I need to say Thanks

Regular visitors here might have noticed that GM was having trouble. Of course you are all to well behaved to say anything in case my feelings might be hurt. My posts have behaved badly and the font size threw a wobbly!

Following consultations with my advisors at enormous expense, that problem looks like it is solved. Back posts need a little more tweaking when time permits. Windows Live Writer is not very fond of WordPress 2.5 so I am ditching it. I need to check that the catagories stay as I set them and not jump about and the line spacing and paragraphs behave. So this is really a test post.

Thank you to all my advisers who with time and patience sort out my little worries. It cannot be easy when I keep referring to problems in non-tekkie language. I would hate to lose my friends and virtual family. Knitting will never hold fascination for me again!


Now I hate advertising on the outside of my clothes.

I remember old men walking the streets of Dublin when I was young, they were wearing sandwich boards. These boards were advertisements for shops or businesses or sometimes had a religious quotation. I always felt sorry for the men who earned their daily crust this way.

Now T-shirts slogans are a horse of a different colour. I saw one I really liked recently it said:

In my next life

I’m going to have more memory installed!

14 thoughts on “I need to say Thanks

  1. Sorry to hear your woes GrannyMar, have to say I hadn’t noticed then it’s early in the morning when I’m reading posts all bog-eyed! I love T shirts with slogans (not branding). My latest is “I’m not infantile you great big poopy head” and “I’m with the Drummer” . . .

  2. Baino My woes are little.

    So you you are into slogans.
    Maybe you can think one for my toyboys. 😉

  3. How about a link to Donncha to thank him? I’d never have found the cause of the problem so quickly without his help….

  4. Darren ~ turn the other way!

    Steph ~ Lemon or Chocolate?

    Laura ~ I love the slogan.

    Elly ~ done – Donncha is my Advisor and you are my enormous expense! 😉

    Seriously guys youare always helpful and patient.

  5. WHat kind of problems are you having with Windows Live Writer and WP 2.5? THey should play well together if you do a full upgrade to WP 2.5.

  6. Thanks folks for all the comments and suggestions for t-shirt Logos.


    welcome to my humble abode. In answer to your question, for several months I have happily used Windows Live Writer to prepare my posts, setting font, size, categories & date etc in the draft. I noticed that after my move to WP 2.5 when I clicked on ‘Post draft and edit online’ changes had been made. The changes were not always the same. Can WLW have a ghost?? The only thing missing was the knocking on the pipes! 😉 Photos went jumping about the place and the text around them looked untidy and very unprofessional.
    At times the line spacing or paragraphs spacing just disappeared.

    The hair has gone white, but we can’t blame WLW for that!

  7. That’s unfortunate that the post editor is not working well for you. My only suggestion for that is to make sure Windows Live Writer has the most up to date settings for your blog once you upgrade. You can update the settings automatically by going to Accounts->Edit Weblog Settings-> Click the button ‘Update Account Configuration’.

    If you get any errors when you try to publish as a draft please free to email me the Windows Live Writer log file. and I can see if I can find anything wrong. http://jcheng.wordpress.com/writer-tips/logfile/

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