We all know the phrase ‘Walking off into the sunset’. Mostly it brings to mind the idea of walking off into the never, never land of eternity, or as I like to think of it, walking into a new life, a new beginning. I was reminded of it last night while watching the sun set.

View from my back door at sunset

The sky at night on several occasions this month reminded me of another new beginning thirty years ago. Elly arrived in our lives in the early days of May and with her the beginning of a glorious summer. She was outdoors from 7.30am until it was time to bed her down for the night. The good weather lasted until October that year. Many a night Jack and I sat until well after the sun went down, I can still hear his remark ‘I suppose we better go in!’

May was a beginning for Elly and now it is also a time of endings. Last year it saw the official end of her single status as she prepared to marry her true love, George. This year May marks the ending of the time they spent is their temporary home and the new beginning of the move to their first step on the property ladder. Making a move like that is not easy nowadays. The current climate in the financial world has not made it any easier. They are to be admired for sticking in there and seeing it through.

I wish them well in their new home and look forward to sharing many visits. I hear ‘Mammy’s bed’ is on order so it won’t be very long before I have an excuse to travel south more often.

I only hope my visits are not like this:

10 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. Sunsets and sunrises. I can never tell the difference. One follows the other, which came first? Does it matter? I reckon the thing to remember is that the sun will always set and the sun will always rise – aspects of our lives end and other aspects begin – and life goes on. Meanwhile, its nice to celebrate the transition points.
    Wow, philophoical for a sunny saturday moring or what?

    Congrats to Ellie, wishing her the very best in her new home 🙂

  2. Grannymar,

    24 years ago this B/H weekend, we moved house with our first baby. We were moving from a large comfortable semi-D into a small wrecked dormer house which had no carpets, no curtains, no double glazing, not even light fittings. We were stony broke having sold off everything we owned (including our much-loved self-converted VW camper van) to pay the deposit and hadn’t enough left over to even buy a tin of paint. Our friends all mucked in to help on the day of the big move, one borrowed a truck, another lent a trailer and between us we managed to transport everything. While partying with our friends afterwards, our new doorbell rang for the first time. It was a Garda from the local police station. He was returning our nappy bucket which had fallen off the trailer en route through the village and had somehow been traced back to us 😳

    Now all these years later, we’re still stony broke but we still love what has become our much-loved HOME!

    I wish George and Elly every happiness in their new home.

    I think I still have the nappy bucket in the attic if they ever need it! 😉

  3. True, it’s hard for anyone to afford their own home these days – especially one that’s big enough for mammy’s bed! It was difficult enough a few decades ago. It was only after I hooked up with Jenny at the age of 34 that between us we were able to buy our first flat – a jerry-built box with condensation-soaked windows during the winter! Finally moved into a house eight years ago….

    Hope Elly’s move goes okay.

  4. Charmed ~ I remember driving from Stranrear to Glasgow when Elly was a Uni. The ferry left Belfast at 2am and it was wonderful having the roads to myself and watching the world slowly come to life. Firstly I met the Bread delivery lorries and a little later the milkmen working their way through the villages. I arrived at Elly’s door at 7.30am wide awake.

    Steph ~ I hope the nappy bucket was empty 😆

    Nick ~ Condensation-soaked windows or frost on the inside was the norm years ago, hopefully we are not going back in that direction.

  5. Hope the move goes smoothly. I want to move but dread the thought of packing! One of the joys of living here, apart from the lack of frost and condensation on windows – is sitting in the garden on a summer’s evening or dangling our legs in the pool because it’s too hot to venture inside. Our sunsets are dramatic to say the least. Large black gum trees against an orange sky. Steph, if it’s any consolation . . I’m stony broke too!

  6. Baino

    With , Steph, your goodself and yours truly, we have enough to start a ‘stony broke’ group! Well… Steph wants to be a groupie!

  7. I don’t think babies spend the same amount of time out doors these days~ like you it was certainly something I did some 40 yrs ago. We had better summers back then!

    I wish Elly and George much happiness in their new home 🙂

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