The Stills of Life

Still proud ~ of my Elly

Still thinking ~ I’m 30 in my head

Still grateful ~ for life, love and friends

Still enjoying ~ meeting new friends

Still wondering ~ what I am here for.

Still hoping ~ to be a grandmother one day

Still working ~ out what life is all about

Still facing ~ life one day at a time

Still pleased ~ about lifeโ€™s little pleasures

Still trying ~ to learn something new everyday

Still glad ~ I started to blog

Still amazed ~ people read the rubbish I write

Still eating ~ a little of what I fancy. Never mind the Doctors!

Still dancing ~ round the room on rainy days

Still breathing ~ works best when not chasing Toyboys!

What about You?


19 thoughts on “The Stills of Life

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  2. Still proud ~ of my mother and her efforts in raising me

    Still thinking ~ Iโ€™m going to win the lotto and retire to a cottage retreat up on a Kerry mountain

    Still grateful ~ to the guy who invented the laptop

    Still enjoying ~ learning about web design

    Still wondering ~ when I’ll win the lotto!

    Still hoping ~ to be ‘happy’ some day

    Still working ~ on my will

    Still facing ~ that pile of books to be read

    Still pleased ~ when I make something in my workshop

    Still trying ~ to understand the meaning of life

    Still glad ~ I made the choices I did in life

    Still amazed ~ that I’ve made it thus far

    Still eating ~ take aways

    Still dancing ~ around the kitchen …. it ain’t used for much else

    Still breathing ~ thankfully! (Even after many years of inhaling that dreaded nicotine filled weed)

    That’s my lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Still proud: Of my children and how they have made a great success of their lives.

    Still thinking: Of writing that book that everyone says I should write.

    Still grateful: For my happy marriage of 58 years.

    Still enjoying: Life in general;my husband and friends in particular.

    Still wondering: How much longer I will live.

    Still hoping: It’s a long time;for me and for my husband.

    Still working: On writing all the stories of my family for my children and grandchildren to read and enjoy and pass on to their children and grandchildren.

    Still facing: Like my good friend, Grannymar, one day at a time.

    Still pleased: That I did not let computer technology pass me by. I bought my first computer at age 70 with no one to teach me how to use it. It was all trial and error (Mostly error), and quite a few calls to Mujibar and Serijul in New Delhi for advive.

    Still trying: To make new memories to share with my children and grandchildren.

    Still glad: I have a keen sense of humor and find something funny in almost any situation. It’s pulled me through a lot of rough times, as you can imagine.

    Still amazed: That my body is still working pretty well after all these years. Also amazed that I’m still working on this thing.

    Still eating: Not a lot of food, but all the wrong things. Cheeseburgers, ice cream, mashed potatoes.

    Still dancing: In my dreams. I used to be a fairly good dancer but now I use that energy for other things.

    Still breathing: HURRAH !!!!!!

  4. Thanks Darren, Paddy and Nancy.

    It is interesting to see the different ‘Still’s’ you have posted.

  5. Like you, I’m still thinking I’m 30 in my head. Then I get a shock when I pass a mirror and see the gray hair and wrinkles…..LOL

  6. still thankful~ that I can care for my mother

    still so very glad and proud~ that I have two wonderful daughters and three delightful grandchildren.

    still pondering~ on how to get more out of my retirement!

    still need motivating~ to try my hand at painting!

    still amazed~ that I will be celebrating my pearl wedding anniversary later this month.

    still getting so much enjoyment~ from blogging

    still swimming~ twice a week

    I think I’ll leave it there ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed reading the still ________. When I have a little time, I might try them on my own blog. It is the kind of thing that I write best late at night when my perspective is best.

  8. Judy ~ I pass the mirror and see my mother!

    Chris ~ Lucky you, still having a mother to care for and a partner to share life with! Enjoy.

    Maria ~ Welcome! I look forward to visiting and reading your selection of Stills!

  9. Primal you are forgiven. My Jack was a great racing fan. He loved Cheltenham. When he was alive I watched all the big races with him. I picked horses by the sound of their names… silly I know, but it was amazing how many times they won or were placed!

    never made my fortune….

  10. Still proud ~ I survived my childhood

    Still thinking ~ about my boy

    Still grateful ~ to have so much support in the world

    Still enjoying ~ scrapbooking and reading whenever possible

    Still wondering ~ when I will be a mom for good

    Still hoping ~ it happens sooner rather then later

    Still working ~ on not being so lazy

    Still facing ~ not having the family I dreamed of

    Still pleased ~ I look younger then my age

    Still trying ~ to keep it that way

    Still glad ~ I have few friends but they are all amazing

    Still amazed ~ my husband and I haven’t tried to kill one another

    Still eating ~ too much

    Still dancing ~ like I’m a single 20 year old

    Still breathing ~ because the alternative isn’t pretty

  11. Currently, wondering what more life will give me. Understanding what had never occurred to me about sickness. Wondering how so much can take place in the body and you still go forward. Wondering when do you give up or if the spirit takes you forward no matter what? Hoping I’m able to understand whatever the message is for me for I know there is one.

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  12. Welcome Stephanie,

    You are moving in the right direction. The boy may not be the one for you, but the messenger for the wonders on the road ahead. Remember the song ‘Que Sera Sera’. Love to you and Hubby.xxxx

  13. Roy ~ No fares in being still!

    WWW ~ Some days becoming vertical takes effort! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Dorothy ~ One day at a time and enjoy Stillness!

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