A game for a quiet Day

The game of Scrabble gave me an idea, take each letter of the alphabet in turn to give you a word, and then apply that word to yourself.

A ~ Addled: occasionally, blame the pills.

B ~ Blue: is the colour of constancy, faith, friendship and dignity. I hope my friends see me as blue.

C ~ Chocolate: Must be Dark and sometimes with ginger, orange or marzipan

D ~ Drink: Coffee, black with one sugar, every time.

E ~ Essential for daily living: Easy breathing.

F ~ Fruit: My Favourites are Raspberries

G ~ Gamine: Have been called this in the past, hopefully they saw me as ‘a playfully mischievous girl or young woman’ and not ‘an urchin’!

H ~ Hypothermia: My worst fear.

I ~ Ireland: the land of my birth

J ~ June: My favourite month.

K ~ Kismet: Who knows my destiny.

L ~ Life: Is great when you are alive!

M ~ Marriage: loved it

N ~ Number of siblings: Five, four brothers and one sister.

O ~ Offspring: One – Elly

P ~ Pastime: My favourite is a walk in the country with a friend, followed by a good meal and a glass of wine.

Q ~ Quitter: NEVER!

R ~ Reason to smile: being alive.

S ~ Social drink: My drink of choice on social occasions is a Gin with either Ginger ale or Tonic Water.

T ~ Tales: The stories I like to spin on a daily basis.

U ~ Unknown fact about me: If I tell you it will not be unknown.

V ~ Things I value: Loved-ones and Friends.

W ~ Wanderlust: Holiday adventures start when my front door closes

X ~ X-rays I’ve had: My Head – it was a big empty space! 😆

Y ~ Your favourite pass-time: Who needs to ask? 😉

Z ~ Zodiac sign: Pisces and I consider myself sensitive and instinctual rather than intellectual or mechanical.


Now I need a rest!


21 thoughts on “A game for a quiet Day

  1. A revealing summary of Grannymar! Yes, a very ambiguous word, gamine. Not applied to boys of course. I was usually called a beanpole as I was ultra-thin as a child. Mainly because I hated the school food and ate as little of it as possible. I’m still fairly thin now.

  2. Nick ~ we were the running around era – sitting or lying about was not allowed in our day!

    Chris ~ I actually dislike the game of scrabble. It is more to do with how I was introduced to it, I think!

  3. Grannymar,

    A : Adventurous… I love to visit strange and exotic places .

    B : Busy… I have been busier than an octopus at a taffy pull all of my life. They say if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it and it will be done.

    C : Cheerful… I don’t like sour- pusses . I like people who make me laugh, and who laugh at my jokes.

    D: Dropping out now… Can’t tell you too much or the mystery will be over….

  4. Just so you know I’m not ignoring you (all the time at least)

    A ~ amenable – I try and be as nice as possible to most people. Had to debate using this or apostrophe – should only be used appropriately!

    B ~ bastard for years my least favourite word in the entire English language.

    C ~ Chocolate: Must be Dark and bitter if possible, but most other types acceptable. Will also add contentment here because that’s what I’m seeking.

    D ~ Darragh Note the 2 rs and the gh. I’m not Daragh, or Dara, or Darra, or darrah or darren. Just Darragh.

    E ~ Entertainment Cos if I don’t have it, oh dear.

    F ~ Friends

    G ~ Graiguenamanagh the town I’m from which in many ways defined me

    H ~ Happy I try to be most of the time.

    I ~ intimacy – Spiritual, emotional, physical. Also interweb it being my passion

    J ~ John My father, my inspiration in more ways than he’ll ever know.

    K ~ Keatings my favourite place to introduce people to

    L ~ Life, Love and Laughter!

    M ~ Me Mammy – that’ll do

    N ~ Number of siblings: I’ll stick with this one. 1 sister but third eldest of 15 children.

    O ~ the sound I make a lot when I’ve realised the full implications of what I’ve said or what someone has told me. Usually a week or so later.

    P ~ Peace and

    Q ~ Quiet… bliss!!

    R ~ Reason to smile: the people in my life.

    S ~ Sarcasm and sincerity People never know with me which one it is. Bopth accompanied with a Smile

    T ~ Try to understand – story of my life really.

    U ~ Unique: People should realise (and celebrate) that they all are

    V ~ Vanity: Well I am a Leo!!

    W ~ Wanderlust: I want to see the world

    X ~ X-rays I’ve had: Enough to turn me green and glowing

    Y ~ You – I want to know who you are, what you do, what your passion is. Fancy a coffee and a chat?

