8 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Headaches

  1. As usual, GM, your cartoon has reminded me of a story:

    Little Billy came home from school late and his dad asked him where he had been.

    “I was behind the barn with Mary Jane”

    “You know you are not supposed to be doing those things, but for telling the truth, here’s a cookie.”

    The next day he was late again and he told his Dad the same story.

    “I was behind the barn with Mary Jane.”

    “You’ve got to stop this, but for again telling the truth, here is another cookie.” But I’m getting very angry at you.”

    The next day he was late and when he came in and said he was with Mary Jane again, the Dad reached for a frying pan.

    Mom said, “Oh, John, don’t hit him with that pan.” To which Dad replied.

    “Hit him? I’m not going to hit him. I’m going to fry him a couple of eggs, He can’t keep up this stuff on cookiies.”

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