Island in the Sun

Paddy Bloggit has presented me with this Desert Island


Now we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch…

Well with my island comes a list of instructions

Given a list of categories, choose one item for each.

In addition a person to accompany you must be chosen and 3 other items.

This is the ‘list’:

A CD: Under Milk Wood – BBC(1963) full-cast drama of Dylan Thomas’ poetic play for voices starring Richard Burton.

A book: Notebook (and pencil* because a notebook is not much good without something to write with).

An item of technology: A Laptop with mobile broadband

A Film: DVD of the Original Forsythe Saga by John Galsworthy Produced by BBC

A Game: A skipping rope to make up my own games

An item of clothing: A kaftan & large Sunhat (I need protection from the sun).

A Photograph: Jack & Elly

Who would I take with me? Richard Clayderman – with a Piano.

Three other items I would take:

A wind up radio

My sewing box (well I could sew leaves together to make a fabric)

A hammock

* Thanks to Bernie “topgold” Goldbach

What and who would you take onto your desert island?

5 thoughts on “Island in the Sun

  1. Well-played! GM

    I saw this over at Paddy’s and started to mull over the things I’d take. It’s given me an idea for a post so hopefully in the next day or so, you’ll see an adapted version of this over at my place.

    No time to say hello, goodbye….must dash!

  2. May I compile my own CD?

    Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
    Tallis, Spem in Allium
    Sibelius’ 2nd Symphony,
    Carolan, Morgan Megan
    Oh heck…may I take a set of CDs?

    Book…..A compendium: The Bible, The Q’uran, Bhagatvita (spelling) Guru Grant Sahib, writings of the Buddha etc etc and a thousand blank pages at the back with a supply of pencils.
    (you see, I want to write my own and need references)

    technology…a magnifying glass…

    Film…A Man for All Seasons ( and a life of Thomas More)

    Don’t need it….I can devise my own using stones etc

    A Tuareg’s outfit….

    I have a post card with the most beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen on it!

    Who would I take?
    No-one I know…I’d hate to submit them to such torture…so a complete stranger.

    Three other items?

    I’ll go with the wind up radio…..

    and the sewing kit…. with a good pair of tailor’s shears!

    a Learn to Play package with some small musical instrument.

    This is my first attempt to perform an impossible task!

  3. Paddy ~ Glad to oblige

    Steph ~ I look forward to it.

    Magpie ~ Interesting choice

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