Forty Shades of Green the Movie

This is my very first experiment at taking moving pictures so take a pew, pass round the popcorn and sit back and enjoy!

Nancy no tissues needed for this one unless it is in utter despair!

Do you think I’ll make Cannes next year?

17 thoughts on “Forty Shades of Green the Movie

  1. Chris

    The last time I travelled that road Elly was in the driving seat for pre test practice aged 17.

  2. Ooooh! I feel dizzy!

    But I’m impressed! Grannymar

    I have my lot driven demented at the moment with my constant talk of the colour in the trees.

    My Mum is in a lie-back wheelchair so gets to enjoy a bird’s eye view!

  3. I love the fresh spring green of new growth. Next door in County Down they are always about 2 months ahead of us in County Antrim.

    The only thing missing was water! No river or stream at that point.

  4. “The only thing missing was water!”

    I was hoping a toyboy was going to pop out from behind a tree! 😉

  5. Brilliant video capturing, Grannymar. I too love trees that meet over roads and walkways. It is as if they knew we needed shade and greenery above us in the summer and showers of colours spiraling through the brisk fall air to inspire us in autumn. 🙂

  6. Jeff

    The whole thing was an experiment 1) to take a mini movie and 2) how to transfer it to my blog. I have to admit feeling a little chuffed last night.

  7. Well done on the video – I know when you asked last night that you thought you would be getting more “step-by-step” instructions from me, but I knew that they weren’t necessary. This way, working it out for yourself, you’ll better retain the steps and technique!

    See, I did learn things from you while I was growing up!

  8. Ooooh I missed this one! Gorgeous little country lane. I’d rather walk it than drive down it mind! Now all you need to do is work on a sound track!

  9. It was an oasis of calm with only the sounds of nature, the birds singing and the slight rustle of breeze through the trees. I could have stayed all day.

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