Today the letterbox did not clatter, but the doorbell rang!

Postman Pat had a package for me! I love packages. It was all neatly wrapped and it came from way down south. I opened it slowly and carefully…

Would you like to see what it was?

Ok, ok.. be careful or it might break

My Blog Award

Well I had to take the picture myself and if I was not in the picture you might not believe me!


Now I can christen it and open the Bubbly. Cheers!

Again, thank you King Damien and all those who helped me achieve this accolade.

No, I am not making another speech!

18 thoughts on “IT ARRIVED…

  1. Haha . . at first I thought you’d bought a new Camera! Congratulations GrannyMar . . . pride of place on the mantlepiece I see! Let me know if the bubbles are any good. . I’ve switched to Chardy cos I have some arthritis in my thumb that makes popping corks a bit difficult!

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  3. Baino – I just had a very tasty Pino Grigio Prosecco from Tesco for €7!! And it came with a screw cap! Any good to you?

  4. Well done totally agree about King Damien great guy who does great work. I got a fluffy badge from him so happy with it. Well done again.

  5. Thriftcriminal ~ Automatic entry to my Toyboy Club! πŸ˜‰

    Jo ~ If it works why change it?

    Baino ~ Did the photo work?

    Paddy ~ No commenters- no awards, you all share some part of it.

    Judy ~ Thanks.

    Laura ~ You are one up on me, I never got a fluffy πŸ˜₯ I do have a WWMD? on my hard drive! πŸ˜€

  6. Ah, go on, go on! Grannymar

    Sure you’re a ‘whizz’ at making speeches!

    Who’s that in the background, trying to get in on the picture?

    I’m guessing it’s E&G keeping an eye on you?

    Congrats again – hugely well-deserved!

  7. Chris ~ Cheers!

    Steph ~ No more speeches from me for a long time.
    Desktop picture is in honour of the week – a wedding one of Jack & I, while the one on the wall appeared on Elly’s blog this week.

  8. Aaah! How sweet! I just loved the pic over at Ellybabes place.

    The arrival of the award is a fitting tribute on which to end the week.

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