Lunch was red

Lunch was of the sit-in variety yesterday, well I was in the kitchen and although the sun was shining on the front garden, there was a gale blowing at the back of the house. Having survived the winter without coughs, colds or splutters (says I knocking on wood) I didn’t want to tempt fate and end up with something I’d never be rid of.

I let my mind wander and it travelled around Europe. Travelling like this is less hassle as there is no packing, queuing, flying, driving or getting on trains. Since I was there before I knew my way around and had no fear of being lost. I remember having my Passport stamped at several borders that now no longer exist. Some place names have changed and of course the money is easier nowadays. Was it Belgium that we had to be careful changing money because you were unable to exchange any leftovers when leaving the country?

I was supposed to pop into Turkey one year, but they had yellow fever so our plans were quickly changed. I still have some ground to cover, the Northern Lights are calling much louder than the hot spots further south.

I wondered how a map would look if I coloured it in, that was before I read this so red is the colour of my true love’s hair are the places I’ve visited.

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What does your map look like?

17 thoughts on “Lunch was red

  1. My international travel map is very scant.

    Perhaps, when early retirement kicks in I’ll do the tour! 🙂

    I’m not a sun worshipper …. I’d be the activity/historical trail/holiday type person.

    Great buildings, great places of historical fact etc. would be more my forte.

    My last venture was to Lanzarote with a male friend a number of years back …. we spent two weeks there …. we nearly had the place walked off we were so bored. We did the usual tourist site visits etc.
    I reckon we hit the beach about three times at most.

    Only good thing about the trip was the variety of places to eat at night. Getting food poisoning mid way through the holiday wasn’t the best thing to happen to me either.

    I see a goup offering tours of the famous battle grounds of Europe …. I’m going to pencil that in …..

    I’ll call for you as I’m passing Grannymar …. you can change the colour of your map!

  2. Grannymar

    You seem to be very good at ‘painting the town red’ 😉

    If you’d checked out Aer Lingus online bookings this week, you could have picked up a ticket to the US for €5 though now it seems, those lucky punters will have to grow their own wings to fly.

  3. Ladies first…

    Steph ~ I read about the €5 fiasco. I wonder if anyone will be brave enough to have them for false trading?

    Paddy ~ My case is always packed!

    The Canary Islands don’t show on this map. I was on Fuerteventura twice. First time was to act as advisor for someone purchasing a Villa. Second time was for a stay in said villa.

    On an overland drive to Troyes in France when Elly was there, we came down throught the lands of War. I asked to stop at Arrass where my Father-in-Law served during WW1

    Knossos on Crete might be your cup of tea for the history of the Minoan Civilization. If you do go there, take highest sun factor protection available and a hat as big as an umbrella, because there ios NO shelter from the sun.

    I loved Germany, but I lived and worked there so had time to explore.
    If you asked what holiday I liked best of all, it would have to be Denmark. Right temps, easy to get around, good food, Danish Pastries, and for me Needlework Heaven.

  4. Denmark was brilliant fun – but mainly because I was 11 years old and we went to Legoland!

    Your European map is much redder than mine! When were you in Italy? Don’t ever remember hearing stories about that or Croatia…. Is this material for some future blog posts?

    Still, I guess I have 30 years to play catch-up!

  5. Elly

    I told you I was in Merano just inside the Italian border from Austria. On another occasion I was in Rimini on the way to Ancona. Our flight had to land at Pisa (reason escapes my memory) and we were almost in touching distance of the Leaning Tower.

    I was in Dubrovnik when it was Yugoslavia, now called Croatia, and I forgot we were spent some time at Kotor which we reached through a fiord, that is now in Montenegro.

  6. Did I tell you I travelled through the Corinth Canal, in one direction by day and the other by night.

  7. Grannymar,

    You see the dot between France and Spain? Don’t colour it in! It’s a four hour transfer from Girona (driving through some very poor parts of Spain) and the hotels have all the character of a motorway service station. It’s ruled by the President of France and the local bishop!

  8. I can, but it brings memories of the sixteen hour delay at the airport. My heart sank when the Monarch pilot said that the plane had a fault and that they had no engineer there, but perhaps Ryanair would have someone (They had to fly another plane from England in the end).

    I will never, ever ski in Andorra again.

  9. Worked in Rimini, can you believe, did you get to the Republic of San Marino? Loved that.
    I’d like to see more of a world map as my trips include so much more than the display.
    I’m reminded of how much more I want to see…..
    Ciao bella.

  10. Ian ~ Andorra, of course. I am sorry to bring back bad memories.

    WWW ~ Alas we didn’t manage to reach the Republic of San Marino. Beyond Europe I managed to reach Cape Cod for a few days, so there is more white than red to explore on my world map!

  11. Grannymar,

    That red map shows Italy so vividly it reminded me of something that happened more than 65 years ago.

    We were at war with the Axis powers which included Italy, and our newspaper had a contest for school kids to write something about the war.

    I was about 15 at the time and this was my entry. I printed a map of Italy just like yours and wrote:

    Oh how the poor Italians must feel,
    To live in a boot and be run by a heel.

    I did not win the contest…….

  12. Now why is it only a map of Europe . . .I tried to find a world map to pinpoint my travels but no luck other than Facebook: been to US (ok only LA), England, Scotland, Wales, Canary islands, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, Thailand, Fiji, Tahiti and Tasmania (well it’s overseas). These days I travel vicariously through Clarebear who’s nailed: Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Fiji, Japan, Greek Islands, Vanuatu, Dubai, Brasil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, the Bahamas, and is now on her way to the US, Canada, England, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia and who knows where . . . and she’s only 23!

  13. Do tell the Corinth Canal story!

    And Aer Lingus announced yesterday that they will honour the €5 flights booked to the US – albeit in Economy rather than Business class as they were booked!

  14. Some day when I get old! 😉

    Pleased to hear about the Merchant of Verlingus. Pity they still wanted the Pound of Flesh, very small minded to lose an opportunity to build favour and confidence with the customer base!

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