  5. Nancy ~ I know you are always busy, so I will let uou off this time 😉

    Da-rr-AGH 😉 ~ I am always ready for a coffee and a chat!

    Paddy ~ time to get on with your homework! 😀

  6. I just love Scrabble, GM, and crosswords too. Words.
    I agree with a lot of your list – I also have 4 brothers and one sister. I always wanted to be a gamine (Audrey Hepburn), but alas, far too tall and busty.
    So enjoy it!

  7. I loathe Scrabble and any other “improving games” I’d curl up with a good book in preference….thinking about it, Idon’t like games very much at all.

    Still that’s no excuse not to think about thislittle task:

    ALzheimer’s disease…my greatest fear…has taken over from MS.

    Boredom….even with nothing else to do I can think about People, Places, Things and Ideas. A series of books that informed my childhood learning and continues….

    Childhood….something I wish I could have over again, but differently in subtle ways

    Deity about which I have strong views

    Existance……mine,which is the only thing I am sure of.

    Food…the first word my sister learned to write and something which I love…

    Gardening…the thing I’d like to do more than anything else (well almost)

    Hatred…based on difference of ideas, ideals, beliefs, colour, culture, language, tatses, faith or anything else you can think of is something I abhor .

    I…..the personal pronoun as in “I know …. I’m right … I’m beautiful….ugly…a failure….NO Cut the negatives and only allow positives in this one..so go on you put in your own I know I’m about yourself. Write them down without modifying them and then put them up in your own quiet place. Sign them first!

    Juvenile … I like to give way to being just alittle juvenile from time to time.

    Killing this world of ours is mankinds greatest sin against God or Nature, whichever you build your faith upon.

    Love … The ways of which “are all the same. Whether it is childish, passionate, erotic, maternal, infantile, possesive. It is just a matter of knowing. Knowing ouselves above all.” …paraphrase of Francois Sagan

    Murderous…how I’ve felt about injustice since Hungary 1956.

    Nonchalant…something I’d love to know how to be.

    Observation….the biggest untruth in science.

    Popular music…which I only ever seem to enjoy thirty years after it was popular…at least!

    Quarrelsome…just to be a devil’s advocate…he he!

    Respectful of other’s beliefs and opinions. However much I might disagree.

    Selfish…like everyone but selfless too when needful, i hope

    Terrible how seriously I’m taking all this

    Unique…I second (must try and get this right)…… Darragh

    V…I’m a Leo too!

    Willing to help anyone…and then I wnde rwhy I’m so often taken for a ride or granted.

    Xylon Greek for wood and my favourite natural material. Also a way to get an extra entry for W

    Z the end of this exercise or Zinfandel which produces some great big thick juicy peppery red wines…. I think I have a bottle under the stairs…If not, I’ve got a Primitivo from Puglia.

    My poor head! it aches.

  8. WWW ~ we learn something new about each other on the blogosphere everyday.

    Magpie ~ Y did you forget Y? 😉

  9. Please, Miss…

    May I be excused this task?

    I’ve been busy this evening making gingerbread. It looks and smells…yummy!

    Is there a prize for the person who has tried and tested all your Monday recipes?

    Actually, I think I’ve had my reward as they’ve all been dee…licious! 😀

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  11. Steph ~ you are excused. I hope the Gingerbread turned out well. You reminded me of something. I actually won a prize for my Gingerbread about 26 years ago. On the spur of the moment I entered it in the local Show!

    Paddy ~ That was terrific.

  12. Thanks! GM

    I’m not surprised to hear you won a prize. I’ve just tried a first slice of the Gingerbread and it’s out of this world!

    I couldn’t find a 2lb loaf tin (kitchen renovations etc.) so I divided the mixture between two 1lb ones and kept an eye on it while in the oven in case it needed less cooking time. It didn’t. They turned out perfectly and now I have a second one left to put in freezer! 😀

    Glad I didn’t get put in detention for not doing my homework 😉

  13. I didn’t. Old teacher’s trick…the deliberate mistake…

    You..and your friends who have made me welcome!!!!!

  14. Steph ~ very clever making two cakes out of one!

    Magpie ~ YOU are very welcome.

  15. @GM – coffee and a chat in anticipation 😉

    @Magpie 11 – I’m jealous. You hit a lot of the ones that I should have hit. Great comment! (You know though that I’m the top Leo, right? right? ;))

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