My heart is pounding and I am in shock, I was literally finished dinner and sitting in the loo when the phone rang… well doesn’t it always ring at the most inappropriate time. Pulling up my pants I ran to answer it, I was waiting for a call, this is the time of day when Elly & I normally catch up on our news.

“Hi Mum” said the voice at the other end. I am not really concentrating because my trousers are at half mast and I am trying frantically to fix them!

“You won! You won!” the voice is shouting.

“What are you talking about, Elly” I say.


I am totally lost for words.  I also have a prize of a fab new O2 N95 Mobile phone (are you jealous George?)

Thank you once again to King Damien for the idea behind the Blog of the Month Award, and to all those who nominated me.

I have said it before and I say it again; Commenter’s are the life blood of blogging. You are the people who inspire me on a daily basis and feed my thoughts with topics and subjects to blog about.

OK MS Elly, you proved that ‘Grannymar could Blog, Podcast and a zillion other things’, now can I go back and sit in the corner? No way! As somebody said to me today on another matter, I have taken the steps and there is no return. I really do not want to return to my pre blogging world, but I am well ready to take a back seat and let others have a chance to share in the glory of winning awards.


35 thoughts on “THE LIGHTS ARE ON AGAIN

  1. Does this mean you are finally going to start believing in me when I say that you have a good chance of winning things??? Doubt it 🙄

    Congratulations, and very well deserved!

  2. I always wanted to know someone famous! 😀

    Well done again, Grannymar

    Where will you be signing autographs tomorrow? 😆

  3. Thank you everyone. By visiting and commenting you share in the prize.

  4. Oh Step, Step, GM, as we say in the County Clare.
    You are so deserving and your humility is part of your charm.
    AND that was such a powerful blog post.
    When can we look forward to your book? (I’m serious, I bet Elly agrees with me!)

  5. It was a deserving post alright Grannymar, beautifully written and close to my own heart. Now if you could focus on winning the lottery please and sending me an air fare I’d be eternally grateful.

  6. WWW ~ A book, are you crazy! It would have one word per page 🙄

    Baino 4… 27… 32… I’m tired come back next week 😉

  7. This is getting complicated!

    We now have two Chris’s and two Darrens!

    ChrisD ~ Thank you and Yes about the phone.

    Darren G ~ Welcome and make plenty of noise like your namesake 😉

  8. It a celebration …. well done Grannymar!

    Sorry I’m so late in visiting …. I missed such an important occasion.

    I’m thrilled for you!

  9. Paddy the party is not over yet!

    I might go on for days…weeks….. who knows!

  10. so, is it northern irish people that everyone is taking a liking to, or just those with ‘life experience’?

    If its the former maybe I have a chance of winning something?
    Though I don’t think I can really compete with your talent for writing, and life experience.


  11. Congratulations Grannymar!

    Well deserved. It’s always hard to talk about a particular loss. For me it was the loss of my own father 9 years ago. I couldn’t comment on your post as I didn’t know what to say and it brought up a lot of memories.

    I only hope that someday I can write about the loss of my father but I’m always afraid that I can never write it as I think it! I hope that makes sense!

    Memories are amazing things but sometimes it is so hard to translate memories to a written word. Someday I will write about my father and it will be because of your post Grannymar, it is just the time isn’t right yet for me but your award has got me thinking and now I hope it will be sooner than later.

  12. Congratulations! You have just made me realize that nothing good ever happens until I’m sitting on the pot.

  13. Will ~ I now have to find a space for my new baby! *waves duster*

    Phil ~ You should have rubbed up against me last Saturday! 😉 Your turn will come!

    Robert ~ You will know when it is the right time for that post. I almost scrapped mine twice.

    Primal ~ 😀

    Judy ~ It would be worse if we didn’t have a pot! 🙄

  14. “Darren G ~ Welcome and make plenty of noise like your namesake”

    I’m very quiet! Really!

    Ahem, congrats Grannymar! It was a beautiful post and so heartfelt which is why it won. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Now, I’m dropping from the blogosphere today – I’m too unwell to think. I shall return with more praise and wise commentary soon.

  15. Charmed ~ thank you!

    DarrenB ~ My poor pet lamb, come over here and I’ll rub your tummy!
    Who made your brekkie cuppa…. well after that last post Lottie wrote….. I’d be careful 🙄

  16. Well Done! I’d hate to have to choose the next blog of the month award because yours will be so hard to beat. That blog post you wrote will be etched on my mind for a long time.

  17. Just adding my congratulations. There was never a question in my mind that you’d win. You deserve it.

  18. McAWilliams, Kathleen, Dave & Alice thank you.

    Dave all you have to do is read blogs from the island of Ireland and blog about and nominate the post that you think deserves to be a winner. There is plenty of talent out there.

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