You have a Date

Everyone in the South of Ireland seems to have some complaint about the state of the Health Service. Now you have a chance to stop whinging and go put your tail end on a seat in TCD next Tuesday evening for another opportunity to join the Health Debate.

Poster from The Biopsy Report

Thanks to Steph of The Biopsy Report for her update on the debate. That’s where I got this info.

Now that you are aware of it there is no excuse.

You know what they say about the lotto… if you’re not in, you can’t win… well the same applies here. Would you spend your hard earned money on a pair of jeans with only one leg in them? Or buy a top range car with no engine? Then why hand over your taxes earned through blood, sweat and tears and not have a say in how they are spent! Maybe you did enjoy watching Bertie & Co spending all YOUR money.

Go make your voice heard!

Motion: “This House Believes That The

Irish Health System Fails The Disadvantaged”

Tuesday 8th April 2008, Exam Hall, TCD @ 6pm

Speakers include:

Mary Harney (Minister for Health & Children)

Dr Sean Barrett (Lecturer in Economics, TCD)

Frank Mills (HSE)

Prof John Crown (Consultant Medical Oncologist, St Vincent’s Hospital)

Audrey Dean ( St Vincent de Paul Society)

Fergus O’Farrall (Adelaide Society)

Prof Orla Hardiman (Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital)

4 thoughts on “You have a Date

  1. Thanks for your support! GM

    I purely ‘happened’ upon the poster for this debate today and couldn’t believe the line-up of speakers involved. It’s almost too good to be true and a real scoop for TCD. But then, the Minister for Health was a leading light in the TCD Debating Society in her day so I suppose it’s not too surprising!

  2. I’d love to support but here in spirit. Good to see the continuation of affirmative action. Well done ladies.

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