it and maybe put it to a vote.

  8. Didnt Billy Connolly have one of those when he toured Australia or NZ? He had all the black leather gear to go with it. Somehow it doesnt strike me as a bike that comes in shocking pink, but I am be wrong?

    Now, off for a tasty tuesday…

  9. Grannymar,

    I hope you had some panties on when you got off of that “Bike”. Not like Britney Spears, who showed the World her “Goods” when she exited her convertible one night.

    Someone commented about Britney with this remark.” I doubt she learned that move at a fancy Swiss Finishing School.”

    I’m sure you were much more discrete than that,GM!

  10. Charmed ~ Billy Connolly in the driving seat with me as pillion…. Nah! I don’t think so!

    Nancy ~ My β€œGoods” were well hidden! At my age gift wrap hides a multitude πŸ™„

  11. When I have seen bikes like that I have always wandered around and gotten a crick in my neck gawping – never, ever have I had the nerve to ask if I can sit on one!! Well done you!

  12. I love that you just went in and asked! How could they say no? I would never have had the nerve! As for more Chins than a Chinese phone book, I don’t think so Grannymar you are very silphlike!

  13. Sam ~ Welcome to the party!

    WWW ~ ‘a chick magnet’ πŸ˜† More like a tough ould hen!

    Baino ~ You can’t see my chins from that distance.

    I used to walk around things and say nothing. Now I ask, it might be the only chance I get. πŸ˜‰

  14. Baino,

    Speaking of the Chinese phone book I thought I would let you know that they will no longer be publishing a telephone directory in China due to chaos!

    There are so many Wings and Wongs in that country that people were always Winging the Wong number…….

  15. I’m going to remember to ask for whatever I want from now on. Might not get it, but I might. Might is close enough for me. You’re a real inspiration, GrannyMar.

  16. @Alice – that’s what I do every day Alice, I smile, say hello and ask. You don’t ask, you’ll never receive. But you’re right – GM is a real inspiration.

    (Well, you are!)

  17. Mammy & Daddy always taught me “If you don’t ask, then you won’t get”.

    It’s amazing how many things you can lay your hands on by simply asking politely (with a smile!).

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