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  1. Okay, everyone, we have the whole place to ourselves. Grannymar is in bed and the Royal Mail has the day off so we will try to take up the slack.

    Did you ever hear about the chap who was in Mexico City on business and he got a toothache? He saw a sign that said
    Dr. Gonzales, Dentist. He went in and asked the dentist if he had ever done any work on Americans who he could call for a reference.

    The dentist gave him the name of a Mr. Cohen in New York who he had worked on at one time. So, our chap called Mr Cohen and the conversation went like this.

    “Hello, Mr. Cohen, I am here in Mexico City and I’m thinking of going to Dr. Gonzales. He told me he had done dental work for you a couple of years ago. How did you make out?”

    “Yes, yes, I DID go to Dr. Gonzales. How did I make out? I’ll tell you how I made out. Last week I was on the golf course and a guy teed off and hit the ball 200 yards . It came screaming down the fairway and hit me right in the groin; That was the first time in two years that my TEETH DIDN’T HURT!!!!!!

  2. What a shocking lack of self-discipline, Grannymar. Having the day off indeed. You’re not one of them workshy layabouts are you? I’m cancelling your state bloggers allowance with immediate effect.

  3. Have a heart, Nick. Grannymar deserves a day off from entertaining you folks every day of the week. I’m trying to keep you amused . Here’s another.

    Two fleas are going out for the evening. One fleas says to the other ” Shall we walk or take the dog?”

  4. Now no fighting children GM is back. I went for a walk to clear my head. The sun was shining on my way out, alas on the way back a shower of hail beat againt my face like sharp pins! I hope my beauty is not ruined! 😉

    Nancy ~ that is one dentist to miss!

    Nick ~ how much is the state bloggers allowance? 😆 Where do I get it?

  5. I heard a story about an Irish man who went to the doctor when he was in Spain as he had terrible haemmerhoids (sp?).

    He walked into the room and tried to explain but the doctor remained puzzled. He said ‘here, I ‘ll show you’ and dropped his trousers – nothing happened. He looked round to see the doctor cowering in fear and horror against the wall. at that point he took in his surroundings, in particular the dentist’s chair…

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