I Did it!

On Saturday I did something new. A FIRST for me. I wormed my way into a Photo walk. I was aware of several going on in Dublin over the past few months, but unfortunately I was never able to attend. Then I heard of one in Belfast….

Following my attempts at photo walking on my own I was given plenty of encouragement to join the boys! So for the second day in a row I was to be found here

I was looking for Toyboys sporting cameras. I wore out the grass walking around the statue of Queen Victoria. Plenty of guys, all with bags but not a camera in sight. Not to be outdone I walked up to a group and said “Are you here for the photo walk”? They smiled politely and said yes. I told them who I was and the smiles grew and I was made very welcome. The group grew and I nearly lost count, now let me see… there was Adam, Andy, Phil, Scott and Stepbar. Oops! That makes five.. Grannymar is losing her touch because there were eight Toyboys. My apologies to those whose names I have missed.

The Continental Fair was in progress again on Saturday so we started there. When we satisfied ourselves with pictures and food the idea was to move on to the Botanic/Queen’s University area, alas the walk that far was outside my energy span so I said my farewells and headed home satisfied with my first effort to be a Flickerer!

If you are interested in seeing some more of my shots they are to be found at belfast flickr meetup

19 thoughts on “I Did it!

  1. Two days in a row… chasing Toyboys…I dunno! 🙄

    There is no stopping you!

    I’m in admiration… of YOU… and your talent! 😀

  2. Keep it up. I love photos – was going to take one this morning on the way to the bus but it was so windy and rainy that I decided to keep the camera under wraps!

  3. Your talent for finding toy boys is amazing. At first glance when I saw the photo of the big wheel I though you had slipped in a picture of the London Eye!

  4. Charmed ~ Not quite 6.30am, it is possible to postdate 😉

    Steph ~ One of these days I’ll learn!

    le craic ~ Now my camera comes everywhere with me.

  5. Chris ~ The big wheel is at the side of the City Hall on a temporary basis and I believe it will move to a more perminent home in the Titanic Quarter in the near future.

  6. Yeah but Will, Darren and I are the MAIN toyboys, aren’t we? Eh?

    Maybe you should publish the equivalent of a little black book of toyboys 😉

    Great photos and well done on going through with it 🙂

  7. Darragh

    😆 I had to moderate this comment 😆

    All my Toyboys are special ❗

  8. Judy

    Torr Head was on a pet day a couple of years ago.

    Next task is to learn how to yse Flickr properly.

  9. Nice to hear you had a good time 🙂

    I really should go find some photowalks near me, not because I’m a good photogorapher, but to meet other Irish bloggers.

  10. Chris

    Over here we have Flickr , Twitter and Blog photowalks. Someone, anyone, suggests a date and place and blogs about it. From there the numbers build. Down South you often have a 50/50 balance while last Saturday I was the only female.

    Is it any wonder I am tired 🙄

  11. Loved the market stalls Grannymar, the scarves and colours are great. As for those tarts! (The pies I’m talking about) yum. Event the odd arty farty shot of beads and such . . .you’ve upped the competition alright! I wish we had something like that here. I feel a bit conspicuous walking around with a zoom lens poking about!

  12. Baino

    The day with JD taught me quite a bit about taking pictures…. lying down or climbing into lobster pots etc.

  13. GMz;
    I’m on dialup out here and Flickr would take an hour to download,
    However, I love the colours on your blog, what a talent you have – and the toyboy escapades are great, we need to build up your strength a bit so you can handle more….

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