Sleepy Sundays

Some days the words are tired!

Maxine will say it all.

buy drinks first

Note to self: Add case of Booze to the shopping list!

Max - boobs

I tried walking on my hands for an hour a day but it made no difference!


Now that’s scary!

13 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays

  1. I hate those droopy boob jokes!

    Deal with it world, it happens!

    I do like the idea of intoxicating young men in the future though, make sure you get the good stuff for a higher class of toyboy 🙂

  2. The last one is an image that I have harboured for several years now…

    Sometime in the future, say fifty years from now, a nurse is attending to one of the care home residents, taking her blood pressure…

    “lets just roll up your sleeve Chardonay, thats right, good girl, ooh thats a bad bruise did you fall out of bed last night, oh its a tattoo is it, and what did it say, Wayne loves Chardonay, well thats nice isn’t it, was Wayne a friend of yours once, you can’t remember, never mind, lets just do your blood pressure then…”

  3. Dana Delany says in today’s Parade magazine (comes with our newspaper) that she credits younger men with keeping her young looking! Too bad I didn’t learn that a long time ago, huh? Of course, me. kenju is 3 mos. younger than I, but apparently that’s not enough!!

  4. Jo ~ The droop happens, ignoring or crying about it won’t change things.

    Gary ~ I could never see the appeal of a tattoo on either a man or woman.

    Steph ~ Hic! Maxine says Hi!

    Judy ~ One day is enough! Or would you believe one hour 😆

  5. Grannymar,

    I take consolation in two facts:

    (i) rap was around thirty years ago -it was going to sweep everything before it – not a single ‘song’ is now remembered as an ‘oldie’

    (ii) the tattoo bearers most lead such unhealthy life styles that they won’t be around in forty years time!

  6. Ian

    I am no expert on the rap music, but I could name at least a half dozen 30 yearolds without having to think, who sport Tattoos. Most of them consider themselves as young professional business people.

  7. The rap and tatoos thing has aad me thinking too…some of the places that people have tatooed these days could really be embarrasing in old age..and body piercings too……

    My son has needle phobia and had a lip piericing doen to prove that he could…as for taoos….he’s talking about a koi carp on his back.

  8. The last one is so true. I still have difficulty not giggling at 50 year old men with a diamond earring and grey pony tail!

  9. Magpie ~ I dislike body piericing.

    Betty ~ Maxine is wonderful.

    Baino ~ Treading carefully here – I wonder if George will have the ponytail when he is 50?

  10. Grannymar – Treading carefully also, I hope that he will still have the ponytail, I’d rather my man with a full head of grey hair. I’m delighted that there’s no sign of receding hairlines at all!

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