I went to Town

Yesterday I went to town. No, not my town but all the way to Belfast. It was a nice day and there were plenty of people about.

It started off like this:

Then this:

But I got restless and went in search of

Then I found a nice one and hi-jacked him into buying me a coffee. After some sweet talking I  took him for a ride drive. We nearly got lost because I took the wrong way went the picturesque route and we ended up here

But I couldn’t resist so I made him

After that there was only one thing for it…

But we got

Jefferson Davis it was an honour to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Enjoy the remainder of your holiday and safe journey home to South Carolina.

With thanks to the man from Peru who offered to take this picture.


23 thoughts on “I went to Town

  1. You sure went to town, Grannymar

    I read that with my eyes closed for fear of what I’d see next 😳

    Why have all your other toyboys gone so quiet? 😉

  2. Steph

    Half of them are networking at 3Dcamp in Limerick and another seven or eight are recovering from my visit to Photowalk, Belfast today.

    I am sitting with my feet up looking at the photos I took.

  3. Is there no stopping you? GM

    This blog will get an x-rating soon!

    I’ll have to wear shades for my next visit 😉

  4. Haha . . sounds like you had a blast (he’s taller than I thought). And now I’m jealous because his lense is bigger than mine! And your shopping centres look exactly like ours! What are the things hanging in the second photo?

  5. Baino

    That lense was bigger than my camera!

    Picture 2 above is a stand of Mobiles. They are made of metal and not paper foil.

  6. Seems you both had a good time. Unfortunately over here I couldn’t begin to think of approaching a (female equivalent of toy boy)….

    Great pictures.

  7. Magpie

    The meeting was well planned in advance. I always let someone know where I am going and meet new people in a public place.

  8. Very funny story. It was an honour to meet Jefferson on the two occasions I did in the last week.

    And an honour to finally meet you after all our twittering – finally added you to my rss, which I’m beginning to use more these days.

  9. Aw, that’s so luvely, just luvely. What a fab day out. Reminds me – I need a life! How do I go about getting on of those?

  10. Charmed

    The best way to get a life is to just STOP and smell the roses.

    Nowadays we hear about quality time, make some for yourself! Tomorrow you might be glad you did.

  11. I’m raging I didn’t take any photos. There was a most excellent statue in Victoria’s Way of a life-sized Buddist woman. She was looking… let’s just say… ‘perky’, and Jefferson had a big grin on his face. It would’ve made a priceless snap!

  12. K8 ~ I look forward to seeing Jeff’s photos when he gets home, he took thousands!

    Jo ~ It is thanks to blogging that I am using my camera more regularly.

  13. Tiger Lamb Girl

    Thank you. I am a little beyond the stalker stage in life, but visit and join in the laughter at any time.

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