Strange but True

I keep saying it – Where would we be without our commenter’s?

A ‘Strange but True’ themed day was suggested by Steph, so get your thinking caps on while you read this and then share your story.

One bright September morning when I was aged four, mammy dressed me up and put a large bow on my hair. We were taking my older brother to school. At the time I didn’t realise that she wanted to enrol me for the following September. The school was run by an order of nuns and Sister Patrick the Principal, announced to my mother that she would take then and there that day! I had no time to prepare and Mammy left in shock without (at that time) her only daughter!

My teacher for the first couple of years was called Miss Kierce. Naturally when I came home I talked non stop about her. Daddy said to me that in his part of the country (Co Clare) she would be called Kearse and that I was to tell her. I think it was the first thing I said to her the next day. The banter went backward and forward through me, and we discovered that she was from Ennis in Co Clare, not many miles from Kildysart where my father was born.

Miss Kierce asked if daddy ever went down to Clare and precocious little me said “Of course he did, he went to see Granny Kildysart!” So the message came home: “Daddy Miss Kierce says; next time you are going to Kildysart will you drop her off in Ennis!”

Weeks passed and eventually daddy was arranging to go to Clare, so I again brought messages back and forth. Times and dates were sorted and on the day teacher came home from school with me and she and daddy set off on the journey. Driving from Dublin to Ennis at the mouth of the Shannon in the days before motorways, gave plenty of time for questions to be asked and answers given. Daddy’s first question to all young women was usually “Did I know your mother?” Daddy did not know her mother but discovered that he knew her Godfather!

Miss Kierce’s Godfather was daddy’s Uncle Jim! The same Uncle Jim who came to our house for lunch every Tuesday and stayed all day!

1936 Jim Kenny on way to Lisdoonvarna

Grand Uncle Jim

When I married Jack back in 1977, I wanted a simple wedding with no fuss. My friends were all well married and at 30 I was considered a very late bride (thankfully that silly talk has vanished)! I settled on a two piece outfit with crochet top and linen skirt in Ecru. It was right for me with my deep auburn hair. Jack as I have said before was older and walked with a slight limp due to injuries he sustained in Burma during WW11. Jack always referred to the injured leg as ‘the wooden leg’! He was a widower when I met him.

1977-07 Marie & Dan Aisle

Walking up the aisle with Daddy who was ill.

1977-07 Marie & Jack

Now we are married!

Several years later my brother was researching our family history. On a visit to Co Clare he spent several hours looking at the archives of the Clare Champion, a local weekly newspaper. He sent me a copy of a cutting. It was a description of a wedding. The date was 30 Jan 1900 and the Groom a widower, was marrying a woman much younger than he was. She had auburn hair. The description of the bride’s outfit told us it was the same colour as mine. The Groom did have a wooden leg. How do I know? The bridal couple were my paternal grandparents. The bride was Granny Kildysart!

Now you must have a strange but true story to share with us. I’m off to buy a horse, I’ll talk to you much later!


26 thoughts on “Strange but True

  1. Loved that! Grannymar

    … and especially with the link back to Granny Kildysart.

    Thank you for sharing it and your lovely photos.

    My mind’s gone a blank today on strange but true stories though one may surface later on.

    You see, GM, you were late publishing today and it’s thrown me off course! 😉

    I do have something ‘strange but true’ that’s puzzling me…

    How come yawning is infectious?

    I know ‘why’ we yawn (to increase oxygen to the brain) but why do we yawn when we see someone else yawn? I yawn just thinking about yawning. Even watching a dog yawn makes me want to yawn 😦

    I know, it’s true I’m strange but I’d love to know why!

  2. I come from an odd family.
    You see both of my parents were born on and passed away on odd numbered days. I have 6 siblings so there were 7 of us. We were all born on odd numbered days. My oldest sister and my youngest sister were born on the same day 9 years apart. My parents have 15 grandchildren and, yes you guessed it, all were born on an odd numbered day.
    Lucky for me today is the 20th. I’ll at least make it through today.

  3. Grannymar,

    In 1945 my brother, Bob, was being released from the United States Navy. He had served for two years in the Pacific aboard the destroyer escort J.Richard Ward.

    He was released at a Naval Base in Florida and had to make his own way home to Pennsylvania. He met an Air Corps pilot who told him the Air Corps would let returning servicemen hitch a ride in one of their planes if they had room.

    He flew as far as Washington, D.C.. While flying in that plane he met another sailor who was also hitching a ride and they talked most of the way North about their naval experiences but never exchanged personal information.

