15 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Old Hat

  1. Well, that seems like a bit of an ageist stereotype to me, Grannymar. At 61 I’m still pretty healthy and I still climb Slieve Donard every year. Even my 86 year old mum doesn’t resemble that description. I think the Cat needs to be put in the corner with a dunce’s cap.

  2. Hello Dear,

    How are you?
    Oh bish! I can’t remember what it was I was going to say.

  3. Nick ~ It is Thursday, and my idea of a joke!

    Magpie ~ come back when you remember your name! 😉

  4. I think this is so funny ~ even if the cap doesn’t fit 🙂 himself will love it I must send it to him to have a laugh at work 🙂

  5. I can still see and pee and chew, but the rest sums me up pretty well, especially now, while I have flu. 😦

  6. These days, it’s hard to know which day of the week to look forward to most!

    Monday for the Grannymar recipe or the Thursday Grannymar Special ❓

    Is there no stopping you? 🙄

  7. Chris ~ you can always blame me.

    Judy ~ Take it easy for the weekend and get well soon.

    Steph ~ I don’t look forward, I’m just glad to wake up 😆

  8. Grannymar,

    You know you’re getting old when “All nighter” means not having to get up to pee, but you really know you’re old when:

    You and your teeth don’t sleep together anymore…….

  9. There was an elderly couple attending the regular ballroom dance at their local senior citizen’s club. The two were tightly clinched and dancing a waltz. He with a grin from ear to ear – her with a frosty look screaming into his ear “I said I had ACUTE ANGINA!”

    Not quite there yet but looking forward to confusing others when I arrive!

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  11. Reminded me of the old standby, GM:
    Here we are with the plastic boobs and the viagra-ed willie and not a clue as to what to do with any of them!!
    Great catchup on your blog, I’ve been offline working for a while, Radio Luxembourg, what memories, GM. I actually, ahem, dated a close friend of John Lennon’s from Liverpool, he was studying to be a doctor at the uni. He swore they were going to be great, he had a demo record, and I said nothing could ever beat Elvis. Ha.
    But I will always remember the chills I felt in my body when I first heard “Please Please Me” from that record. Those harmonies!!

  12. Paddy ~ Now what are you dragging me into?

    WWW ~ glad to bring your memories to the surface.

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