Do You travel by Bus

On Tuesday last I told you about my visit to Howth. I never mentioned how I got there. You remember I was staying with my aunt, who was collected for a long prearranged Lunch appointment. In the fuss of the moment she forgot to leave the keys to her car. My car was in the driveway and hers sat behind it. Locked!

The sunshine beckoned so I headed out on foot. Reaching the main road I spied a Bus Stop and that was when I decided on my destination. It is years since my last confession bus journey and the procedure is all new to me. “€1.70!” said the driver, as I struggled to find the coins. I held out a €2 coin. “In there! He said gruffly, pointing to a metal slot near the steering wheel. Doing as I was told, I waited for my change well that was what we were taught to do when I was young. On seeing my outstretched hand he pointed to a small sign on the side of the metal contraption – No change given or some similar words. He did give me a ticket, a receipt for my payment.

Once I sat down I studied the small piece of paper. It told me I could claim a refund of my 30 cents, Great idea I hear you say. Then I read on… The refund was available only at the Dublin Bus office in O’Connell St in Dublin. How many visitors get caught like I did? What happens to all the unclaimed money? Does it go to Charity? Does anyone know? I gave the ticket to my aunt and there is nobody better to sort it out! It is not the 30 cents I am worried about, it is the principal!

So I enjoyed my day you saw the pictures

IBA 2008 042

When I was ready for home I located a bus stop and there was someone waiting which gave me hope that my stand would not be for long. My bus waiting companion was young and male, he reminded me of Twenty and then he turned around and eyed me up and down…

I managed to get a picture

Bus Stop 1

I did as I was asked

Bus Stop 2

22 thoughts on “Do You travel by Bus

  1. Oh, Grannymar 😆

    I’m exhausted from laughing!

    Travelling by bus these days, you need to be in the full of your health – just like travelling with Ryanair! It’s survival of the fittest stuff.

    To be fair to the bus drivers, I’ve met many helpful ones and in true Irish style, the public respond by thanking them as they disembark.

    I bet you made sure to have the right change for the journey home!

  2. Don’t do that when I’m drinking coffee!!!!!

    Oh I must ask my daughter about the bus fare con ~ I don’t think I’ve ever used a bus when I’ve been in Dublin if anything we use the DART.

  3. Steph ~ The driver on the way back was very friendly. I did say thank you, when getting off both busses.

    Darren ~ I can’t help if my boobs are at my knees! 😉

    Chris ~ I can’t see if you are drinking coffee! 😀

  4. I usually put my change receipts from Dublin Bus into those charity boxes you see sometimes (the ones ASKING for the receipts!).

    Oh,I read this a few moments ago, and obviously I thought of you…

    A woman and a baby were in the doctor’s examining room, waiting for the doctor to come in. The doctor arrived, examined the baby, checked his weight and found it somewhat below normal. The doctor asked if the baby was breast fed or bottle fed.

    “Breast fed,” the woman replied.

    “Well, strip down to your waist,” the doctor asked. She did. He pressed, kneaded, rolled, cupped, and pinched both breasts in a detailed, rigorously thorough examination.

    Motioning for her to get dressed he said, “No wonder this baby is under weight! You don’t have any milk.”

    “I know,” she said, “I’m his grandmother, but I’m glad I came.”

    Happy Friday!

  5. Excellent Grannymar! Sinead has me giggling too!

    I’m glad to read this though, because I’ve always been scared of Dublin Bus. I thought you weren’t allowed on if you didn’t have exact change. Now I know! 😉

  6. They have a machine on the bus here and it gives change (no bills) – Max fare costs 90 Arg cents= 19 Eur cents! – Just thought I’d rub it in!

  7. Sinéad ~ These days I am a visitor in Dublin and once there driven door to door where ever I go.
    I’ll remember that Dr story for if and when I become a REAL grandmother!

    Deborah ~ you will have to keep a little purse with Bus money in it (coins)!

    Quickroute ~ No idea what busfares are like here in Norn Iron. I use the car when I go anywhere.

  8. Young man enters bus in Dublin..

    Young man:” Driver, Can you tell me how to get to the National Concert Hall?”

    Driver:’ “Practice, Man, Practice.”

  9. GrannyMar, you’re priceless! I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking tea when I looked at the second picture of “you” showing your stuff!

  10. Alice do you think I need to give health warnings every day? Glad you like it. We all need laughter in our lives.

  11. LOL! That would be me too, I think. Love the story and since I’ve already seen photos of you, I know it isn’t true!

  12. Out here we have a ‘Seniors Card’ every senior over the age of 55 is eligible and it permits all sorts of discounts. and you can travel on trains, buses and ferries for $2.00 . . all day . . .every day!

  13. Apparently not all the money goes to charity, only 1/5th this year. Which is a pity.

    That’s a lot of money that could be doing good out there. Or even on the Dublin Bus service itself. They could do with upgrading a lot of their busses, retraining their drivers in dealing with customers and getting some decent customer service staff.

    I think it should all go to charity though. That’s why I’ve never asked for a refund, as I assumed at least the 5 or 15 cent was going to a worthy cause…

  14. Thanks Darragh for that information. Think of all the visitors in Ireland this weekend unaware of the need to have the correct change or lose it to Dublin Bus. Just think how a Children’s Charity could benifit from a champaign for redemption bus tickets!

  15. Baino we have a Seniors ticket now, they had it for years in the South of Ireland. It allows anyone 66 years and older to travel free on busses and trains through the Island of Ireland. Naturally this free travel is not available during peak hours when busses and trains are need for working commuters.

    Alas I get to wait!

  16. Grannymar, I’m waiting for the new over-60s travel pass the Assembly announced recently. Then I can go all over Ireland for nothing. Yippee! The A$2.00 Senior Card in Sydney for the over-55s is even better. Lucky Sydneysiders! Your cartoon is brilliant. Lucky we men don’t have an equivalent droop or we’d have to conceal our ankles!

    Sinéad – Wonderful – have already copied to several people!

  17. Nick I missed that. When does the new card come into effect? I might meet you on the busses yet.

  18. There’s no date yet, it was a just a decision in principle. Hope they don’t go back on it and claim there’s no available money or some such….

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