Food Monday ~ Stuffed Bacon Rolls

Happy St Patrick’s day to one and all!

I went looking for a green, white and yellow dish, alas I could not find one.

Stuffed Bacon Rolls

Serves 4 Preheat oven to 190ºC

12 slices maple cured streaky bacon
½ lb sausage meat
2 ozs Bread crumbs
few dried apricots chopped
1tsp sunflower seeds
few sultanas
1 tsp sesame seeds
2 eggs
227g tin water chestnuts chopped
Black pepper
dash Worcestershire sauce
pinch mixed spice

Stretch the bacon with the back of a knife. Combine all the remaining ingredients. Divide the mixture and wrap in a slice of bacon. Place in an ovenproof dish and bake for 25-30 minutes.

19 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Stuffed Bacon Rolls

  1. Happy St.Patrick’s Day to one and all.

    A Green, Yellow and White dish?

    Perhaps a variation on Jewelled Rice? Using green and yellow peppers
    and spices..cardamom and roasted saffron. Use the Peppers instead of the
    usual dried fruit and barberries. include Blanched sliced Almonds.

    There are probably recipes on the net!

    Water Chestnuts? Mmmmm Yum they can add a unique crunch to a lot of
    recipes can’t they?

  2. Paddy ~ I take it you will have a go at this one!

    Magpie ~ great ideas here.

    I am working through my well tried recipes collected over my lifetime.

  3. Ian I wanted foodstuff to incorporate these colours in honour of the day.
    Normally I would produce a dish of veg in these colours to go with whatever we were having on this day.

    I know, I know! Old Pat was way before there was a north and south, but I grew up in a time when all little girls wore new green ribbons in their hair and the boys might sport a green tie or dicky bow with their short trousered suit!

  4. It’s the yellow that worried me, Grannymar.

    When I lived in the North the hardline unionists described the flag of the Republic as green, white and gold, or green, white and yellow (gold or yellow being the Papal colours) as a way of insinuating that the Tricolour was a anti-Protestant flag.

    The Flags and Emblems Act in Northern Ireland was never enforceable because the Tricolour was green, white and orange, something the hardliners never wanted to acknowledge. I still have problems with the Tricolour being used by particular traditions.

  5. Ian I understand where you are coming from. The only place for flags in my humble opinion is on Public buildings, and we should treat them with respect whatever country we are in.
    Driving through rural Northern Ireland in winter and seeing the wind torn remains of Union Jacks battering against Electricity Poles, is not only an insult to the flags but a very poor reflection on the people who put them there in the first place.

  6. Happy St Patrick’s Day! GM

    We’re being very traditional here today…

    Christmas Pud is on the menu for tonight 😀

  7. Steph my mother often had Christmas Pud for dessert on Paddy’s Day. I fancy some right now. What time is dinner?

  8. So we’re not the only weird strange people then! 😉

    Looking forward to trying out your recipe but today we’re on a liquid diet (cough!) for lunch in preparation for the feast tonight!

  9. Cheers Steph and family! Enjoy the liquid lunch.

    JD I love dried apricots and use them when ever I can. Enjoy the day and have fun with the recipe another time.

  10. Kenju
    Thank you and Happy Paddy’s Day to you and Mr Kenju.
    Pity about Mr Kenju’s diet, You could always try making a smaller quantity some day when he is out for lunch.

  11. ! I have two Christmas puddings in the cupboard, one’s quite fancy! I wish I’d known I was allowed, encouraged to have one today! I would have got soem cream in.

    Still, it’s jsut was well, I’e been eating rinds round myself recently and I’ve put on all hte weight I lost at the end of the year 😦 Sugar is the devil.

    Green white and orange? Spinach or brocolli crepes, with cheese. Mmm!

  12. Jo why not have the pudding next week for Easter Sunday!

    I am restricting myself to tried and tested recipes in my own repertoire.

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