    They said goodbye as they departed the plane in D.C. and Bob headed for the Pennsylvania Railroad Station. He had to check the address in PA. where we lived because we had moved to another house while he was away. So he boarded the train and was astonished to see the same fellow who had been on the plane with him. They were both going to 30th Station in Philadelphia. They chuckled at the coincidence and rode together. Again, they said goodbye at 30th St. and Bob headed for the local train that would take him to Prospect Park where we lived.

    Now it really gets strange because the sailor was also waiting on the platform for the same local train. Now they both took out the letters they had received from their respective parents and both letters said the families had moved to a house at 817-11th Ave. Prospect Park.

    Believe it or Not ,as Ripley said, both sailor’s parents had moved to the very same house. It was a two story home with an apartment on each floor. My family on the second floor and the sailor’s family on the First!

    Strange but true!!!!!

  4. um! What is strange, but true, is that I can’t think of anything to say.

  5. Nelly ~ You are a friend for life 😀

    Steph ~ I am unable to answer the yawning question 🙄 But you have started me off, thank you very much! 😉

    Brian ~ That is very odd indeed 😆

    Nancy ~ You you have a story for every occasion 😀

    Magpie ~ My autumn glory has faded and now there is more silver than gold.

  6. I can’t beat you, Brian or Nancy, but the weird things in my family are 11 and Tuesday:

    Parents both born on a Tuesday at 11. They married at 11am on a Tuesday.

    I was born at 11pm. The sibling at 11am. All four grandparents born at 11 too.

    Mother died on a Tuesday. Father died on Tuesday. The 11th.

    There are more Tuesday-11 coincidences in the extended family, but I won’t bore you further.

    (What’s the betting some Yank mentions 911 was a Tuesday?)

  7. Hello Eleven Tuesday 😆

    I never heard of that happening before.

    Do you buy 11 lotto tickets?

  8. My husband and children and I all celebrate birthdays on the same day . . different date of course. Every house I’ve ever lived in has been either Lot 17 or number 8. Not as fantastic as your story or Nancy’s but it is 6:16am here and my brain isn’t yet in gear! Lovely yarn Grannymar.

    As for yawning when we see others yawn it’s a mirror neuron response I believe . . . a learned behaviour like a baby smiling back when you smile at it.

  9. Who needs Wikipedia when you have my commenters!

    Thanks Baino for answering Steph’s question.

  10. Thanks! from me too, Baino

    I’ve often wondered about yawning and your answer makes good sense.

    Grannymar – no looking in the mirror when you yawn! 😉

  11. Primal,

    I think your births and deaths always falling on the 11th is fascinating.

    If you had an important occasion coming up and the date was an option, would you try to arrange for the event to
    be held on the 11th ?

  12. Paddy ~ No homework to hand in…. I might have to give you detention 🙄

    Nancy ~ is tomorrow the 11th? Nah, so primal will be back so!

  13. Loved that and you looked absolutely gorgeous! Will you buy me a horse, course you’d have to keep it for me, much as I’d like I don’t think it would fit in my backyard 🙂

  14. Grannymar,

    Two unfinished pieces of business!

    1st: You were beautiful on your Wedding Day and Jack was handsome.

    2nd; Did you buy a horse?

  15. I love the dress, GM, was the top hand-done? You both look so deliriously happy on that special day and I really love the co-incidence of the grandparents, what are the odds?
    What’s with the horse?

  16. I don’t think I have any stories to tell (and it’s too late to think), but I wanted to say how beautiful you were – and I love your dress!!

  17. I never bought 11 ludo tickets, Grannymar. Its both a lucky and unlucky number.

    You were hot, hot, hot, by the way. Jack was blessed. Not saying you’re not still hot, mind.

    @ Nancy ~ No need. They all just seem to arrange themselves for then.

    Even my dog was born on the 11th. At 11am. Can’t escape it.

  18. Red Mum & Nancy ~ I didn’t BUY the horse but looked plenty and I have the evidence!

    WWW ~ The crochet top and band across the skirt were hand done. I still have the top but not the skirt. I have worn it several times since.

    Judy ~ 😀

    Primal ~ My dad was almost an ‘eleven’! He arrived late on the 10/11/1911.

  19. With all this discussion about yawning and me still thinking on it, at the same time sitting here trying to think of my own strange but true story, and I just can’t. SIGH! But I enjoyed all the others very much. GrannyMar those were lovely wedding photos. Enjoyed all the pictures. And oh yes, regarding your buying a horse, it was customary as I was growing up in the south to say, when you needed to excuse yourself for a bathroom break, “going to see a man about horse.” But I’m sure such a lady as yourself didn’t have that in mind atall. Couldn’t help thinking of it though, the power of words an’ all!

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