My Son-in-Law

I think you are all aware by now that I have a Son-in-Law.

He came to see me yesterday.

He had a little something for me…

He put it on my fridge and..

Then he did what it asked.Β  I had a very nice day!

25 thoughts on “My Son-in-Law

  1. Steph

    I was chief trolly minder and was tempted to fill it with surprises on the way around!! It gave E&G the opportunity to look at things with free hands. Av I enjoyed seeing you again and promise not to print your stories πŸ˜‰

  2. Steph, what do you mean catching up with the times? We’ve had Sainsburys for quite a while now. And Starbucks and Pizza Express and all the rest. Or do you mean learning a healthy disrespect for the oldies instead of listening patiently to yet another childhood reminiscence?

  3. Jo ~ we didn’t in fact go to Sainsbury’s.

    Nick ~ you are an old bag! πŸ˜‰ The point of the message on the magnet was to remind us to use an old or re-usable shopping bag. They are well ahead of us in the South. Plastic shopping bags were dispensed with a few years ago.

  4. For years I used to get funny looks when I took my old (wicker) basket shopping!….I must find another….. or perhaps one on wheels….

    In London the Evening Stabdard is mounting a campaign to get restaurants not to serve bottled water…at 1000X the cost of tap water…quite right!

  5. I will be at my local Sainsbury’s tomorrow doing my weekly shop~ however, I admit I sometimes find food shopping a chore 😦

  6. Magpie ~ I hate shoppers on wheels more than umbrellas. I am like a magnet for them and have the scars to prove it.

    I make a point of asking for L’eau de tap when ordering water with a meal if I have to drive home.

    Chris ~ Yesterday was fun, the only food involved was lunch and the shopping was for a new home and not our tums.

  7. I always avoid getting new plastic bags if I can. I always carry an old plastic bag with me to re-use wherever possible. If I’m at the supermarket I either bring long-life bags with me or I use the minimum number of plastic bags by cramming them all full. Apart from anything else, plastic waste maims and kills wildlife on a shocking scale.

  8. Grannymar,

    I have to know if you agree with me or not. Here goes:

    I am in my local supermarket to buy just a few things and I have gone through the Express aisle where you are allowed to have only 10 items.

    The cashier said “You have 12 items, madam. I can’t check you out.”

    I said “I am counting the bacon,tomato and lettuce as one item.”

    Am I right or should I go to another cashier?

    Hurry with your answer, the line is backing up here.

  9. @ Nancy

    I think I’d go to another shop. They don’t deserve your business if they’re going to be petty like that over a couple of items. That ’10 only’ idea is to stop people using the express aisle for their weekly shop.

    Grannymar – thanks for making my point clear to Nick. Bringing in a charge for plastic shopping bags was one of the best moves ever made by our government. Pity they couldn’t make a similar success story with the Dept of Health!

  10. The weekly shop is something I never do. I tend to buy as I need it or as it occurs to me that I may need it some day!

    The shop is literally a few minutes away from me. As is my favourite haunt …. ‘the cousins’ …. the local Chinese Take Away.

    I reckon they consider me part of the family now ….. seeing that I pay over a nice percentage of my salary for the children’s education! πŸ˜‰

    My large fridge has a container of butter and half a litre of milk in it at this very moment. There is a bottle of lucozade keeping a bottle of coke company in there also. I have warned them about engaging in hanky panky so the fridge should remain somewhat chaste! πŸ™‚

  11. Paddy you will have to learn to cook. It might become a passion πŸ˜‰ Some of the best cooks I know are men.

    You are never without a friend when you cook. The friends are like dogs if they get the scent they come from miles around. πŸ˜†

  12. ouch …. I used ‘their’ instead of ‘there’ …..

    My class would have a field day if they knew I’d done that …. I’m always reminding them of the difference!!

    Fix Grannnymar ….. fix … fix ….. πŸ™„

  13. Paddy

    1) I fixed it for you.

    2) Grandad moved house (tekkiewise) and it blew up. So did K8’s blog
    I hope it is not terminal πŸ˜‰

  14. Primal

    We have 24/7 shopping in some Supermarkets…but…but…but… it is Norn Iorish style!

    The supermarkets close at 10pm on Saturday nights and open at 1pm on Sundays till 6pm and then remain closed until 7.30am on Mondays.

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